Island Hopping

Meeru offers the option to explore more than one Island in the Maldives.

Visit 3 islands, including a typical local fishing island, a resort island and a shopping island.

You will enjoy a BBQ lunch in a Local Island, including 1 soft drinks for Full Board guests (water/soft drinks at no charge for All Inclusive Plus guests) and have time to snorkel and swim.

For the shopping island, take US$ cash.

Rent snorkelling equipment from the Dive Center or purchase it from the Gift Shop.

The required clothing to be worn when visiting a local island is at the minimum is a t-shirt with short sleeve t-shirt; knee-length shorts for women, and shorts for men.

A child under 16 must be accompanied by a parent.

Scheduled every Wednesday 0900 – 1500 (Min. 12 persons).



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