Meet The Meeru Team: Shaji, Luggage Coordinator

Neelakanta Pillai Shaji Kumar is a Luggage Coordinator in the Front Office Department who has been with Meeru for 21 years. Shaji had a chat with us regarding his job and interests. Read on.

What do you like most about your job?

I like being able to serve the guests, bringing in luggage that contains important holiday essentials for their most awaited vacation.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy playing games at Ekuveni (staff recreational facility) such as carom and billiards. I also love watching cricket matches, but most of the time, you will find me watching Hindi movies.

What do you like most about the resort?  

I love that the resort has provided great staff facilities and modern amenities such as the coffee machine to make us comfortable. I also love our guests who make it possible for us to be here.

What do you love to do during your free time?  

Meeru is just a speedboat transfer away from Male’ so I love travelling to the city to meet friends for dinner or coffee once in a while.

What is the secret to being a good luggage coordinator?

I believe the secret to working well is hard work, honesty and dedication to the job.

Save The Date, Exciting Beach Dinner this September

Experience the luxuries of beach dining in Meeru Island Resort & Spa this September. Dine on the pristine beach, enjoying the alfresco ambience and the company of your loved one. These dinners are an opportunity to unplug, relax and give in to the pleasures of island life.

On September 14, join us for our Full Moon Dinner, which provides an authentic Maldivian dining experience. The glorious view of the moon up above, the sea around you and your partner seated across you makes for a truly romantic evening. Make a reservation.

The Beach BBQ Dinner on September 24 captures the spirit of tropical paradise as it offers indulgent grilled treats served in an exquisite setting. An extra layer of fun is added with this Maldivian-style beach barbecue experience. Make a reservation.

Finally, throughout the month, escape to a private area of the beach for the ultimate romantic experience, a private candlelit dinner. Enjoy an exquisite menu that will delight your taste buds as you celebrate love and magical evenings in paradise. Make a reservation.

Bon Appétit!

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Why A Visit To Duniye Spa Is A Must During Your Holiday

Duniye Spa in Meeru Island Resort & Spa is truly a haven of relaxation. Here, you step into a different world, where every worry is left at the door, and a journey into ultimate relaxation begins. In both the land and over-water spa, the professional therapists have created a space where you can let go and experience their holistic spa treatments. 


Their approach to wellness blends both modern and traditional therapies, encompassing treatments and techniques from all over the world, particularly Asia and Africa. The variety of treatments offered take you on a healing journey, using carefully selected premium natural products. Whether you are looking for a romantic experience with your partner or some pampering for yourself, you will be well taken care of in Duniye Spa. 


Explore Duniye Spa’s treatments here and browse through the photos below.

Exciting Dining Experiences Coming To Meeru!

Dear Guests,

Warm greetings from your paradise here in the Maldives!

It is another month to create wonderful memories for your well-deserved holiday. Your Meeru family is waiting to give you a warm welcome to tropical paradise.

The coming days are bound to be exciting in Meeru, as we work on enhancing and improving our dining scene. In our buffet restaurants, Farivalhu and Maalan, a more sumptuous live salad station awaits you, offering a variety of traditional and exotic flavours to explore. We have also introduced ‘Wine by the Glass’ at Uthuru Bar, where a glass of wine or champagne is paired with tapas consisting of cheese and olives. This is the perfect way to enjoy the breeze on the Uthuru bar deck.

Furthermore, our Wine Trail will be available shortly where we shall take you on a journey around our resort, introducing you to our different bars while indulging your palate with flavours of some distinct wines and accompanying hors-d’oeuvres. We are also currently redefining our beverage concept for our a la carte restaurant, Asian Wok, by adding more varieties from South East Asia such as wines, beer and spirits.

We cannot thank you enough for your continuous support. Spend your holiday with us and let your Meeru team indulge you. Visit us for your honeymoon, anniversary, a family getaway or even for a simple yet memorable holiday.

Let us keep in touch: follow us on our social media channels and browse our website to get the latest updates from Meeru.

We will be waiting for your visit.


Bert Goebel,

General Manager

Three Must-Try Experiences During Your First Visit To The Maldives

With all the experiences and activities that Meeru Island Resort & Spa offers, you are spoilt for choice during your holiday. If your first visit is coming up and you are wondering which excursions you should try out, our list below should help. These excursions will help you sample the best that the Maldives has to offer and help you make exceptional memories with the people you love.

Have A Private Island Picnic

Experience the beauty and tranquillity of a private island with our Robinson Crusoe excursion. For three hours, you can spend time on a soft, white, sandy beach with the azure lagoon all around, swimming and snorkelling. Enjoy your packed picnic as you soak in the beautiful scenery before we pick you up and bring you back to the island. This is the ultimate romantic adventure for the two of you!

Price: US $225 per couple.

Availability: Daily in the morning or afternoon, depending on the tide.

Experience The Underwater Wonderland

For those eager to experience the magical ocean, our Snorkelling Boat Trip, which is free of charge, comes highly recommended. We will transport you by Dhoni to a nearby coral reef where you can explore the underwater world to your heart’s content. Seek out the lively marine life that adds to the beauty of the Maldives and see how many creatures you can spot. Remember not to touch or step on the fragile coral! This trip is for swimmers only, and a parent must accompany children under 16.

Price: Free (Equipment Rental US $9 per person)

Availability: Daily 10:00-12:00, 14:30-16:30

Go On A Sunset Cruise

No words can do justice to the beauty of the Maldives’ sunset. You have to see it to believe it. Cruise the Indian Ocean and watch the magnificent display of the sunset aboard our yacht, as you sip on tea, a tropical cocktail or a mocktail. If you are lucky, you will spot playful dolphins also revelling in the sunset. This is one of the best ways to cap off your day and is truly an unforgettable experience. The minimum age for this trip is 18.

Price: US $38

Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday from 16:00 -18:30.

These are only a few examples of the myriad experiences Meeru offers. Have a look at the full list here.

Happy Holiday!

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

As we look forward to welcoming you to Meeru Island Resort & Spa for your upcoming holiday, here are some answers to frequently asked questions to help you prepare adequately for your visit.

Question: Can I reserve a specific villa?

With the vast choice of 284 villas, we understand that you may want to reserve a villa in a specific area or a particular number that holds sentimental value to you, particularly on return visits. Rest assured that we make every effort to accommodate villa requests, but we cannot always guarantee that they will be fulfilled. However, do not hesitate to write to [email protected] with your request.

Question: Which methods of payment are acceptable?

In Meeru, we accept cash in Euros, US Dollars, Pounds, Swiss Francs and Singapore Dollars. We also accept a variety of credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and Union Pay) and debit cards. Payment is only made at check out so guests must charge all purchases to their room. We do not accept traveller or personal cheques.

Question: What is the weather like?

Meeru, like the rest of the Maldives, enjoys warm, tropical climate and balmy temperatures throughout the year. During Monsoon season, the months between May to November, there can be some light, infrequent rain. However, the rain usually doesn’t last long, so be sure to carry sunscreen still. To have a peek at the weather and the island at any moment, have a look at our webcam.

For answers to more frequently asked questions, view the full list here.


Experience Unique Maldivian Culture In Meeru!

Sunny Greetings from your Meeru Family!

Welcome to August and what better way to commence a new month than by celebrating the Maldivian Independence Day. Liberation and individuality are precious gifts that we should treasure and preserve for future generations to come. We celebrated the 54th Maldives’ Independence Day with our entire team, by joining Maldivians as they showcased their heritage with Bodu Beru drums and folkloric dances in their traditional costumes.

The Maldives is truly a unique cultural paradise. To learn more about the culture of the Maldives, our guests have the chance to explore our Meeru Museum. The Meeru Museum features various artefacts showcasing traditional items used back in the old days by Maldivians.

Another significant enhancement on the island is our newly re-opened Volleyball pitch — the perfect playground to initiate our 19th Inter-Department Volleyball Tournament 2019. The tournament is still ongoing, and we are eager to watch which department will be holding the champions trophy in their hands on 7th of August. Our guests are always welcome to join the exciting and fun matches between the different departments.

To our guests, repeaters and future holidaymakers, we are a click away from you. Our social media channels and blog are regularly updated on various happenings in Meeru.

Your family here in Meeru will always be ready to welcome you with a big smile on your arrival.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Bert Goebel,

General Manager


Dine With Us On The Beach This August

We can all agree that every day spent at Meeru Island Resort & Spa is magical. Whether you are spending it on the deck of your villa, in the ocean or on the beach, you are guaranteed a tropical holiday like no other. To elevate your vacation and take it to the next level, our team has prepared beach dinners that add a special spark to your stay.

On August 6, join us at the beachfront for our Seafood Lover’s Dinner. This leisurely affair blends stunning alfresco ambience and delectable meals to make for a delightful evening. On the menu is fresh seafood, expertly and lovingly prepared by our skilled team. | Make a reservation »

Indulge in a culinary experience like no other with our Full Moon Dinner on August 15. At the water’s edge, under the glittering night sky, you can savour delicious meals, with the one you love right at your side. Dine in the most befitting setting, as the waves crash softly around you, and the palm trees sway gently. | Make a reservation »

Finally, on August 25, dine with us at our Beach BBQ Dinner. Delightful company, mouthwatering treats, a beautiful setting, there’s no better way to spend the evening. This will be a unique experience that adds to your many memories of our wonderful island. | Make a reservation »

Bon Appétit!

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Have The Destination Wedding Of Your Dreams

In Meeru Island Resort & Spa, we give couples the once in a lifetime chance to exchange or renew vows in the most beautiful place on earth. In a symbolic and emotional ceremony, full of traditional Maldivian touches, you can affirm your love and undying commitment to each other, against the backdrop of the stunning sea. The powder-soft sandy beach, overlooking the ocean, under palm fronds and surrounded by hibiscus flowers is the perfect place to celebrate your love.

The wedding or vow renewal ceremony begins with elaborate preparations at Duniye Land Spa for the bride. Here the bride’s makeup and hair are done. Once ready, the groom is picked up by local girls and escorted to Duniye Spa Land Spa in song and dance to pick his bride. You will then be accompanied by the local bridal team, singing and beating their Bodu Beru drums, to the Asian Wok Restaurant Beach, where the location has been set up. The wedding ceremony is performed in English and Dhivehi, and afterwards, a Dhoni (traditional boat) will transport you to the beach by your guest room to begin a lifetime of adventure together.

Wedding or vow renewal ceremonies are only $540 per couple and can be booked through Reception*.

If you are planning your visit to Meeru, kindly have a look at our special offer for Winter 2019/2020.

#MeetTheMeeruTeam: Michael

Ibrahim Ahmed Waseem fondly referred to as Michael, is an ever-smiling waiter who brings a cheerful presence wherever he goes. We met up with him on the job and asked him a few questions. Read on.

What do you like most about your job?

Serving the guests and making them happy makes me love my job more. In fact, Meeru guests’ happiness is the best part of my job!

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include dancing, playing futsal and mixing dance music. My favourite dance styles are Robot and Lyrical Dance.

What do you like most about the resort?

Meeru’s working environment and staff recreational facilities are the highlights for me.

Meeru is a great place to work as it is just a speedboat away from Male’, the main city.

What is your favorite restaurant/bar in Meeru?

Kakuni bar is the best for me as this is the bar where we mostly entertain the guests.

What does it takes to be a good waiter?

To be a good waiter you should be able to provide great customer service that will make each guest inspired to keep coming back to Meeru.

We hope you learnt a little more about Michael, and will be coming to say hello to him in person. Follow our #MeetTheMeeruTeam series to get to know more about our wonderful staff.


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