Wedding & Renewal of Vows Ceremony

The symbolic wedding ceremony includes reading a passage from the Book of Good Wishes, reciting wedding vows, exchange of rings, groom kissing his bride and signing the wedding certificate. The ceremony takes place in the Asian Wok Restaurant beach area, which is decorated using palm fronds woven in the shape of a heart and local hibiscus flowers. The ceremony group includes local girls from the neighboring Island of Dhiffushi and Meeru staff, all dressed in traditional Maldivian costumes.



The wedding couple should share every minute of life together, during times of happiness and sadness, ease and difficulty, frustration and depression.

Marital connection is the foundation stone of two person’s lives. Over that foundation they build every second of their life, and a plan to guide their children in the proper path until they mature and step out on their own feet.

When two people of the opposite sex are united by marriage they are responsible to each other for anything and everything, anytime and every time and anywhere and everywhere. Under no circumstances should one disobey or disregard the other, even in time of disagreement a peaceful solution should be the only answer.

As long as both are going according to their religion, tradition and customs and abide by the Laws of their society, no one should disobey & disregard the other.

Loyalty, honesty and taking care is all about a successful life together. No one should be dishonest or disloyal to the other. Mutual understanding and trust between both will bind the marriage together, forever.

In the name of the Almighty and most merciful God and witnessed by those live and deceased souls around us, the Meeru staff and others present, may I ask you:

Mr. ____________, do you accept Ms. __________ as your wedded wife?

Ms. ____________, do you accept Mr. __________ as your wedded husband?

As a symbol of your marriage to one another, the groom may put the ring on the bride’s finger and the bride may put the ring on the groom’s finger.

I now proclaim Mr. & Mrs. __________ as Man and Wife

Now you may kiss the bride!


Ceremony Schedule 

Bride makeup, hairdressing and dressing in wedding attire at Duniye Land Spa (couple must bring their own attire).

Groom picked up from bridal couple’s guest room by Dhiffushi girls and escorted to Duniye Land Spa.

Couple escorted from Duniye Land Spa to Asian Wok Restaurant area by bridal party of Dhiffushi girls and Meeru Housekeeping boys singing wedding songs to the beat of the bodu beru drums.

Wedding ceremony performed in both Dhivehi and English languages in front of the Asian Wok Restaurant beach. Floral bouquet presented to bride.

Bridal couple depart by dhoni to the beach by their guest room.

Bridal procession from beach to their guest room (decorated with flowers by room boys).

Bridal couple arrives at their guest room.


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