Wishing A Blessed And Prosperous Year Ahead From Your Meeru Family!

Meeru GM Message

Dear Guests,

The past year 2020 has been truly unique and like no other in recent history. Our core values of humanity, free movement and the opportunity to decide things of where, when and how we would like to create memories in our life’s had changed beyond anything imaginable. We see aspirations reflected in the faces of many with the start of a new year and a new decade on the 21st century towards a better future for every one of us.

Despite all the retrenchments your Meeru family would like to extend our deepest gratitude and best wishes to our repeaters, in-house guests and to our future holidaymakers. Being part of your holiday in Meeru is truly something to be thankful for. Let us all welcome 2021 with positive thoughts and fill each day with unforgettable memories to cherish.

Meeru has welcomed the New Year with a spectacular New Year’s party at our Dhoni bar beach and everybody truly enjoyed dancing barefoot on the white powdery sand of Meeru.

If you had to hold back to revisit us or planning to join us for the first time, our team is looking forward to creating long-lasting memories with our genuine Maldivian hospitality.

Enjoy the month of love and book your vacation in Meeru for February. Romantic dinner under the stars, renewal of your wedding vows, watching the sunset on a luxury yacht, a private cinema experience on the beach or celebrating with love and petals for passion in an exclusive ambience in your room are some romantic ideas for your holiday getaway. Your Meeru team is always available to create romantic vibes during your special time with us.

Plan a sweet escapade in Meeru for your lady and treat her with a truly relaxing holiday. The month of March is starting with the International Women’s Day, why not celebrate it with us. Take the chance and book in advance some activities like a day of pampering at our Duniye Spa or a special Candle Light Dinner by the beach. A simple gesture to say thank you in the most memorable way.

Reasons to spend a holiday in Meeru are boundless and everlasting. Stay connected and do not miss the happenings and offers here in Meeru. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our Meeru website.

Let us be part of your amazing holiday here in Meeru, we will be looking forward to welcoming you here, in your favorite paradise island in the Maldives.

We are happy to see you around in Meeru


Bert Goebel
General Manager


Living in the ‘new normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience In Meeru
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Your questions answered before you travel  |  Facilitating PCR Testing at Resort  |  Travel Flexibility & Cancellation Policy Update | See what our guests say about New Normal Holidaying at Meeru

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Ho Ho Ho & Seasonal Greetings From Your Meeru Family!

Warm greetings from the sunny side of Maldives!

We are welcoming our guests this Festive Season with great news and we are very excited to share you the latest updates.

For our guests who are 18 years and above, Maalan buffet restaurant will re-open its door to provide you with a wide array of food specially prepared by our Executive Chef and his team. Our splendid sunset-facing Uthuru bar, as well as the north games and entertainment rooms will also be available to spend relaxing hours after an exciting day on the beach. Enjoy and alleviate your soul and let our sophisticated services accomplish everything else for you.

We have taken intense time over these recent months and have given some fresh touches to many of our nearly 300 rooms, both with interior finishing as well as garden and outdoor arrangements. Just in time for our festive season, our 600 side Jacuzzi Beach Villas and 700 Jacuzzi Water Villas will be gradually released for your contentment and coziness.

Traveling with kids or teenagers? Yes, we have done some touch-ups here as well and the attendants are ready and awaiting the Festive Season for exciting fun, games and activities for our young in-house guests.

Christmas vibes are already in Meeru since 06th of December. We have opened our Festive Christmas market, with three stalls featuring different Christmas items for you to enjoy. Delicious food and drinks, gift items and entertainment is available for everyone from 3:00pm until 6:00pm. Mark your calendar and note down the dates that the Festive Christmas market is welcoming you. Dates can be viewed from our website, your IPTV in your room and even readily available via our mobile app. Let the Christmas spirit embrace you as you share the joy, love and happiness to your loved ones during your Meeru Festive holiday.

For our music lovers, our in-house Maldivian band will be serenading you with a variety of live jazz music in different occasions. They will captivate you with their great music; check out their schedules from the Festive Season Program.

During this Festive Season, various activities and events are prepared for you and booking is conveniently planned, just right at your fingertip. Sunset Lagoon, Special dinners at Asian Wok and Cooking classes can be reserved via our mobile app. Your Meeru team is always at your service if you require any assistance.

Let us share our heartfelt thoughts and divinest wishes for a wonderful Meeru Christmas.

We are grateful to all of our loyal guests, our repeaters and future holidaymakers for your confidence that your Meeru family is always here for you.

There is no greater cherish for this magic time of the year than being together with family, friends and loved ones. Enjoy the Festive Season in Meeru and let us be part of your memorable holiday in the Maldives.


Bert Goebel
General Manager

Living in the ‘new normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience In Meeru
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Your questions answered before you travel  |  Facilitating PCR Testing at Resort  |  Travel Flexibility & Cancellation Policy Update | See what our guests say about New Normal Holidaying at Meeru | 2020 Festive Season Program

Join Us for Christmas, New Year Festivities in Meeru & Create Precious Moments With Us

Warm greetings from the sunny side of Maldives!

Your Meeru family is grateful for all encouraging and positive comments we have received since our reopening in September. We would like to continue sharing precious moments to cherish forever and invite everyone to for a Festive Holiday season with us.

Meeru is offering a safe haven to celebrate this special time of the year.  A great escape to have a peaceful holiday in a relaxed atmosphere with your loved ones in the tranquillity of the Indian Ocean and far away from any modern commotion and a world of uncertainties.

Explore our unique Meeru Festive Christmas market. Various stalls will be located around the Dhoni bar beach area creating a Christmas vibe, which will give you the opportunity to shop for your gifts, enjoy a variety of food and drinks while being entertained.

Meeru Sunset Lagoon Wine Tasting is experiencing wines with sophistication in an inimitable tropical landscape serenaded by contemporary vibrant live music

Flying high this season in Meeru or explore our underwater marine treasures by joining activities such as flyboarding, jet skiing, diving or simply snorkeling around the Meeru coral garden.  Like to see already what to expect, have a look here.

If you are more seeking quality time in relaxation for your body and mind, our signature spa team will take you through a journey to unwind your soul

Family Moments, Him and Her intimate holiday, Kids Festive activities are some of the Meeru’s Magical memories to treasure.  Plan your holiday in Meeru and let us create amazing memories with your loved ones during this Festive Season.

Let us know your favourite spot in Meeru by visiting our website and browsing the gallery.  You may also check out our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account for more pictures.  You may also have a sneak peek of the activities and events for this years’ festive season by visiting our website or scroll through our virtual Christmas calendar on our mobile application (available from the beginning of December)

May this festive season bring you closer to all those that you treasure in your heart.

Wishing you and your family precious moments filled with joy, love and happiness from all of us here in Meeru.  We will be looking forward to welcoming you for your holiday with us.


Bert Goebel
General Manager

Living in the ‘new normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience In Meeru
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Your questions answered before you travel  |  Facilitating PCR Testing at Resort  |  Travel Flexibility & Cancellation Policy Update | See what our guests say about New Normal Holidaying at Meeru | 2020 Festive Season Program

We are open & our guests are enjoying Maldives!

Warm greetings from the sunny side of Maldives!

On September 1st, we opened a new page in the extensive history of Meeru Island Resort and Spa. Our Team has made tremendous efforts in preparing your home away from home as one of the safest haven on earth for holidaymakers.

We are proud and equally honored to share that all our guests who had the opportunity in visiting us over these first few weeks, have been exceptionally contented with their experience.

We are evenly delighted that Maldives has been awarded with the “Safe Travel Stamp” a worldwide recognition providing additional layers of confidence among international travelers planning to visit this dream destination in the Indian Ocean.

Furthermore, in association with the ministry of tourism Maldives has launched its unique loyalty program, “Maldives Border Miles”, where you will be repetitively rewarded each time you visit us.

Meeru is continuing to strive for its signature of excellence in service and guest recognition. Our awarded team will deliver unparalleled moments unique in a lifetime, driven by our culture and heritage.

Our developed short movie “Your new Experience” will be extending further audiovisual guidance assisting you well in advance starting from the booking process all the way you step at our sandy beaches and have your shoes removed.

View “Your New Experience At Meeru” video 🎬

Together with our mobile app, you will have your Meeru experience delivered at the palm of your hand already at the convenience of your home.

The festive season may not be your first thought at this moment, however Meeru is getting prepared for the very special twinkling of the year. Times to celebrate with family and loved ones, times to enjoy social relations and moments that many of us have been missing particularly during these recent months, Meeru with at its unique location will be awaiting you to fulfill your dreams with senses and emotions that will remain with you forever.

We wanted to thank all our guests for their continued and loyal support and we equivalently welcoming all guests from around the globe, who are going to make their journey for the first time, as part of our Meeru family.

Please continue to follow us through our social media publications on Meeru website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram to keep you updated with all latest news and developments.

We would wish for all of you to stay safe and healthy and our Meeru team will be looking forward greeting you in our tropical paradise soon.


Bert Goebel
General Manager

Living in the ‘new normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience In Meeru
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Your questions answered before you travel  |  Facilitating PCR Testing at Resort  |  Travel Flexibility & Cancellation Policy Update

Welcome to Meeru – A Message from our General Manager

Welcome ladies and gentleman to Meeru today. It’s my pleasure to give you some introduction to our wonderful island here in the country of Maldives. And as you know over the recent months Meeru has been going through some changes as everywhere else in the world.

Are you already excited to travel? There are so many nice things that you can explore, Maldives is a true magic, unique location with fantastic cultures, treated by its people, by its marine life. And of course on this tropical island you have so many things to explore.

Thinking about social distancing, Meeru is one of the largest islands in the Maldives. One of the largest islands that you can explore as a tourist. There will be plenty of opportunities for you, so we are really looking forward for you to join us over here.

Don’t be concerned also about your travel. Right after your arrival at the airport, you will be taken straight to our resort. Your distance is safe and it will only be just a short boat ride of 45 minutes and you will step into a sandy beach, and you remove your shoes and your vacation starts.

Have we made you excited already? One of these wonderful water villas could be you home away from home. Please come and join us and be a part of our Meeru family.

Can you imagine yourself sitting in a tropical lush paradise here in Meeru on a wonderful restaurant and enjoying these stunning views right over the Indian ocean with the tranquility and the sound of the waves with your partner, having a glass of wine with a wonderful meal, what can be more exciting than exploring Meeru here together with us.

I think you have been able to see some our great things that we have to offer here in Meeru already. In addition to that we also have our excursions, our activities, and our entertainment. Everything will be in house, we have a fantastic set up over here you will be able to enjoy on this wide lush tropical island in Meeru. And to make it more convenient for you, of course we have also developed some new standards, you will be able to do your check in on our mobile app. You will be able to process your passport, you have your reservation confirmation. Everything can be done nicely, in the comfort of your own home before you even start travelling and coming here to us in Meeru.

Now what remains is for me and our team to give you a nice warm welcome to wish you a safe journey. Stay healthy for the months to come, look after yourself and then we are very happy and will treat you with a wonderful smile and with warm hospitality here in Maldives and in Meeru.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome, we are looking forward to see you here with us.

Thank you.

We are open – A Message from our General Manager

Sunny greetings from your Meeru Family!

Travel culture combined with passion for exploring Maldives will optimistically prevail soon and our committed Meeru team is equally inspired fulfilling your dreams about your future journeys to our lash tropical paradise laid peacefully in the tranquility of the Indian Ocean

The magic of the Maldives is an unfathomable experience, a truly sensational destination with rich and enhanced culture driven by its people who live and work here, combined with the favorable year-round weather, the unique flora and fauna and the unrivalled level of valuable luxury.

Meeru Island Resort and Spa continues to offer an undivided destination getaway with unique opportunities for those looking to unwind and reconnect in an enviable island escape and we were equally excited to welcome all our repeat guests and future holiday makers as Meeru had opened its doors on the 1st of September 2020.

Our dedicated team has been working relentlessly during these recent months to provide you with a safe delivery of our uncompromised services for a unique vacation experience and long lasting memories

Your travel experience will start already in the comfort of your home, with our newly developed mobile app. You may explore everything that will await you in Meeru upon your arrival and once you have your confirmed booking or reservation code you may even already plan and book your spa treatments, or reserve your dinner at your favorite restaurant or just get the latest updates on important travel requirements, everything just at the tip of your finger.

In addition a great pool of advanced information will be provided through our website or through our social media channels as well as our reservation team will be pleased to answer any question you may have related to your visit in Meeru.

Your Meeru team will be looking forward to welcome you on your arrival to your home away from home here in the beautiful destination of Maldives

Thank you for booking your holiday with us.

A Message from our GM

Dear Guests,

Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone who have been affected by this unprecedented event on the worldwide pandemic situation.

In this climate, we recognize travel may not be your first thought, however we would like you to know the safety of our guests, team members and associates is our top priority. We want to thank you in advance for putting your trust in our team as you plan for your future journeys.

Together with industry trusted experts, Maldivian Government and in line with global health organizations we have established precise guidelines for your Safe Holiday experience. Please do take a moment to make yourself familiar on our website.

The island nation has reopened its borders and we have been welcoming tourist again in the Maldives since the 15th July. We highly recommend that you do review and get acquainted with all updated travel information’s prior to your journey.

Our Meeru team will be guiding you through all processes and extend the latest information’s on your holiday inquiries. We do offer great flexibility on any of our reservations as we recognize this being a very important aspect for any of your future travels.

Arriving in Meeru will be comfortable, after a short speed boat drive directly from the airport, you will enter a haven of tranquility, on a wide spread lash tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, far away from all heart-rending moments that we all observe around our world

Our Maldivian heritage will set the right ambience for a great holiday experience. Due to its unique size with its endless white beaches, Meeru Island Resort and Spa is able extending to you this exclusive spacious experiences that has become so important for all of us

Our spirit evokes the freedom, movement and harmony that forms the ethos of our Resort. Whether you are planning to travel now or in the future, you can expect to receive the excellent service and attention to detail that our guests have come to value. We are looking forward welcoming you again soon in Meeru.

See you soon in paradise.

Bert Goebel
General Manager

Festive Season Greetings From Meeru

Meeru Christmas from your favourite holiday destination!

Christmas is a season of sharing, and your Meeru family is thrilled to create beautiful experiences for you this holiday season. Let the light sparkle to the beat of the jingle bells.

Our festive season will commence with the lighting of our Christmas tree. We are looking forward to everyone joining us for this glorious lighting ceremony. Christmas confectionaries and delicious treats are waiting to please your palate. Santa and his helpers are all set for their sojourn to Meeru and will be spreading good cheer all around.

As always, there are wonderful experiences to be enjoyed, whether you are travelling with your family, partner or friends. Meeru will exceed your expectations. Explore our new menus at Asian Wok Restaurant or Hot Rock Restaurant, or sign up for a luxury Lobster and Champagne dinner with live classical music serenading you.

We are grateful for your continued support throughout the year. May the splendour of the season warm your days and nights. We wish you an unforgettable experience, a Meeru Christmas and health and prosperity for 2020.

See you all soon.


Bert Goebel, General Manager

Book Your Holiday For A Memorable Stay In Meeru!

Dear Guests,

Greetings from your Meeru Family!

The festive season is approaching, and the Christmas spirit is almost upon us. The preparations for the Gala Dinner and festive activities have started. We are inviting you to book your upcoming holiday and to celebrate the most exciting and joyful time of the year in Meeru.

We will be soon introducing “Sake”, a Japanese rice wine at our Asian Wok Restaurant. This will contribute a new flavour to the wide array of drinks already available — another must-try during your holiday with us.

Most of our holidaymakers are curious to try different tastes and unique cuisine. With our improved All Inclusive Plus package, this will now be possible. We are introducing a ‘Dine Around’ concept as an additional benefit for guests staying for a minimum of 5 nights. Special Asian menus will be available to choose from at our Asian Wok Restaurant, and some delicious Western menus will be served at our Hot Rock Restaurant.

Coming up soon is our Halloween Party! Are you ready to scare us on the dance floor?

It will be a spooky evening so dress up in your scariest costumes and join us on October 31 at Kakuni Bar with our resident DJ. Let us all dance the night away as we celebrate Meeru Halloween Night.

Providing exceptional service to all guests is what we work towards. We love to hear from you and get feedback, which helps us improve our service. We will be introducing our fully revised online questionnaire that will be at your disposal at any given time during your stay or after your holiday in Meeru. You may also complete this during the checkout process or at a later stage in the comfort of your home. This will go a long way into ensuring we continue creating wonderful holiday experiences for you.

As you can tell, exciting days are ahead in Meeru. Stay updated with all the latest news through our website and social media channels. Feel the vibe of Meeru and experience the happiness that we share.


Bert Goebel, General Manager

Exciting Dining Experiences Coming To Meeru!

Dear Guests,

Warm greetings from your paradise here in the Maldives!

It is another month to create wonderful memories for your well-deserved holiday. Your Meeru family is waiting to give you a warm welcome to tropical paradise.

The coming days are bound to be exciting in Meeru, as we work on enhancing and improving our dining scene. In our buffet restaurants, Farivalhu and Maalan, a more sumptuous live salad station awaits you, offering a variety of traditional and exotic flavours to explore. We have also introduced ‘Wine by the Glass’ at Uthuru Bar, where a glass of wine or champagne is paired with tapas consisting of cheese and olives. This is the perfect way to enjoy the breeze on the Uthuru bar deck.

Furthermore, our Wine Trail will be available shortly where we shall take you on a journey around our resort, introducing you to our different bars while indulging your palate with flavours of some distinct wines and accompanying hors-d’oeuvres. We are also currently redefining our beverage concept for our a la carte restaurant, Asian Wok, by adding more varieties from South East Asia such as wines, beer and spirits.

We cannot thank you enough for your continuous support. Spend your holiday with us and let your Meeru team indulge you. Visit us for your honeymoon, anniversary, a family getaway or even for a simple yet memorable holiday.

Let us keep in touch: follow us on our social media channels and browse our website to get the latest updates from Meeru.

We will be waiting for your visit.


Bert Goebel,

General Manager


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