Meeru is re-certified for the seventh year in HACCP

For the seventh year, Meeru Island Resort & Spa had achieved the highly regarded accreditation in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), principles and practice based on the World Health Organization Codex to ensure Food Safety, Hygiene and Cleanliness for the Resort. HACCP is a prevention-based recommended control system for the hygiene of food hygiene and safety with strict adherence and implementation of food safety procedures in hotels and food establishments.

As a property who complies with HACCP protocols, Meeru offers the continuous wellbeing of the guests by;

  • Allowing guests to enjoy our services with full confidence in the quality of our food supplies and its preparation.
  • Maintaining the highest skills and knowledge of all food handlers, not only in the kitchen.
  • Practising proper and approved hygiene and cleanliness systems is adhered to within all levels of operations.
  • Providing and sourcing the highest quality in food produced which are safe for resort guests and team members.

Tales from the Meeru Museum – The Toddy Tapper (Raaveriya)

While visiting the Meeru museum, you will come across the equipment of the toddy tapper.  This is his story, and the history and culture surrounding Maldives coconut toddy and it’s tapper.


Raaveriya – The man who collects toddy.
Raa Valhi – The knife Used for cutting the flower bud by the palm sap collector.
Raa Bandhi – Traditional Maldivian toddy collecting pot which is used to put the produced “Raa”
Raa – Toddy

Who is this man in the image?
He is a Raaveriya (Toddy Tapper) on his way to a coconut tree. Carrying a ‘bandi’ made up of coconut shells which is tied up together with rope. Toddy tapping or ‘rukah erun’ is a skilled work passed down from generations to generations. It is also a symbol of Maldivian custom and tradition. It was the backbone of livelihood and has proven to be a staple part of Maldivian diet and an essential for electrolyte balance.


What is toddy tapper wearing?
A sarong which is tied up around the waist measuring the length of one’s entire leg up to the ankles when let loose. Clothing on the head serves as a protection against the heat and prevents debris from tangling onto ones hair.

How does he collect the sap?
A Raaveriya (Toddy Tapper) climbs the coconut tree to prepare the flower bud (‘ei’) for collecting sap. The tip of the flower bud is cut off using a knife (Raa Valhi) before it blossoms and toddy collecting pot is hung to collect the sap. When the coconut flower bud (‘Ei’) is set the coconut tree is referred to as a ‘raa ruh’. It is believed that the sap collected in the evening is sweeter and tastes better owing to the heat which makes the water evaporate leaving the sweet residue behind in its purest form. The collected toddy can be subjected to a complex process of heating and a form molding to produce ‘Dhiyaa Hakuru’ a golden honey-like-liquid referred to as Coconut Nectar in the western countries that all most all Maldivians enjoy eating with rice, and also used as a dessert and to make sweet snacks. The ‘Dhiyaa Hakuru’ is also further cooked, with the addition of Akiri (Coral), to produce a creamy fine White paste known as Karu Hakuru, a popular ingredient in baking cake. This Raiveriya and his ‘honey’ produce a couple of litres of toddy a day, most of which is converted to sugar and stored.

A Translation Of A Raivaru
“To watch thee sleep peaceful in mine arms,
Having drunk on loves’ cunning charms.
From pleasures most beautiful I myself woke
So I might again these desires in thee evoke”

The lifestyle was as such, that Maldivian men adored and enjoyed the work. The toddy toppers will go for toddy tapping and sing ‘Raivaru’, thus the name Raaveriya (toddy topper). The ‘Raivaru’ is a (short verse) is one of the forms of poetry which is very unique and it is found in the earliest Maldivian literature. This form of poetry used since ancient times to express desires, thoughts and emotions”.  The Raivaru poems was used by toddy toppers to complement or even sung as a declaration of love to the Maldivian woman who goes to the beach to wash pans or to the jungle to collect firewood. It is said that the woman who responds to the Raivaru sung by Maldivian men will the one who accepts the proposal.

As it was, the true Maldivian island lifestyle, the families lived a wonderfully simple and happy life. There is a saying in Maldives, that all Maldivian communities in the old times were entirely dependent on the coconut palm.

The number of people with this particular skill set started deteriorating over the years and the tradition was on the brink of collapsing when tourism came to the Maldives opening up a doorway for locals to showcase their formidable skills and local products which became a souring sensation among the tourists visiting Maldives and opening up opportunities for trade and sources of income.

How to enjoy coconut water in Meeru

Kurumba is the Maldivian name for a young coconut. Coconut water is a cure for dehydration and also given as a ceremonial gift. While it may not be a miracle cure, it does have many health benefits.
Meeru Coconut

How to Enjoy Coconut Water

  1. Drink it early morning on an empty stomach: Coconut water contains lauric acid, which helps in boosting your immunity, kick-starting your metabolism.
  2. Before or after a workout: coconut water is a great natural sports drink that helps in hydrating your body, replenishing the lost electrolytes, helps in fighting fatigue and exhaustion and is one of the best energy boosting drinks.
  3. Pre and post meals: It is low in calories and easy on the stomach. Drinking coconut water helps in quick digestion and prevents bloating after meals.

It has also traditionally been used to treat dehydration and given as ceremonial gifts. While it may not be a miracle cure, it does have many health benefits.

At Meeru Island Resort & Spa, you can enjoy coconut drinks at the Dhoni Bar beach on Sunday and Hot Rock beach on Wednesdays, freshly plucked from Meeru’s coconut trees.


Indulge In An Experience Like No Other With Meeru’s Luxury Yacht

At Meeru Island Resort & Spa, you can enjoy all that the Maldives offers, luxuriating in the beautiful island setting, swimming in the crystal-clear sea, basking in the glorious sun and the list goes on. With our excursions, you have the chance to embark on various adventures across the sea. Now, with our new private hire options for the luxury yacht Norah, you can experience the sea aboard an elegant ship with unparalleled luxury and unmatched service.


The new private hire options avail a world of opportunities for you. If you are looking to arrive or depart from Meeru in style and comfort, you can arrange a private airport transfer with refreshments and WiFi onboard. On the Daylong Cruise, you can explore North Male’ Atoll, snorkelling through reefs experiencing marine life and luxuriating on a sandbank to watch the stunning sunset. With lunch along with other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks provided on-board, you can focus on enjoying the awe-inspiring views of the azure ocean. If you would like to spend a shorter time at sea, Half Day Cruise will be a perfect choice, allowing you to spend either morning or afternoon at sea. For couples, the Spectacular Sundowner Voyage with Candlelight Dinner is ideal. Glide across the sea enjoying the sunset views before settling in for an indulgent dinner. Alternatively, you can enjoy the luxurious setting aboard the yacht paired with a fantastic dining experience while the yacht is anchored near Meeru.

With such amazing options, your stay in Meeru is sure to be elevated with a touch of luxury!

An Eggciting Easter Awaits This April In Meeru

The entire month of April will be full of delightful dining experiences offering delicious dishes and stunning views. To begin the month with a toast at the Sunset Lagoon Wine Tasting: an opportunity to sample fine wines in an idyllic setting. From Seafood Buffet at Asian Wok Beach to Easter Brunch at the buffet restaurants, its a treat not to be forgotten for all the guests who have planned their holiday during Easter on Meeru Island Resort & Spa.

It will be an even more exciting time for the kids as our Kid’s and Teen’s Club has prepared a full programme of fun and games. A kid’s day out at the sandbank sets the tone for a month of adventure. There is no room for boredom with an array of activities planned including an Easter Egg Hunt, Sand Castle Competition, Water Polo, Cookies Decoration, Egg and Coconut Painting, Kids Fitness Session and more.

At our guests’ disposal anytime during their stay will be the range of experiences that Meeru offers, from sunset cruises to indulgent treatments at Duniye Spa. Kids Stay for Free on offer gives you the perfect reason to book your April adventure and experience the #meerumagic.

View the full programme here.

Meeru Meet The Team, Rasheed

Mohamed Rasheed is a staff housing area attendant, who has been with Meeru for over a year. We caught up with him to find out what he loves most about his job and his insights on being a good team player.


What do you like most about your job?

I like working with my manager and the rest of my team. I am confident with my job as Staff Housing Area Attendant because of the training I have attended that help me in doing my best at work.


What are your hobbies?

I love playing football. I am also fascinated by Egypt and watch documentary films about it. I would love to see the pyramids one day.


What do you like most about the resort? 

Meeru provides good accommodation and food for its employees. There are also different staff facilities to cater to the employees’ needs.


What advice or motivational words you can give to your colleague?

My advice to my colleagues is to always be professional at work. In doing so, you have to be always punctual, follow your supervisor’s instructions and have a good attitude towards work. If you love your job, everything comes easy.



What is the secret to being a team member?

Punctuality is one important factor in being a good team player. If you come to work on time, you can complete your tasks every day. Sharing your knowledge is another essential factor. I find time to teach my colleagues some ways to do things faster, sharing tips that I have learned from previous experience. Lastly, I think it is important to be cooperative to work well with each other.


The Top Instagrammable Spots In Meeru

One of the best perks of a tropical holiday is the amazing photos you get to take. Whether it is that glorious capture of the sunrise from your water villa, the drool-worthy photo of your breakfast spread, the enviable shot of your cocktail on the beach or the mandatory photo of you under the palm-trees, Meeru has lots of picture-perfect opportunities. Here are some of our favourites to help you plan your Instagram posts during your next visit to paradise.

The New Swings

There is a new spot to take in the beautiful views and watch the sunset, and it’s perfect for two.



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Your Jacuzzi

Whether you are in a Jacuzzi Water Villa or a Jacuzzi Beach Villa, the Jacuzzi is a perfect place to take that Instagram #couplegoals shot.


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 The Infinity Pool

The Meeru infinity pool is more than a place to cool off in the tropical sun. Did someone say #views?


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The Beach

Our island is surrounded by miles of uninterrupted beach, the perfect place to spend a #beachday. The amazing views all around are just the cherry on top!


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Around The Island

Meeru is a lush, tropical paradise surrounded by greenery. Take a walk around the island and capture its beauty.


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Have your own pics from Meeru? Be sure to tag us using #meeruisland.

Experience Ultimate Enjoyment With Meeru’s All-Inclusive Package

Meeru Island Resort & Spa is a tropical haven for both families and active couples. A large island, with uninterrupted stretches of the beach, our island offers an endless variety of things to do. Our All-Inclusive Plus Package is designed to help you enjoy all that Meeru and the Maldives have to offer, stress-free. With the package, you can focus on making the most of your holiday and leave us to worry about the finer details.

The Benefits of Meeru’s All-Inclusive Package

From exceptional dining to exciting experiences, our All-Inclusive Plus Package offers it all. When it comes to dining, the package features breakfast, lunch and dinner, in our open-air, traditional buffet restaurants, casual snack menus for both day and night, select free-flow alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, minibar items and a bottle of Champagne per room per length of stay. The most recent additions are a 20% discount on all food items at our a la carte restaurants and one free lunch or dinner at our a la carte restaurants for every 5-night stay.

Experience a world of adventure at your doorstep with the following activities included in the All-Inclusive Plus Package: one sunset cruise, one Dhiffushi island-hopping excursion, daily snorkelling trips twice a day, group lessons for snorkelling, windsurfing and golf, free use of the fitness centre, golf driving range, tennis court, beach volleyball, badminton court, indoor games, free use of kayaks and windsurfing boards. After thrilling escapades, find your zen by joining the free yoga sessions with Duniye Spa or relax by taking advantage of the 20% discount on selected spa treatments.

Read more about our All-Inclusive Plus Package as you also take a look at our current special offers.

Meet The Meeru Team: Aseel

Aseelullahi Raashid, popularly referred to as Aseel, is an excursion assistant who has been with Meeru for two years. We caught up with the jovial character to learn more about him.

What do you like most about your job?

I like my job because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. This truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other.

What is your favourite excursion and why?

My favourite excursion I would say is the Turtle Explorer on a Yacht which is a full day trip as I really like being in the water as much as possible. This excursion is really fun and relaxing. Sailing on a yacht can be a memorable experience in the Maldives.

What excursion would you recommend for guests to try?

I would recommend Meeru Adventure Snorkelling. This is a half-day excursion that offers the possibility of seeing sea turtles, manta rays and reef sharks at a reasonable price.

What are your hobbies?

I love playing football, table tennis, video games, reading and surfing the internet to stay updated and knowledgeable.

What do you like most about the resort? 

I like the resort because the accommodation is pretty good, and everyone respects each other. Additionally, the management appreciates and motivates me to improve.

What advice or motivational words you can give to your colleague?

Teamwork is the best way to reach the goal. Respect everyone, and appreciate the things others do for you.

What is the secret to being a good team member?

Being a team player, respecting everyone and being open to ideas from everyone to learn more.

Make The Magic Happen This Valentine’s Day In Meeru

This February, love is a tropical affair in Meeru Island Resort & Spa. There is no better place to celebrate love than on the pristine, powder-soft beach, with the swaying palm-trees enveloping you in their melody, and the sound of the lapping waves lulling you to a state of bliss. On our island, we have more ways than one to make your romantic escape as sweet as can be.

Treat your partner to the perfect Valentine’s Day in paradise. Start with a delicious Champagne Breakfast served in your room before heading out to the sea for a snorkelling adventure. Our buffet restaurants serve up sumptuous meals for you to enjoy for lunch. Afterwards, indulge in a pampering couple’s treatment from Duniye Spa. Sunsets in the Maldives are striking and not to be missed. Watch the colourful show from the deck of your villa or while on a Sunset Cruise. For dinner, we have prepared an excellent programme, allowing you to dine on the beach in the most romantic ambience while enjoying an electrifying Oriental performance. It will definitely be love at first bite as our culinary team takes you on a gastronomic journey. Finally, raise a toast as you celebrate the perfect day in paradise with the one you love.


Our celebration of love in Meeru is not limited to Valentine’s Day. Throughout the year, you can delight in all of the romantic options that we offer. From candlelight dinners on the beach to the ultimate celebration, a symbolic wedding ceremony.

Glean more romantic ideas from our blog.


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