Join Us for Christmas, New Year Festivities in Meeru & Create Precious Moments With Us

Warm greetings from the sunny side of Maldives!

Your Meeru family is grateful for all encouraging and positive comments we have received since our reopening in September. We would like to continue sharing precious moments to cherish forever and invite everyone to for a Festive Holiday season with us.

Meeru is offering a safe haven to celebrate this special time of the year.  A great escape to have a peaceful holiday in a relaxed atmosphere with your loved ones in the tranquillity of the Indian Ocean and far away from any modern commotion and a world of uncertainties.

Explore our unique Meeru Festive Christmas market. Various stalls will be located around the Dhoni bar beach area creating a Christmas vibe, which will give you the opportunity to shop for your gifts, enjoy a variety of food and drinks while being entertained.

Meeru Sunset Lagoon Wine Tasting is experiencing wines with sophistication in an inimitable tropical landscape serenaded by contemporary vibrant live music

Flying high this season in Meeru or explore our underwater marine treasures by joining activities such as flyboarding, jet skiing, diving or simply snorkeling around the Meeru coral garden.  Like to see already what to expect, have a look here.

If you are more seeking quality time in relaxation for your body and mind, our signature spa team will take you through a journey to unwind your soul

Family Moments, Him and Her intimate holiday, Kids Festive activities are some of the Meeru’s Magical memories to treasure.  Plan your holiday in Meeru and let us create amazing memories with your loved ones during this Festive Season.

Let us know your favourite spot in Meeru by visiting our website and browsing the gallery.  You may also check out our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account for more pictures.  You may also have a sneak peek of the activities and events for this years’ festive season by visiting our website or scroll through our virtual Christmas calendar on our mobile application (available from the beginning of December)

May this festive season bring you closer to all those that you treasure in your heart.

Wishing you and your family precious moments filled with joy, love and happiness from all of us here in Meeru.  We will be looking forward to welcoming you for your holiday with us.


Bert Goebel
General Manager

We are open & our guests are enjoying Maldives!

Warm greetings from the sunny side of Maldives!

On September 1st, we opened a new page in the extensive history of Meeru Island Resort and Spa. Our Team has made tremendous efforts in preparing your home away from home as one of the safest haven on earth for holidaymakers.

We are proud and equally honored to share that all our guests who had the opportunity in visiting us over these first few weeks, have been exceptionally contented with their experience.

We are evenly delighted that Maldives has been awarded with the “Safe Travel Stamp” a worldwide recognition providing additional layers of confidence among international travelers planning to visit this dream destination in the Indian Ocean.

Furthermore, in association with the ministry of tourism Maldives has launched its unique loyalty program, “Maldives Border Miles”, where you will be repetitively rewarded each time you visit us.

Meeru is continuing to strive for its signature of excellence in service and guest recognition. Our awarded team will deliver unparalleled moments unique in a lifetime, driven by our culture and heritage.

Our developed short movie “Your new Experience” will be extending further audiovisual guidance assisting you well in advance starting from the booking process all the way you step at our sandy beaches and have your shoes removed.

View “Your New Experience At Meeru” video 🎬

Together with our mobile app, you will have your Meeru experience delivered at the palm of your hand already at the convenience of your home.

The festive season may not be your first thought at this moment, however Meeru is getting prepared for the very special twinkling of the year. Times to celebrate with family and loved ones, times to enjoy social relations and moments that many of us have been missing particularly during these recent months, Meeru with at its unique location will be awaiting you to fulfill your dreams with senses and emotions that will remain with you forever.

We wanted to thank all our guests for their continued and loyal support and we equivalently welcoming all guests from around the globe, who are going to make their journey for the first time, as part of our Meeru family.

Please continue to follow us through our social media publications on Meeru website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram to keep you updated with all latest news and developments.

We would wish for all of you to stay safe and healthy and our Meeru team will be looking forward greeting you in our tropical paradise soon.


Bert Goebel
General Manager

Living in the ‘new normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience In Meeru
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Why our guests love beach weddings in Meeru, Maldives

Make your wedding an intimate escapade. Be it a small event or a wedding with your extended family and friends, Meeru is great for a destination wedding as;

1. Your wedding and renewal-of-vows ceremonies are once in a lifetime experience to cherish. Make it into a honeymoon and holiday combo to remember.

2. The destination is itself an experience undefined and provides spectacular backdrops for wedding photography and Instagram to envy. Tell the world you had a beach wedding, a wedding on a yacht, a wedding on a sandbank, and even underwater.
Ask your Meeru event coordinator how they can accommodate multiple wedding ceremonies or photography sessions during your stay in the Maldives. The golf courses at Meeru Island is also popular locations for wedding photography with guests.

3. No masks on the beach. Our expansive and private beaches are uncrowded and offer freedom and space for your wedding

4. Take the hassle of planning a wedding venue away. Book your air tickets to the Maldives and fly in. Let the resort event coordinators do the planning for you including a wedding entourage. And no hosting costs as your guests will already have paid for their holiday.

The Maldives is a year-round destination which provides you with the flexibility to celebration your life events at your convenience and experiential activities based on your interests and budget.

Learn more about destination weddings at –

See story of our in-house guest Julian & Sonja and their experience at Meeru Island in September 2020. Meeru supported them through their entire journey to make their dream wedding still come true, despite the current worldwide challenges brought by Covid-19.



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Welcome to Meeru – A Message from our General Manager

Welcome ladies and gentleman to Meeru today. It’s my pleasure to give you some introduction to our wonderful island here in the country of Maldives. And as you know over the recent months Meeru has been going through some changes as everywhere else in the world.

Are you already excited to travel? There are so many nice things that you can explore, Maldives is a true magic, unique location with fantastic cultures, treated by its people, by its marine life. And of course on this tropical island you have so many things to explore.

Thinking about social distancing, Meeru is one of the largest islands in the Maldives. One of the largest islands that you can explore as a tourist. There will be plenty of opportunities for you, so we are really looking forward for you to join us over here.

Don’t be concerned also about your travel. Right after your arrival at the airport, you will be taken straight to our resort. Your distance is safe and it will only be just a short boat ride of 45 minutes and you will step into a sandy beach, and you remove your shoes and your vacation starts.

Have we made you excited already? One of these wonderful water villas could be you home away from home. Please come and join us and be a part of our Meeru family.

Can you imagine yourself sitting in a tropical lush paradise here in Meeru on a wonderful restaurant and enjoying these stunning views right over the Indian ocean with the tranquility and the sound of the waves with your partner, having a glass of wine with a wonderful meal, what can be more exciting than exploring Meeru here together with us.

I think you have been able to see some our great things that we have to offer here in Meeru already. In addition to that we also have our excursions, our activities, and our entertainment. Everything will be in house, we have a fantastic set up over here you will be able to enjoy on this wide lush tropical island in Meeru. And to make it more convenient for you, of course we have also developed some new standards, you will be able to do your check in on our mobile app. You will be able to process your passport, you have your reservation confirmation. Everything can be done nicely, in the comfort of your own home before you even start travelling and coming here to us in Meeru.

Now what remains is for me and our team to give you a nice warm welcome to wish you a safe journey. Stay healthy for the months to come, look after yourself and then we are very happy and will treat you with a wonderful smile and with warm hospitality here in Maldives and in Meeru.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome, we are looking forward to see you here with us.

Thank you.

We are open – A Message from our General Manager

Sunny greetings from your Meeru Family!

Travel culture combined with passion for exploring Maldives will optimistically prevail soon and our committed Meeru team is equally inspired fulfilling your dreams about your future journeys to our lash tropical paradise laid peacefully in the tranquility of the Indian Ocean

The magic of the Maldives is an unfathomable experience, a truly sensational destination with rich and enhanced culture driven by its people who live and work here, combined with the favorable year-round weather, the unique flora and fauna and the unrivalled level of valuable luxury.

Meeru Island Resort and Spa continues to offer an undivided destination getaway with unique opportunities for those looking to unwind and reconnect in an enviable island escape and we were equally excited to welcome all our repeat guests and future holiday makers as Meeru had opened its doors on the 1st of September 2020.

Our dedicated team has been working relentlessly during these recent months to provide you with a safe delivery of our uncompromised services for a unique vacation experience and long lasting memories

Your travel experience will start already in the comfort of your home, with our newly developed mobile app. You may explore everything that will await you in Meeru upon your arrival and once you have your confirmed booking or reservation code you may even already plan and book your spa treatments, or reserve your dinner at your favorite restaurant or just get the latest updates on important travel requirements, everything just at the tip of your finger.

In addition a great pool of advanced information will be provided through our website or through our social media channels as well as our reservation team will be pleased to answer any question you may have related to your visit in Meeru.

Your Meeru team will be looking forward to welcome you on your arrival to your home away from home here in the beautiful destination of Maldives

Thank you for booking your holiday with us.

Meeru Island Resort & Spa Wins The Prestigious TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award 2020

Meeru Island Resort & Spa is proud to receive the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award for the year 2020.

The prestigious Travelers Choice Award is only received by the top 10% hotels of the world, reflecting the quality and excellency service of Meeru Island Resort and Spa. It is your continuous feedback that keeps us motivated to perform consistently. We promise to continue providing service standards beyond your expectations!

As we all move forward and live in the ‘new normal’, it’s our utmost priority to be a safe haven for everyone. To ensure the safety of everyone in association with Crown & Champa Resorts, Meeru has introduced Hygiene Guidelines for a Safe Holiday Experience in Paradise.

We hope to welcome you soon.

Check out our special offers for your next unforgettable experience in paradise.

Meeru offers flexible cancellation on and offers for travel during November-December 2020 and in to 2021.

Meeru is opening September 1, 2020

A Message from our GM

Dear Guests,

Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone who have been affected by this unprecedented event on the worldwide pandemic situation.

In this climate, we recognize travel may not be your first thought, however we would like you to know the safety of our guests, team members and associates is our top priority. We want to thank you in advance for putting your trust in our team as you plan for your future journeys.

Together with industry trusted experts, Maldivian Government and in line with global health organizations we have established precise guidelines for your Safe Holiday experience. Please do take a moment to make yourself familiar on our website.

The island nation has reopened its borders and we have been welcoming tourist again in the Maldives since the 15th July. We highly recommend that you do review and get acquainted with all updated travel information’s prior to your journey.

Our Meeru team will be guiding you through all processes and extend the latest information’s on your holiday inquiries. We do offer great flexibility on any of our reservations as we recognize this being a very important aspect for any of your future travels.

Arriving in Meeru will be comfortable, after a short speed boat drive directly from the airport, you will enter a haven of tranquility, on a wide spread lash tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, far away from all heart-rending moments that we all observe around our world

Our Maldivian heritage will set the right ambience for a great holiday experience. Due to its unique size with its endless white beaches, Meeru Island Resort and Spa is able extending to you this exclusive spacious experiences that has become so important for all of us

Our spirit evokes the freedom, movement and harmony that forms the ethos of our Resort. Whether you are planning to travel now or in the future, you can expect to receive the excellent service and attention to detail that our guests have come to value. We are looking forward welcoming you again soon in Meeru.

See you soon in paradise.

Bert Goebel
General Manager

Meeru is re-certified for the seventh year in HACCP

For the seventh year, Meeru Island Resort & Spa had achieved the highly regarded accreditation in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), principles and practice based on the World Health Organization Codex to ensure Food Safety, Hygiene and Cleanliness for the Resort. HACCP is a prevention-based recommended control system for the hygiene of food hygiene and safety with strict adherence and implementation of food safety procedures in hotels and food establishments.

As a property who complies with HACCP protocols, Meeru offers the continuous wellbeing of the guests by;

  • Allowing guests to enjoy our services with full confidence in the quality of our food supplies and its preparation.
  • Maintaining the highest skills and knowledge of all food handlers, not only in the kitchen.
  • Practising proper and approved hygiene and cleanliness systems is adhered to within all levels of operations.
  • Providing and sourcing the highest quality in food produced which are safe for resort guests and team members.

Tales from the Meeru Museum – The Toddy Tapper (Raaveriya)

While visiting the Meeru museum, you will come across the equipment of the toddy tapper.  This is his story, and the history and culture surrounding Maldives coconut toddy and it’s tapper.


Raaveriya – The man who collects toddy.
Raa Valhi – The knife Used for cutting the flower bud by the palm sap collector.
Raa Bandhi – Traditional Maldivian toddy collecting pot which is used to put the produced “Raa”
Raa – Toddy

Who is this man in the image?
He is a Raaveriya (Toddy Tapper) on his way to a coconut tree. Carrying a ‘bandi’ made up of coconut shells which is tied up together with rope. Toddy tapping or ‘rukah erun’ is a skilled work passed down from generations to generations. It is also a symbol of Maldivian custom and tradition. It was the backbone of livelihood and has proven to be a staple part of Maldivian diet and an essential for electrolyte balance.


What is toddy tapper wearing?
A sarong which is tied up around the waist measuring the length of one’s entire leg up to the ankles when let loose. Clothing on the head serves as a protection against the heat and prevents debris from tangling onto ones hair.

How does he collect the sap?
A Raaveriya (Toddy Tapper) climbs the coconut tree to prepare the flower bud (‘ei’) for collecting sap. The tip of the flower bud is cut off using a knife (Raa Valhi) before it blossoms and toddy collecting pot is hung to collect the sap. When the coconut flower bud (‘Ei’) is set the coconut tree is referred to as a ‘raa ruh’. It is believed that the sap collected in the evening is sweeter and tastes better owing to the heat which makes the water evaporate leaving the sweet residue behind in its purest form. The collected toddy can be subjected to a complex process of heating and a form molding to produce ‘Dhiyaa Hakuru’ a golden honey-like-liquid referred to as Coconut Nectar in the western countries that all most all Maldivians enjoy eating with rice, and also used as a dessert and to make sweet snacks. The ‘Dhiyaa Hakuru’ is also further cooked, with the addition of Akiri (Coral), to produce a creamy fine White paste known as Karu Hakuru, a popular ingredient in baking cake. This Raiveriya and his ‘honey’ produce a couple of litres of toddy a day, most of which is converted to sugar and stored.

A Translation Of A Raivaru
“To watch thee sleep peaceful in mine arms,
Having drunk on loves’ cunning charms.
From pleasures most beautiful I myself woke
So I might again these desires in thee evoke”

The lifestyle was as such, that Maldivian men adored and enjoyed the work. The toddy toppers will go for toddy tapping and sing ‘Raivaru’, thus the name Raaveriya (toddy topper). The ‘Raivaru’ is a (short verse) is one of the forms of poetry which is very unique and it is found in the earliest Maldivian literature. This form of poetry used since ancient times to express desires, thoughts and emotions”.  The Raivaru poems was used by toddy toppers to complement or even sung as a declaration of love to the Maldivian woman who goes to the beach to wash pans or to the jungle to collect firewood. It is said that the woman who responds to the Raivaru sung by Maldivian men will the one who accepts the proposal.

As it was, the true Maldivian island lifestyle, the families lived a wonderfully simple and happy life. There is a saying in Maldives, that all Maldivian communities in the old times were entirely dependent on the coconut palm.

The number of people with this particular skill set started deteriorating over the years and the tradition was on the brink of collapsing when tourism came to the Maldives opening up a doorway for locals to showcase their formidable skills and local products which became a souring sensation among the tourists visiting Maldives and opening up opportunities for trade and sources of income.

How to enjoy coconut water in Meeru

Kurumba is the Maldivian name for a young coconut. Coconut water is a cure for dehydration and also given as a ceremonial gift. While it may not be a miracle cure, it does have many health benefits.
Meeru Coconut

How to Enjoy Coconut Water

  1. Drink it early morning on an empty stomach: Coconut water contains lauric acid, which helps in boosting your immunity, kick-starting your metabolism.
  2. Before or after a workout: coconut water is a great natural sports drink that helps in hydrating your body, replenishing the lost electrolytes, helps in fighting fatigue and exhaustion and is one of the best energy boosting drinks.
  3. Pre and post meals: It is low in calories and easy on the stomach. Drinking coconut water helps in quick digestion and prevents bloating after meals.

It has also traditionally been used to treat dehydration and given as ceremonial gifts. While it may not be a miracle cure, it does have many health benefits.

At Meeru Island Resort & Spa, you can enjoy coconut drinks at the Dhoni Bar beach on Sunday and Hot Rock beach on Wednesdays, freshly plucked from Meeru’s coconut trees.



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