Hot Rock Restaurant & Bar

Hot Rock Restaurant & Bar is located on the eastern side of Meeru Island Resort & Spa and on the Pavilion Bar Pool deck.

With a selection of delectable meats to choose from, served on a ceramic hot rock to cook at your table, the Restaurant provides an exceptional dining experience with stunning views of the infinity pool and ocean.

Sip on a refreshing cocktail and browse through Hot Rock’s a la carte menu, which provides appetizing starters, a range of seafood delights and a selection of supple mains to sizzle at your table.

You will get to cook your meal on a pre-heated hot stone (a lava rock) on your own table, to your perfection.

To cook on ‘the rock’, you will be provided with a heated rock, placed in the specially designed board on which you can place your chosen seafood, fish, meat and vegetables on top and cook to your desired level.

The rock is hot enough to cook your chosen cut of meat to your own taste and the Restaurant offers a range of meat and game including such exotics as Kangaroo Tenderloin and Ostrich Filet.


All operational hours might be subject to internal reviews without further notifications.



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