Guided Fun Dives

From beginners to experienced divers, scuba diving around Meeru Island has so much to offer from Manta cleaning station to thrilling channel dives, dramatic overhangs with colourful soft corals and macro dive. The variety of marine life is amazing.

Up close personal encounters with Sea Turtles



If one of your dream is to swim with a sea turtle in the wild, the Maldives provides the perfect opportunity to have your bucket list ticked. These much-loved creatures can be seen often on any dive sites and make your dive unforgettable.

Watch a majestic performance of Manta Rays



Don’t miss the experience of diving with the graceful gentle giant. The queen of the ocean can be seen in Lankan Manta Point or Bodu Hithi Thila, some of the most famous cleaning station in the Maldives. Relax and enjoy watching them cruising, feeding on planktons and cleaning.

Meet the king of the ocean



For shark lovers, the Maldives is the perfect place to dive. Reef sharks, nurse sharks and leopard sharks can be seen in Helengeli Thila, Miyaru Faru, Colosseum and as well other dive sites for a unique shark adventure experience.

Experience a unique Thila dive



A Thila is an underwater mountain with a top reef between 5-15meters and it is usually in the channel or in the middle of the atoll. Around Meeru we have several thilas as the famous Nassimo Thila and HP Reef to name just two, offering stunning colours of corals and abundance of fish life.

A mind-blowing dive to remember



Tuna Factory or some call it “Fish Tank” is one of the famous dive site to encounter a huge population of stingrays which will most probably be the largest school of stingrays you have seen yet. You can see tons of fish and every species of eels that exists.

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