Secrets to Success: 22 Years Mastering the Princess Boat

Ismail Ali is affectionately known as “Princess Ismail” for his 22 years of service as the Captain of the Princess Boat at award-winning Meeru Island Resort & Spa. Ismail first joined in 1996 as Assistant Captain and was promoted to Captain shortly thereafter. His accolades include a Niyami License and the Coastal Navigation, Class 5, which is of an International level in Yachting and Boating. Ismail offers insightful secrets to success in the Guest Transport arena and navigating the Maldivian seas.


Meeru is only a 55-minute speedboat transfer away from Velana International Airport, making it the ideal choice for holidaymakers. The Guest Transport department of the Resort ensures that guests are transferred safely to and from the Island, whether upon arrival, departure or fun excursions around the North Male’ Atoll.


Ismail is one of the team members who contribute to guests’ safe and memorable journeys aboard the Princess Boat. He adds that he continues to strive for excellence, making all guests happy and ensuring safety of all people on-board. Ismail firmly believes in giving his best to anything he does, be it managing a transfer schedule or completing a task.


I believe that respecting others, being grateful for even the smallest of deeds and giving your best to any task are the greatest lessons I can share with my team.”


When asked what inspires him to continue his service beyond 22 years at the Resort, Ismail mentions that the culture and environment of one big happy family makes it an easy choice. In fact, this is the main reason why he choses to stay with Meeru and with Crown & Champa Resorts as the leading Resorts & Hotel Management group in the Maldives.


“From Staff to the Owners, everybody treats each other as family. They are helpful and respectful.”


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Secrets to Success: 23 Years and Thriving at Meeru Island

Ali Noorahdheen, Senior Outlet Supervisor at award-winning Meeru Island Resort & Spa is well on his way to completing 23 years of service, with numerous accolades for Employee of the Month, Supervisor of the Month and Supervisor of the year 2009. Noorahdheen offers insightful secrets to success in the Food & Beverage arena and supervising Resort outlets in the Maldives.


Food & Beverage is an important part of the guest experience, especially in remote destinations such as the Maldives. As one of the larger Resorts in the country, Meeru features a total of 11 Outlets: 2 Buffet Restaurants; 3 a la carte Restaurants, including Meeru Café; and 6 Bars.


Born in Addu Atoll and having schooled in Seenu Atoll, Noorahdheen’s humble beginnings as a laborer and continued work in various departments, including Housekeeping, have accumulated into a wealth of knowledge and an acute experience of the Hospitality Industry. He has achieved an impressive repertoire of training certifications, such as Fire Fighting, First Aid, Health & Safety, Food Safety, Wine and Wine Tasting, Customer Care, Computer Systems, Supervisor Skills and Stress Management.


Secrets to Success: Meeru Island


When asked what the most important aspect of working in the Hospitality Industry is, Noorahdheen says, “Respecting guests, providing great service each and every day, and teamwork”. He mentions that in all his years in the Industry, the best compliment he has ever received was from a guest, one who regarded him and the Meeru Team as family.


At Meeru, Noorahdheen is a valuable member of the Food & Beverage Department who began his career in 1995 as a Waiter, then promoted to Head Waiter and currently serving as the Senior Outlets Manager. His responsibilities are to ensure that the Outlets, especially Asian Wok Restaurant & Bar, are operating at optimal level and the team is consistently exceeding guests’ expectations.


“The ability to motivate team and creating a positive work place is what makes a great Supervisor and a necessary characteristic.”


Secrets to Success: Meeru Employee Award Ceremony


In appreciation of his long service at Meeru, Noorahdheen recalls the special memories from his sponsored trip to Singapore for 8 days, where he enjoyed exploring the different cultures, cuisine and hospitality standards.


Noorahdheen spends some of his spare time playing football and keeping fit on Meeru’s Football Grounds. Often, Guests join in on the fun and participate in regularly held Guest vs. Staff Friendly Football Matches. His favorite dish at Asian Wok is Tandhoori Prawns and he recommends the Maldivian Dream cocktail best enjoyed with the amazing sunset views at the over-the-water Restaurant.


“My advise to young waiters is to be on time, think positive and follow the rules.”


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