Meeru Moments

Photographs are tickets to a journey that leads us back to some good memories. So, why not seize the moments and turn them into long-lasting memories?

Capture your precious moments with the on island photography studio – Meeru Moments while enjoying your stay.

A photo shooting session and one print out are with our compliment just for you (Applicable for guests staying 5 nights and more).

Reservations can be made at the Meeru Moments Photo Studio in the Main Reception.

OPENING HOURS: 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Photography Packages



Basic: 20 Digital Photos, 1 image (8” x 12”) for US$180
Bronze: 50 Digital Photos, 1 image (8” x 12”) for US$250
Silver: 50 Digital Photos, 10 images in an album for US$370
Gold: 100 Digital Photos, 26 images in an album for US$460
Platinum: 100 Digital Photos, 50 images in an album for US$590

Wedding Package



100 Digital Photos
40 images in an album

Family Supplement



US$50 added on top
of package price
(2 persons & more)

Drone Sandbank Packages



Lite Package:
10 Drone Images, 20 Camera Images, One minute video & 1 printed image for US$400

Classic Package:
20 Drone Images, 70 Camera Images & 2-3 Minute video for US$800


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