Stand Up Paddle

Stand up paddle boarding is the latest trend in watersports and commonly known as “SUP”.

With origins similar to surfing, this unique sport allows you to stand up on your board and paddle through the waters at your own pace. Paddle boarding provides you with a great core workout while you enjoy the scenery.

At Meeru, the turquoise lagoon, stuning views of the Indian Ocean and colorful marine life offer the ideal location. Enjoy the warm water, spend time with friend and family, and improve your fitness level.

60 minutes. Max. 2 persons.

Sunset Stand-Up Paddle

See the beauty of Meeru and experience the magical sunset with a guided Sunset “SUP” between 1715 and 1815.

60 minutes. Max 2 persons.

The Water Sports Center offers “SUP” orientation and the ideal, flat-surface board rental for beginners and experts alike.


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