Dine under the stars in the month of May

Meeru Island Resort & Spa has a variety of special beach dinners planned for you to enjoy during the month of May. Dine under the stars and feel the soft, white sand underneath your feet, with delicious food to highlight your evening.


On Tuesdays May 1 and 29, 2018, experience the glowing atmosphere of the full moon on two special evenings this month. Feast on scrumptious cuisine and enjoy lighthearted conversations during our Full Moon Dinners at Asian Wok Beach from 1930 | Make a reservation »


Expect a variety of seafood delicacies including delicious prawns on Thursday May 10, 2018, as you dine with a remarkable view of the Indian Ocean and the soft, white sand beneath your feet. Our Seafood Lover’s Dinner is at the Asian Wok Beach from 1930 | Make a reservation »


Sunday May 20, 2018, is an evening to relish a wide range of grilled delicacies, prepared to the finest order and seasoned to suit a variety of tastes. The Beach BBQ Dinner at Asian Wok Beach is a must-experience foodie affair from 1930 | Make a reservation »


Bon Appétit!


Experience a gastronomic journey with Meeru’s a la carte menus. Take advantage of our Maldivian Reef Fish Promotion at Asian Wok Restaurant & Bar, and our Premium Lamb Promotion for exquisite cuisine at discounted prices.


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A Nature Walk for Earth Day 2018 at Meeru

On Earth Day, April 22, 2018, Meeru Island Resort & Spa in collaboration with the Meeru Green Club hosted a successful Nature Walk around the Island, and an eye-opening Back-of-House Tour of the Resort operations.


The Nature Walk offered insights into the beautiful, unspoiled natural environment, the various trees, vegetation and plants that are home to the Island. Guests were treated to important information and a look at Meeru’s Greenhouse, where organic produce is grown by harnessing the natural Maldivian sun.


Following the informative Nature Walk, guests were guided on an eye-opening tour of the Resort operations and the daily efforts made to contribute to environmental sustainability. The Back-of-House Tour includes an inside look at the Fresh Water Plant and information on how Meeru uses reverse osmosis to produce its own fresh water, as well as the use of recyclable glass water bottles in a separate plant.


Guests can join the Nature Walk and Garden Tours from 0930 every Sunday by signing up at the Main Reception.


In celebrating Earth Day and various green initiatives with educational activities about our environment, Meeru aims to inspire the fundamental changes in human attitude and behavior about sustainability.


The Meeru Green Club is a newly established initiative that aims to further the Resorts’ commitment towards environmental sustainability, through awareness, outreach an engagement in the green activities held on the Island.


To stay up-to-date with our initiatives, follow Meeru Green Club on Instagram and join the Facebook Group.


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Here is how you already experience Maldivian Heritage a Meeru

Much of the beauty that is Meeru Island Resort & Spa originates from the authentic and proud practice of Maldivian heritage. By preserving the unspoiled natural resources of the Maldives Islands, Meeru continuously helps create an unforgettable holiday experience.


To honor World Heritage Day 2018, here are the ways that you already experience Maldivian Heritage at Meeru, from arrival to departure and everything in between:


Abundant Ocean

From arrival, you are transported by speedboat to the Island, which is only a 55-minute transfer away from Velana International Airport. The experience allows you to take in the first natural resource, the abundant ocean surrounding the Maldives.


Welcome to Meeru


A Maldivian Welcome

Your welcome to Meeru is with harmonious song and the sound of Bodu Beru drums, along with a refreshing Kurumba cocktail to enjoy. The Guest Services and Reception team adorn functional garments made from cotton, with traditional influences in design and threading.


Authentic Villas and Facilities

The design of each facility is influenced by traditional architecture that uses one of the most useful trees in the world, from the authentic, thatched Villas, to the high ceiling Restaurants. The popular Coconut Palm Tree is considered the Maldivian National Tree or “Tree of Life” for the many ways that it is used, to this day.


Maldivian Nights

Every Friday is Maldivian Night at Meeru Island, from the delicious themed cuisine at Farivalhu and Maalan Buffet Restaurants, to the informative Maldivian Cultural Presentation and Bodu Beru Dance Show.


Meeru Museum


Cultural Awareness

The Meeru Museum exhibits several artefacts from centuries ago that portray the Maldivian way of life. Particularly how the early local Maldivians cooked, dressed, travelled and schooled.


Read more facts about Maldivian Heritage & Culture »


Additionally, Meeru also offers excursions to the neighboring Island of Dhuffushi, where you can see how local Maldivians live and work more of a traditional lifestyle. Other excursions include Casting and Big Game Fishing, where you can learn how to reel in the big fish like a Maldivian pro!


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Top 5 Family Holiday Experiences at Meeru

Book Meeru Island Resort & Spa for the ultimate family experience in the Maldives, now at an exceptional 10% discount until the end of April. The Summer Early Bird Special Offer is valid for stays from May 1 until September 30, 2018.


Enjoy a magical vacation with your loved ones and a variety of fun activities to explore throughout your stay!


Considered one of the best All Inclusive family-friendly Resorts in the Maldives, Meeru offers a variety of activities and facilities for the whole family:


Beach Volleyball at Meeru


5. Beach Volleyball

No beach holiday is complete without a game of Volleyball on the expansive beach at Meeru. The soft sand ensures that kids enjoy a fun and active game on your summer vacation, without fear of being hurt. Play in teams against other guests or staff, or simply enjoy the game with your family.


4. Snorkeling

The Maldives underwater world offers a whole different world of colorful and lively marine life waiting to be explored. Enjoy a day of snorkeling as a family at the nearby House Reef with our “Free” Boat Trip or trail the northern tip of the island and discover the magic of the Maldives at your own pace. Naturally, parents must keep an eye on their children when near the lagoon.


Snorkeling equipment is available to buy from the Gift Shop or rent from the Euro-Divers Dive Center.


3. Nature Trail

Meeru’s unspoiled and natural environment is one of the highlights of the Island, from the picturesque Palm Trees to the grand Banyan Trees and lush vegetation. Sign up at Main Reception for our Nature Trail walk and Garden Tours, for a full family experience of the Island, along with the history and some interesting facts about the Island’s greenery.


The Nature Trail is held from 0930 every Sunday.


2. Sunset ‘Punch’ Cruise

Chase the tropical sunsets with your loved ones while on a boat cruise around the North Male Atoll. The Sunset Punch Cruise is the ideal excursion to explore more of the Maldives, with a chance to see some of the dazzling dolphins out at sea. A parent must accompany a child under 16.


The Sunset ‘Punch’ Cruise is scheduled regularly Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 1700 – 1830.

Bookings can be made at the main Reception.


1. DJ Beach Party

“No shoes. No news” is the motto. The whole family can experience the joys of dancing the night away on Meeru’s soft, white sandy beach with a live DJ spinning the decks. Twice a month, the Island hosts a fun and exciting DJ Beach Party on Wednesdays, at the Kakuni Bar Beach.


Read more about the Meeru Family Experience.

Top 5 Family holiday experiences at Meeru


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