Meeru Moments

Photographs are tickets to a journey that leads us back to some good memories. So, why not seize the moments and turn them into long-lasting memories?

Capture your precious moments with the on-island photography studio – Meeru Moments while enjoying your stay.

Reservations can be made at the Meeru Moments Photo Studio in the Main Reception.

OPENING HOURS: 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Meeru Family Bliss Photography Package NEW!

Capture your special holiday memories with our new Meeru Family Bliss photography package and reminisce your time during your holiday here in Meeru.
A 60 minutes photo session with our professional photographers as you explore the famous spots of Meeru while each snap becomes part of your adventure that you will be able to cherish forever.
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More Photography Packages



Basic: 20 Digital Photos, 1 image (8” x 12”) for US$180
Bronze: 50 Digital Photos, 1 image (8” x 12”) for US$250
Silver: 50 Digital Photos, 10 images in an album for US$370
Gold: 100 Digital Photos, 26 images in an album for US$460
Platinum: 100 Digital Photos, 50 images in an album for US$590

Wedding Package



100 Digital Photos
40 images in an album

Family Supplement



US$50 added on top
of package price
(2 persons & more)

Drone Sandbank Packages



Lite Package:
10 Drone Images, 20 Camera Images, One minute video & 1 printed image for US$400

Classic Package:
20 Drone Images, 70 Camera Images & 2-3 Minute video for US$800


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