Meeru Is the Tropical Paradise of White, Sandy Beaches and Turquoise Lagoons

Dear Guests,

Sunny Greetings from your paradise in the Maldives!

We are proud to announce that Meeru has recently completed the HACCP International Audit with an outstanding performance. Your Meeru family will continue to maintain safety procedures to make sure that your holiday destination is a safe haven for you and your loved ones.

Celebrations in October were full of fun and exciting activities, including a special Sunday lunch on the 17th and 31st of October, where Meeru guests had a feast with food and drinks at both Farivalhu and Maalan restaurants to celebrate October Fest. Everyone was delighted and savouring the variety of traditional food and classic selections of renowned German beers.

Talking about the Kitchen team, we have also commemorated International Chefs Day which was celebrated on the 20th of October with the theme “Healthy Food for the Future”. Our new Executive Chef Cristian Marino from Italy together with the Meeru team created a day to remember with special activities for all the children’s on the island. Cupcake decorating and healthy smoothie making were only some of the features together with the awarding of the certificate signed by the Chefs Guild Maldives President and Meeru’s Executive Chef. Truly a fun-filled day for everyone!

As we continue our celebrations, we are already looking forward to the International Children’s Day which is celebrated on the 20th of November and your Meeru family has already prepared some activities for the children. Book your holiday with us and let your children enjoy some fun events on the island.

Meeru is always striving to enhance our guest’s experience. Therefore, you can be delighted to taste our refined, robust, sweet and rich new All-Inclusive wine selection during your next visit to paradise. Each person has their own favourite and with the new selection of wines that Meeru has to offer, there will be one that will surely go well with your preference.

Also starting December, our newly introduced room category the “Two-Bedroom-Villa” will be available for your family holiday. The Two-Bedroom-Villa is a spacious villa equipped with a master bedroom and a twin bedroom, perfect for families and friends travelling together. Step through the main entrance and onto the foyer separating the two rooms, one on each side, flanking the indoor partially open-air bathroom and a second closed indoor bathroom accessible from the twin bedroom. This villa is strategically located near Dhoni Bar, with its children’s playground and wading pool for families looking for fun family time and for those adventure seekers looking for exciting water activities, the water sports centre is only a few steps ahead. Reserve and enjoy a great holiday here in Meeru.

We have been planning and making your holiday destination a truly magical one. As Meeru Christmas is just around the corner, let us share with you the activities you can enjoy during your holiday this Festive Season 🎬 . And if you want to experience more of Meeru Christmas, join us this December 2021 for more fun, excitement and special surprises. Santa is on the way to Meeru so come and book your holiday and be part of a joyous Meeru Christmas!!!

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It will be our pleasure to be part of your unforgettable experience. The beat of the Bodu Beru and the smiles of the team will provide a warm welcome on your arrival here in Meeru.


Bert Goebel
General Manager

Living in the ‘New Normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience at Meeru Island 
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Meet the Team: Ahmed Hameed, Captain of the Meeru’s Kamana Yacht

For this month’s feature on Meet the Team, we interviewed one of the longest-serving team members of Meeru, Ahmed Hameed.

Ahmed has worked in Meeru for almost 14 years. Having initially joined as a Boat Crew in 2007, Ahmed quickly worked his way up the career ladder to be promoted as Captain.

In his current role, Hameed is the captain of Meeru’s classic timber motor yacht Kamana Yacht which takes the guests on numerous excursions including the sunset yacht cruising to overnight sailing.

Q: Tell me a bit about yourself and your background, where are you from and where you have worked and how it has shaped you?
I was born and raised in Lh. Naifaru. However today I live with my family N. Henbadhoo. It is where I call home now.

Q: Why did you decide to become a Boat Crew/Captain?
Growing up, I loved to watch people sail. The old boats back then were a thing of fascination for me to watch, how they operated and how the people sailed them so effortlessly. This was when I started developing an interest in being a Captain.

I also loved the fact that being a Captain meant providing a great service to people in getting them from point A to point B safely. As this is a job that makes you responsible for a lot of people’s lives, I am always extra careful and take my responsibility very seriously.

Q: What do you love most about your work?
I always try to be a team player and try to lead by example. I do my best to impart whatever knowledge I have gained over the years to my team. I strongly believe that there is always room for growth and improvement and so I always encourage my team to learn new things to stay on top of their game.

Q: What hobbies do you enjoy when you are not at work?
I have always enjoyed playing and watching football and Volleyball.

In addition to that, I of course love going for a swim, line fishing, and spear-fishing as well.
Kamana Yacht of Meeru Island
Photo: Kamana during sunset

Q: What safety measures can you advise when onboard?
I never forget that I carry the lives of many people every day- multiple times. So my number one rule is to always follow the safety measures implemented by the government and to follow safety policies laid out by the resort.

For my passengers, I would always encourage them to follow the instructions of the boat captain.

Q: What is your favorite excursion?
My favourite excursion offered by the resort is Turtle Explorer. This is a full-day trip exploring the marine life of multiple locations and it gives me such joy to be able to watch these beautiful reefs.

Guest can meet Ahmed while on excursions on the Kamana. Excursions 

Dine Around Dinners With Meeru s’ All Inclusive Plus Package

As a destination, Meeru is a foodie’s bliss. With two a-la-carte restaurants, six bars, buffet restaurants with them nights and a choice of private dining events, guests can taste the best of local to an international array of cuisine and flavours.

The Dine-Around Dinners
When it comes to the variety and convenience of dining, an experience loved by the Meeru guest is the ‘Dine Around Dinner Experience’ included in the All-Inclusive-Plus package. For guests staying on the All-Inclusive Plus package (AIP), for every 5-night stay on the island, guests can appreciate one dinner at either the Asian Wok or the Hot Rock Restaurant.

Guest staying less than 4 nights on AIP can still enjoy the dine-around experience at the Hot Rock and Asian Wok Restaurant by reservation as an add-on, at USD 69* per person.

Guests staying on FullBord can also join the dine-around experience disregard of the length of their stay by making reservations at USD 89* per person.

This ‘dine-around concept allows Meeru guests to enjoy different arrays of gastronomies in different ambiences. The a-la-caret menus include offerings from Asian, European, and Mediterranean cuisines to regional specialities to touch experiential dinings such as hotpots, teppanyaki and volcano-rock cooking. Having the experience available for dinner also permits our guests to enjoy the daytime relaxing under palms, doing activities, diving, excursions and finish the day with an indulging dinner.

Dine Around Asian Wok Meeru Maldives

Dining at the Asian Wok Restaurant & Bar
Setting foot inside Asian Wok during sunset can leave one in awe of the views. The floor-to-ceiling wooden doors at the restaurant that open up to endless unobstructed views of the Maldivian blue oceans, the hundred hues of oranges and pink painted across the skies, at sunset due to the restaurant’s waterfront and elevated position.

You can either settle yourselves at the restaurant for a glass of wine or cocktail to watch the sun go down or be seated for dinner. Asian wok offers an incredible Tepenyaki counter along with a menu of flavorful authentic Asian cuisine. Guests can also take their pick of seafood, or ‘catch of the day here. Whichever menu you choose to go with, a meal at the Asian Wok is an experience in itself.

Dining at the Hot Rock Restaurant & Bar
Hot Rock Restaurant, located on our ‘adults-only side of the island extending to the deck of the infinity pool deck, is also a well-known and favourite spot amongst our guests. Guest can select from Indoor or alfresco seating.

Note: 24 hours pre-booking is required and will be subject to space availability. For dine-around, guests will be ordering off of a special menu designed for the purpose.
Dine-around dinners will not be valid for special events.
Vegan and Vegetarian dishes are available.
Meeru sources food sustainably and some dishes will contain fresh produce from Meeru ‘s organic garden.

*All Price includes 12% GST
Prices are correct at the time of publication and subject to change.


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