Manta Trust Marine Biology Centre

Euro-Divers Maldives is working close together with Manta Trust – a well-known UK-based independent non-profit organisation, whose mission is to advance the conservation of Manta rays and their habitat through science, research, raising awareness and creating influence by providing education.

With great pleasure, we are hosting a Marine Biologist in our Dive Centre who gives detailed information about the Marine life and joins our Manta Diving and Snorkeling expeditions all year round.

Special workshops and presentations will help you to understand the fragile underwater world with all its wonders. 

Our Team is here to share our passion for and knowledge of the marine environment with you and hope that your understanding will help conserve the natural beauty of the coral reefs.

You can help Manta Trust with their research by submitting any photos of a Manta rays belly and receive more information about that individual.


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