Experience Ultimate Enjoyment With Meeru’s All-Inclusive Package

Meeru Island Resort & Spa is a tropical haven for both families and active couples. A large island, with uninterrupted stretches of the beach, our island offers an endless variety of things to do. Our All-Inclusive Plus Package is designed to help you enjoy all that Meeru and the Maldives have to offer, stress-free. With the package, you can focus on making the most of your holiday and leave us to worry about the finer details.

The Benefits of Meeru’s All-Inclusive Package

From exceptional dining to exciting experiences, our All-Inclusive Plus Package offers it all. When it comes to dining, the package features breakfast, lunch and dinner, in our open-air, traditional buffet restaurants, casual snack menus for both day and night, select free-flow alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, minibar items and a bottle of Champagne per room per length of stay. The most recent additions are a 20% discount on all food items at our a la carte restaurants and one free lunch or dinner at our a la carte restaurants for every 5-night stay.

Experience a world of adventure at your doorstep with the following activities included in the All-Inclusive Plus Package: one sunset cruise, one Dhiffushi island-hopping excursion, daily snorkelling trips twice a day, group lessons for snorkelling, windsurfing and golf, free use of the fitness centre, golf driving range, tennis court, beach volleyball, badminton court, indoor games, free use of kayaks and windsurfing boards. After thrilling escapades, find your zen by joining the free yoga sessions with Duniye Spa or relax by taking advantage of the 20% discount on selected spa treatments.

Read more about our All-Inclusive Plus Package as you also take a look at our current special offers.

Three Must-Try Experiences During Your First Visit To The Maldives

With all the experiences and activities that Meeru Island Resort & Spa offers, you are spoilt for choice during your holiday. If your first visit is coming up and you are wondering which excursions you should try out, our list below should help. These excursions will help you sample the best that the Maldives has to offer and help you make exceptional memories with the people you love.

Have A Private Island Picnic

Experience the beauty and tranquillity of a private island with our Robinson Crusoe excursion. For three hours, you can spend time on a soft, white, sandy beach with the azure lagoon all around, swimming and snorkelling. Enjoy your packed picnic as you soak in the beautiful scenery before we pick you up and bring you back to the island. This is the ultimate romantic adventure for the two of you!

Price: US $225 per couple.

Availability: Daily in the morning or afternoon, depending on the tide.

Experience The Underwater Wonderland

For those eager to experience the magical ocean, our Snorkelling Boat Trip, which is free of charge, comes highly recommended. We will transport you by Dhoni to a nearby coral reef where you can explore the underwater world to your heart’s content. Seek out the lively marine life that adds to the beauty of the Maldives and see how many creatures you can spot. Remember not to touch or step on the fragile coral! This trip is for swimmers only, and a parent must accompany children under 16.

Price: Free (Equipment Rental US $9 per person)

Availability: Daily 10:00-12:00, 14:30-16:30

Go On A Sunset Cruise

No words can do justice to the beauty of the Maldives’ sunset. You have to see it to believe it. Cruise the Indian Ocean and watch the magnificent display of the sunset aboard our yacht, as you sip on tea, a tropical cocktail or a mocktail. If you are lucky, you will spot playful dolphins also revelling in the sunset. This is one of the best ways to cap off your day and is truly an unforgettable experience. The minimum age for this trip is 18.

Price: US $38

Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday from 16:00 -18:30.

These are only a few examples of the myriad experiences Meeru offers. Have a look at the full list here.

Happy Holiday!

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

As we look forward to welcoming you to Meeru Island Resort & Spa for your upcoming holiday, here are some answers to frequently asked questions to help you prepare adequately for your visit.

Question: Can I reserve a specific villa?

With the vast choice of 284 villas, we understand that you may want to reserve a villa in a specific area or a particular number that holds sentimental value to you, particularly on return visits. Rest assured that we make every effort to accommodate villa requests, but we cannot always guarantee that they will be fulfilled. However, do not hesitate to write to [email protected] with your request.

Question: Which methods of payment are acceptable?

In Meeru, we accept cash in Euros, US Dollars, Pounds, Swiss Francs and Singapore Dollars. We also accept a variety of credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and Union Pay) and debit cards. Payment is only made at check out so guests must charge all purchases to their room. We do not accept traveller or personal cheques.

Question: What is the weather like?

Meeru, like the rest of the Maldives, enjoys warm, tropical climate and balmy temperatures throughout the year. During Monsoon season, the months between May to November, there can be some light, infrequent rain. However, the rain usually doesn’t last long, so be sure to carry sunscreen still. To have a peek at the weather and the island at any moment, have a look at our webcam.

For answers to more frequently asked questions, view the full list here.


How To Pick The Right Villa For Your Vacation

Meeru Island Resort & Spa offers a wonderful location to experience the magical beauty of the Maldives. The lush tropical nature, long stretches of sandy beach and the azure water are not only picture perfect, but they also allow travellers to lose themselves in endless adventure. Adding to the wonder of your stay are lavish rooms that give you a beautiful place to relax or return to during your holiday.

Meeru has 284 rooms in various categories to suit your holiday needs. All rooms are decked out with quality amenities for your comfort and convenience. When picking from the five different types, a few things to think about include whether you are travelling with family, the size of the room you would like and most importantly, the kind of view you would like.

For guests travelling with family, Beach Villas and Garden Rooms accommodate guests of all ages. The villas are spacious, adorned with tropical décor and come with a day bed. This can be used to relax when lounging in the room, or it can be an additional bed for younger guests. Outside, the furnished deck is a place where you can relax while enjoying views of the garden or the beach.

Adult travellers have the option of choosing Jacuzzi Beach Villas, Water Front Villas or Jacuzzi Water Villas which are all located in the Adults-Only area. Situated on the beach, Jacuzzi Beach Villas and Water Front Villas offer privacy and scenic views of paradise. They come with a private, walled-in outdoor area that features a Jacuzzi. Your nights can be spent sipping champagne and soaking in the Jacuzzi while enjoying the night sky.

Jacuzzi Water Villas are secluded overwater bungalows on stilts. Luxurious and beautiful, they have a private sundeck with stairs into the sea, providing direct access to the ocean from the comfort of your villa. Inside, the bedroom is larger, and the room is fitted with all the amenities you need to have a fantastic holiday.

Whichever room you opt for, you are guaranteed quality and a delightful vacation. As you consider your options, have a look at our special offer and take advantage as you book your holiday.

Tips For Solo Travel

Though the Maldives is considered a romantic destination, the pristine beaches, warm, tropical climate and clear waters housing vast marine life, have a universal appeal. Meeru Island Resort & Spa’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it welcomes all kinds of travellers- couples, families and solo travellers looking for a Maldivian adventure. Here are some of our tips for the solo traveller.

Pick the right resort

It all starts with finding the right destination. Meeru has the perfect balance of romance and adventure, making it an excellent choice for solo travel. The size of the island, the variety of things to do, the warmth and hospitality offered guarantee that you are taken care of when travelling by yourself.


Once you’ve set your mind on an island, find out the accommodation options available to you and what you can do once you arrive. In Meeru, we have a variety of rooms from Garden Rooms, Beach Villas, Jacuzzi Beach Villas, Water Front Villas and Jacuzzi Water Villas. All these rooms are decked out for your utmost comfort. On both land and sea, as a visit to the website will show you, there is a variety of excursions and water sports that you can try out.


Travelling alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely. With a selection of restaurants and bars on the island and frequently organised parties, there is ample opportunity to connect with fellow travellers. Our staff, as well, is always armed with a smile, ready to answer any questions you may have or to strike up a conversation.

Meeru is a friendly destination, where you can tick off your Maldives bucket-list items. Considering a trip soon? Have a look at our special offers. Visit our blog that hosts a wealth of information on having the perfect stay in Meeru.


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