5 Best Locations to Capture a Sunset at Meeru Island

At 1200 meters long and 350 meters wide, every angle of Meeru Island Resort & Spa is as idyllic in person as in pictures – if not more, from the swaying palm trees and soft, white sandy beach to the turquoise lagoon teeming with fantastic marine life.


The Western side of the Island, specifically, is known for the magical sunsets that guests enjoy at the various outlets. Here are 5 of the best locations to capture a sunset at Meeru on your next trip to paradise:


Meeru Sunset Cruise


Location #5: On a Sunset ‘Punch’ Cruise

Bringing the phrase “sailing off into the sunset” to reality, Meeru’s Sunset ‘Punch’ Cruise is the ideal trip for you and a loved one to capture beautiful moments as the sky turns golden, enjoying the refreshing breeze of the Indian Ocean and a glass of special punch along the way.


If you’re lucky, some dolphins may join in the fun!


The Sunset ‘Punch’ Cruise is complimentary for guests on our All Inclusive Plus package. Please note: a parent must accompany a child under 16.


Maalan Buffet Restaurant, Meeru Maldives


Location #4: Maalan Buffet Restaurant and Uhuru Bar

Enjoy additional tranquility at Meeru in the adults-only area towards the Northern end of the Island, which features our Maalan Buffet Restaurant and Uthuru Bar. Several guests start the evening with their beverage of choice at the Bar, where the unique views of the sunset are inescapable, combined with the soothing sounds of Jazz Music.


Right next to the Bar is the open-plan Buffet Restaurant with 3 separate dining areas that provide spacious seating in the traditional, open-air style with sand floor and thatched roofing.


Jacuzzi Water Villa Meeru Maldives


Location #3: Selected Jacuzzi Water Villas

Also at the Northern end of Meeru is a select few Jacuzzi Water Villas facing the Western horizon that provide exceptional sights of the sunset. The spacious deck with tropical décor and comfortable sun loungers offer the ideal environment to sit back and enjoy the view.


Guests also prefer to wake up to the glorious sunrise from our Eastern facing Water Front Villas and Jacuzzi Water Villas.


Please note: specific room requests are subject to availability.


Asian Wok Restaurant Meeru Maldives


Location #2: Asian Wok Restaurant and Beach

From the over-the-water Asian Wok Restaurant, guests enjoy a combination of colorful skies and the lagoon beneath. Don’t miss the Sunset Cocktail promotion that you can enjoy together with the idyllic views and the company of your partner, surrounded by surreal views.


Asian Wok specializes in Japanese cuisine with the popular theatrical treat, Teppanyaki that is available daily. Reservations must be made before 1200 (noon).


Dhoni Bar Pool Meeru Maldives


Location #1: Dhoni Bar Pool and Beach

One of the most popular locations on the Island, the 24-hour Dhoni Bar is considered the top and most ideal location to capture stunning sunsets and share on your social media. Whether poolside to beachside, enjoy a delicious tropical cocktail and snacks of your choice as you unwind to the ambient sounds of the Indian Ocean.


The Bar hosts relaxing Live Music every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at from 1800 to set the perfect atmosphere for your downtime in paradise.


Follow our Instagram page on @meeruisland for more breathtaking images at Meeru. Share some of yours from your holiday with us.


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Special Beach Dining Experiences in July

Meeru Island Resort & Spa has a variety of gastronomic delights planned for you to enjoy in the month of July, while you settle into the sparkling night sky and gentle sounds of the Indian Ocean. Enjoy a romantic setting along with gastronomic delights served at your table.


Savor a variety of freshly prepared seafood treats on Thursday, Monday July 9, 2018 as the Seafood Lover’s Dinner takes you on a gastronomic journey across the different flavors. The Dinner will be at the Asian Wok Beach from 1930 | Make a reservation »


The Beach BBQ Dinner on Thursday July 19, 2018 offers light conversations, beautiful ocean views and deliciously grilled delicates. The Dinner is at the Asian Wok Beach from 1930 | Make a reservation »


Woo your loved one with a magical dinner on the beach and beneath the radiating stars. The spectacular full moon makes an appearance on Saturday July 28, 2018 for our specially prepared Full Moon Dinner at Asian Wok Beach from 1930. | Make a reservation »


Enjoy a tropical beach party like no other with our DJ Beach Party on Wednesday July 4 and 18, 2018 at Kakuni Bar Beach.


Bon Appétit!


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Make the Most of Your Summer with Meeru Island

Dear Friends of Meeru,


Summer holiday greetings from Meeru Island Resort & Spa!


The brilliant weather carries on and it’s time for you to continue to get plenty of that ‘Vitamin Sea’, only available on Meeru. There is still time to make the most of your summer and book your vacation with us. Please check our website and we will gladly assist you with arranging your dream holiday. We would be pleased to welcome you all.


Our Dhoni Bar seems to be the major attraction these days. No wonder, since the place has been transformed to our World Cup Bar, still underway until July 16, 2018. Large crowds of guests gather for every live match and enjoy the football broadcast right in front of the powdery, white sandy beach. Games are won and lost – but after all, new friendships are formed whilst enjoying tropical cocktails, chilled beers and sumptuous snacks in a relaxed environment.


Over the next couple of weeks we will keep you informed of some of the actions carried out by our Meeru Green Club. As you all are aware, reduction of plastic items and generally increased protection to our environment is vital for the sustainable future of the Maldives. Meeru has engaged in a couple of campaigns involving our team members, and as well, involving our guests. All the guests I have spoken to are very willing to contribute their fair share in order to maintain and improve the nature of our tropical little Island paradise. You all will receive regular updates and your suggestions are most welcome.


Thank you so much to all of you for keeping the various social media channels ‘buzzing’. Our Instagram followers are increasing by the day. Follow our Facebook Page to get the latest updates on Meeru. Thank you for all your valuable feedback and comments on TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck and various other channels. Your trip reports feature so much information and form a great platform for future guests wanting to visit Meeru.


Whenever you have that desire to view a glimpse of Meeru in real time, be it because you want to refresh your memory of a past holiday or wanting to see how a future holiday will look like, then just visit our homepage and click on our two Live Cams, one viewing over the Kakuni and Dhoni Bar beach, and the other one providing a view from the Uthuru Bar towards the south-western part of the Island, catching the part where the sun sets in the lagoon.


Have a great time ahead, whether it is on Meeru or at home. I thank you for your continuous support. Think of us from time to time and enjoy life at its best.


Thank you to all our guests and I hope to see you soon.


Kind regards from the entire Meeru Team.


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