Capture Those Beautiful Holiday Memories with Meeru Moments Photography & Videography Studio

Meeru Moments Photography & Videography Studio

Meeru Moments is our in-house professional photography studio that specialises in leisure, family, and wedding photo sessions. With so many photo opportunities around our expansive resort island, Meeru Moments can capture those precious memories in beautiful photographs whilst you are on your holiday with us.

Our professional team of photographers can bring out the best of every moment in a fun and memorable photoshoot for you to take home treasured memories. They know the best locations, the best time, and the best perspectives for your shots.

Meeru Moments Maldives Photography Studio - Family

You can choose a family photo session at the beach, with candid shots and a spectacular tropical background, or you can also select a fashionable photo session with friends, with props. If you are travelling with your special someone, you may opt for a romantic photo session with lots of lovey-dovey moments. Regardless of your choice, you will have a creative team by your side to snap those cherished memories.

“Because life’s little moments are meant to be captured….”

Meeru Moments Maldives Photography Studio - Romance & Weddings

Explore these Maldives photography session packages tailor-made especially for you. 

Basic: 20 digital images plus 1 printed 8″ x 12″ image

Bronze: 50 digital images plus 1 printed 8″ x 12″ image

Silver: 50 digital images plus 10 printed images in an album

Gold: 100 digital images and 26 printed images in an album

Platinum: 100 digital images and 50 printed images in an album

Wedding: 100 digital images and 40 printed images in an album

We encourage you to book at least 24 hours prior to the arrangement (at least a day before departure) due to high demand.

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Here is how you already experience Maldivian Heritage at Meeru

Much of the beauty that is Meeru Island Resort & Spa originates from the authentic and proud practice of Maldivian heritage. By preserving the unspoiled natural resources of the Maldives Islands, Meeru continuously helps create an unforgettable holiday experience.

To honor World Heritage Day 2021, here are the ways that you already experience Maldivian Heritage at Meeru, from arrival to departure and everything in between:

Abundant Ocean

From arrival, you are transported by speedboat to the Island, which is only a 55-minute transfer away from Velana International Airport. The experience allows you to take in the first natural resource, the abundant ocean surrounding the Maldives.

A Maldivian Welcome

Your welcome to Meeru is with harmonious song and the sound of Bodu Beru drums. The Guest Services and Reception team adorns functional garments made from cotton, with traditional influences in design and threading.

Authentic Villas and Facilities

The design of each facility is influenced by traditional architecture that uses one of the most useful trees in the world, from the authentic, thatched Villas, to the high ceiling Restaurants. The popular Coconut Palm Tree is considered the Maldivian National Tree or “Tree of Life” for the many ways that it is used, to this day.

Maldivian Nights

Every Friday is Maldivian Night at Meeru Island, from the delicious themed cuisine at Farivalhu and Maalan Buffet Restaurants, to the informative Maldivian Cultural Presentation and Bodu Beru Dance Show.

Meeru Museum

Cultural Awareness

The Meeru Museum exhibits several artifacts from centuries ago that portray the Maldivian way of life. Particularly how the early local Maldivians cooked, dressed, traveled, and schooled.
An even rarer experience is the baby blue whale skeleton next to the museum where guests will learn how this animal came to Meeru.

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Additionally,  Meeru offers excursions such as Casting and Big Game Fishing, where you can learn how to reel in the big fish like a Maldivian fisherman – Local style!

Subtle Cultural Fusions

Scattered across the island are traditional swings. Suspended from coconut trees are the single sings and fixed on the beach, the family-style large swings which provide a window into how the locals spend their time relaxing and a glimpse to the views they saw of the sea.

The Kurumba or the young drinking coconut is a refreshing drink guest of all ages can experience at the bar.

Beach and destination weddings including renewals of vows ceremonies incorporate cultural elements including drumming, local decor, and Maldivian styled wedding pavilion.




Book Meeru for your authentic experience of Maldivian Heritage, while you enjoy the beautiful tropical Island and it’s natural wonders

Experience the Uncrowded Beaches of Meeru

Dear Guests,

As-Salaamu Alaikum from the sunny side of the Maldives!

Your Meeru family would like to say thank you for all great comments that our holidaymakers are sharing on social media including pictures taken during their retreat with us. It is heart-warming to read about all the amazing adventures and memories made in Meeru.

During our Easter festivities, our team created a week filled with events of enjoyment and activities truly loved by youngsters and adults… and the celebrations aren’t over yet.

If you are still looking to spend quality time with your loved ones, our Orthodox Easter events, at the beginning of May, are just around the corner. Enjoy some of our culinary highlights or explore our premium Champagne and Vodka promotion served around several outlets. Meeru Island Resort & Spa will also feature unique and sophisticated 8-course dinner menu served under the firmament of the southern hemisphere surrounded only by the sounds of the Indian Ocean.

May 1st is our special day to recognise in particular all commitment of our hard working Meeru team members. Those very helpful hands always around you, but never intrusive, those in charge for all the magic’s happening behind the scenes, which most of them you would never see, but without them Meeru would be different.

Our Mothers play a special role in all our life’s and designating only one special day for them a year is actually not enough to share all our appreciation. Meeru on 9th May will make this day unique with time for family bonding, special dinners or even just some family photos shoots around the beautiful scenery of Meeru, which will create long lasting memories.

Meeru has a new Wedding Pavilion located on the Northern tip of the island at our Maalan beach area. A spectacular view while listening to the beat of the Bodu Beru drums and fresh petals of flower are complementing the ambience as you walk down the aisle.  An exceptional Maldivian way to start your path in life together with your partner or to renew your wedding vow.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Meeru website to be in the loop on what is happening in your favorite paradise resort.

Let us be your perfect choice and allow us to be of service whilst you enjoy your wonderful holiday your Meeru family awaits your arrival.


Bert Goebel
General Manager


Living in the ‘new normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience In Meeru
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Your questions answered before you travel  |  Facilitating PCR Testing at Resort  |  Travel Flexibility & Cancellation Policy Update | See what our guests say about New Normal Holidaying at Meeru

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A Sustainable Holiday Experience at Meeru Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Meeru Island, a Sustainable Maldives Resort 

At Meeru Island Resort & Spa, we strive to be the most sustainable resort in the Maldives with our commitment to doing everything possible to positively impact the community in which we operate. Through our energy-efficient practices and sustainable operations, we help to ensure a greener tomorrow. 

Nature Walk

Every Sunday, we organise a guided nature walk where guests are given a tour around and receive information about the various plants and trees that flourish  in our beautiful surroundings, emphasising their importance and benefits of maintaining them on the island.  

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Coral Planting 

Coral Garden - Meeru Maldives

Guests can choose to participate in coral rehabilitation program through coral planting in our own Meeru Coral Garden. The programme was designed to regenerate segments of the reef and promote new corals’ growth. For over four years, our coral garden has been a favourite spot for Meeru guests, where they can set their sights on a spectacular range of marine creatures such as sea turtles, stingrays, and schools of fish. See Underwater Live Webcam

Sustainable Garden 

Meeru Island Resort's Organic Garden

Meeru Island Resort & Spa, one of the most expansive resort islands in the Maldives, features ‘Meeru Garden’. The sustainable garden was not only developed to meet the needs of our daily kitchen operations but also provide our guests and team members with fresh ingredients and organic produce. There is also a ‘Nature and Vegetation Exploration’ tour offered to guests, which educates them on fruit and vegetable cultivation on the island and how this initiative helps preserve and respect the natural surroundings. 

No to Single-use Plastics

Meeru Maldives - No to Single Use Plastics

Reducing the amount of single-use plastics discarded each day is part of our on-going sustainability policy. From 2017 to 2019, through our on-site bottling plant, we have decreased the use of plastic water bottles by 71%. Glass water bottles are now used in all our villas, restaurants and bars, whilst plastic drinking straws have also been replaced with eco-friendly paper straws. 

Celebrating Earth 

Earth Hour - Meeru Maldives

As part of our efforts to raise awareness, we celebrate global events concerning Environmental Protection and Sustainability every year. Worldwide happenings we participate in include Environment Day, Earth Hour, Ocean Day, Tourism Day and Food Day. 

Find out more about our sustainability efforts here: Sustainability Report 

Book a Stay with Meeru Island Resort & Spa Maldives 

Meeru Maldives Sustainable Resort

Looking for an eco-friendly resort from which to explore the best experiences the Maldives has to offer? Meeru Island Resort & Spa is one of the Maldives’ leading sustainably-run resorts. Surrounded by azure lagoons and long stretches of white sandy beach, our island paradise features an abundance of accommodation offerings, with separate adults-only and family-friendly facilities making it ideal for couples and families alike.

Click here to view our special offers and deals. We continue to allow for maximum flexibility for the next normal traveller. Book now to your convenience with the freedom of FREE Cancellation on Room Rate for cancellation received three days before arrival.

Living in the ‘new normal’ – Have A Safe Holiday Experience at Meeru Island Quick Links: Your questions answered before you travel |  Facilitating PCR Testing at Resort |  Travel Flexibility & Cancellation Policy Update | Guest Reviews – Holidaying in the New Normal

Eggciting Days Ahead

Dear Guests,

Warm greetings from your favourite island paradise!

It’s an excellent year for Meeru; thank you to our repeaters, in-house guests and future holidaymakers for your continuous support. Your Meeru family received another award from, the “Traveller Review Award 2021”, an additional milestone that inspires us to serve you even better.

For everyone who is excited and could not wait, we are glad to share our most recent voting event results. Green is the new colour of our Meeru repeaters t-shirt. We are grateful to everyone that participated and shared their vote with us. The new repeaters t-shirt is already in production and will be available soon for all our loyal guests.

Are you still looking for reasons to visit Meeru? Let us share why your Meeru experience will be the best!

Meeru is a safe haven in the Maldives where all our team members adhere to safety protocols in the new normal. Safety measures are in place from boat boarding and sanitation of our guest rooms and various facilities. Preparation of food served at both our buffet and A La Carte restaurants are following the HACCP standards.

Moreover, the Maldives’ COVID-19 vaccination drive has begun to ensure everyone’s welfare. We are grateful and proud that a significant number of Meeru team members have already received their first dose of the vaccine. In partnership with the Maldives’ Ministry of Tourism and Health Protection Agency, Meeru was one of the first resorts to establish a vaccination centre for its employees.

Spending your time with us, you will realize that your overall safety is our priority. We have shared a video across all our social media channels regarding the procedures in the new normal and recent updates to ensure that all health and safety protocols are in place at our resorts.

Are you holidaying with the kids? How about joining the Easter “eggciting” activities for children and the young at heart. Hop with our bunny and join the fun of collecting all the Easter eggs around Meeru.

Another highlight is our newly introduced ‘Exclusive Starlight Cinema’ at the beach. A must-try during your stay to make your evening a private movie night under the stars. Set the date, pre-order your snacks, and choose the perfect movie; this is ideal for couples, families, or even those travelling with friends.

Have fun with the white sandy beach and enjoy the waves touch your feet during a walk around the island of Meeru. There are endless reasons to start your trip and to be home away from home.

To all our in-house guests, we hope that you are having a fantastic holiday with us. And to our future holidaymakers – we will be looking forward to your arrival in paradise. Let us be part of your Maldives escapade, and your Meeru family will be at your service. Book your holiday in Meeru for a truly memorable experience.

Be the first to see the latest news and updates from the Meeru website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for further information about Meeru.

Feel the beat of the boduberu drums; we are ready to give you a warm welcome.


Bert Goebel
General Manager


Living in the ‘new normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience In Meeru
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Your questions answered before you travel  |  Facilitating PCR Testing at Resort  |  Travel Flexibility & Cancellation Policy Update | See what our guests say about New Normal Holidaying at Meeru

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Enjoy An Eggciting Easter In Meeru

It’s almost that time of the year for egg hunts and other fun activities to fill with joy for the Easter holiday.

So you’ve booked your stay and want to know what Meeru has planned? Enjoy a wide range of activities from April 1, 2021 on your favourite Island in the Maldives.

We all look forward to you joining us for our fun and exciting events. Follow us on Social Media and keep an eye for live updates.

Here’s your complete guide and April 2021 Easter programme at Meeru

A Tropical Easter In Meeru

01 April 2021, Thursday
16:30-17:30 at Dhoni bar beach – Kids Activity: Egg and Coconut painting

17:00-18:00 at Asian Wok – Champagne tasting with caviar *
17:00-19:00 at Uthuru bar – Chill-out music from Meeru DJ
19:30 at Asian Wok – Dine Around dinner with soft live music *

02 April 2021, Friday
16:30-17:30 at Dhoni bar beach – Kids Activity: Kids Mixology
19:30 at Asian Wok Beach – “Good Friday” Seafood BBQ Dinner with soft live music *
21:00 at Kakuni bar – Maldivian Cultural Show

03 April 2021, Saturday
16:30-17:30 at Dhoni bar beach –
Kids Activity: Arts and Crafts
Hair Braiding and Nail Salon by Duniye Spa
17:00-18:00 at Asian Wok – Sunset lagoon wine tasting *
20:00-21:00 at Kakuni bar – Kids DJ night special
21:00-12 midnight at Kakuni bar -Young at heart DJ night

04 April 2021, Sunday
08:30-14:30 at both buffet restaurants
Easter Brunch with live soft music featuring Hangover cure and Champagne station

15:00 at Meeting point at Kids Club
Kids Activity: Easter Special Egg-citing hunt
with special price vouchers from Euro-Divers
17:00-18:00 at Dhoni bar and Maalan beach
Easter Sunset Champagne Happy Hour *
19:00-21:00 at both buffet restaurants Easter dinner featuring premium vodka station

05 April 2021, Monday
15:00 at Dhoni bar beach – Kids Activity: Meeru Easter mini-Olympics
18:30 at Kakuni bar beach – Kids Activity: Easter Kids Starlight Cinema
21:00-21:30 at Kakuni bar- Maldivian Heritage presentation
21:30 at Kakuni bar – Movie Night
19:00 at Asian Wok – Special 4-course set menu dinner with soft live music*

* Reservation is required and may occur incremental charges depending on your meal plan

Meeru Island’s Thriving Bar Scene

Bars at Meeru Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Regarded as one of the best Maldives resorts for relaxation, fun and entertainment, Meeru also affords guests a myriad of drinking and dining experiences — thanks to its top-rated restaurants and bars. 

At Meeru, a delicious selection of international cuisine with dishes from around the world is served up at its dining outlets set in tropical surroundings. When it comes to thirst-quenching, the resort boasts fantastic bars that provide a unique island atmosphere and uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean. Perfect for mingling with family and friends, sampling delicious cocktails and bites, and enjoying evening entertainment, Meeru’s six stylish bars always have something for everyone to enjoy.


Dhoni Bar: The bar is situated on the beach near the Dhoni Bar Pool, with its Children’s Wading Pool. It is the most chilled-out spot on the island, perfect to cool down from the heat and savour refreshing drinks and tasty snacks. 

Kakuni Bar: Featuring indoor and outdoor seating on a wooden deck, it is the island’s main bar. A range of activities and entertainment are offered here, including a Sports Bar with table tennis, snooker, billiards, football, darts, chess and board games.

Asian Wok Bar: Located inside the overwater Asian Wok Restaurant with scenic ocean views. The menu highlights international tea and coffee specialities, alongside deliciously-crafted cocktails and mocktails. 


Uthuru Bar: One of the resort’s adults-only bars (for 18 years and above) from which to enjoy the breathtaking sunset, famous cocktails and premium spirits. Scheduled evening entertainment also takes place here, offering guests a unique chance to enjoy live music complemented by soothing ocean breezes. 

Hot Rock Bar: Located on the deck of the Hot Rock Restaurant, this bar boasts inspiring vistas of the infinity pool and the ocean serving up international beers, long drinks and fine wines. Poolside service is also available, so guests can relax by the pool while enjoying a drink or two.  

Pavilion Bar: A cosy, little bar amidst towering coconut palm trees serving guests over 18 only. Here, guests enjoy various drinks and booze with the scenery of the resort’s unspoiled, tropical environment.

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Where to stay in the Maldives

Meeru Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Looking for a resort from which to explore the best experiences the Maldives has to offer? We are waiting for you. At Meeru Island Resort & Spa, you can enjoy all this idyllic paradise offers, from luxuriating in the beautiful island setting, swimming in the crystal-clear waters to basking in the glorious sun, and so much more. 

Click here to take a look at our special offers and deals. We continue to allow for maximum flexibility for the next normal traveller. Book now to your convenience with the freedom of FREE Cancellation on Room Rate for cancellation received three days before arrival.

Living in the ‘new normal’ – Have A Safe Holiday Experience at Meeru Quick Links Your questions answered before you travel |  Facilitating PCR Testing at Resort |  Travel Flexibility & Cancellation Policy Update Guest reviews – holidaying in the new normal


Its the Month of Love in Meeru!

Dear Guests,

Sunny Greetings from Meeru Island Resort and Spa!

February’s highlight for all love birds was certainly Meeru’s celebration of the Valentine’s Day with a very special dinner at the beach while being serenaded by soft live music from the in-house band. Great food, lovely music in a romantic ambience truly were creating a magical memory.

Even if you missed this special day in Meeru, do not worry and book your holiday with us and let us be part of your wonderful trip filled with unforgettable memories that you will forever treasure.

For the month of March, Meeru has lined up various activities and events that will complement your daily Meeru dose of sun, sand and beach. Women’s Day, Earth Hour, St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, Seafood dinner and Wine tasting are some of the highlights that will await you.

International Women’s Day is one special day to celebrate the ladies and their social, economic, cultural and political achievements. Everyone is invited to join and pamper yourself or your significant other while you relax during the holiday that you truly deserve.

A special dinner at the beach, candles to light up the evening, connoisseur menu with romantic music under the twinkling stars will complete your evening as we are going to celebrate Earth Hour. Join millions of people around the world and switch off lights with us in support of Mother Nature and our planet. A truly special evening to spend on a magical paradise island.

There are so many ways to enjoy your holiday in Meeru. Let us assist you to create a special holiday for you and your loved ones.

And even though the New Year has just started, we are already planning ahead for the future. Our new Meeru repeat guest T-shirt design for 2021 has been finalized and we would like to invite everyone to share their opinion on their favorite color through our Facebook poll. Cast your vote and be part of this exciting process.

Keep yourself updated with the latest news and visit our website, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and let us be friends on Facebook. Meeru social media is always up to date with the latest insights.

Let us be part of your special holiday, your Meeru team will be waiting for your arrival.


Bert Goebel
General Manager


Living in the ‘new normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience In Meeru
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Your questions answered before you travel  |  Facilitating PCR Testing at Resort  |  Travel Flexibility & Cancellation Policy Update | See what our guests say about New Normal Holidaying at Meeru

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February, Celebrating The Month Of Valentines In Maldives

If you have already planned your trip to Meeru during February, the Meeru team has set the tone for an extra special love-inspired holiday.

Meeru is a year-round romantic destination. So how is this February extra special you may ask?
On our island, we have more ways than one to make your romantic escape as sweet as can be. Here’s how you can celebrate love on the pristine, powder-soft beach, with the swaying palm-trees enveloping you in their melody, and the sound of the lapping waves lulling you to a state of bliss.

Romance in Meeru Island

On Sunday, 14th February 2021, Valentine’s Day

❤ Surprise the love of your life and celebrate heart’s day with a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner infused with romance and care, straight from Asian Wok with mouth-watering delights that take you on a gastronomy journey in a picturesque ambience under the flickering stars of the Maldivian sky being serenaded with soft music from the live duet.
Menu  |  Price: USD 299 per couple with half bottle of Rose Prestige Taittinger Champagne and a selected bottle of rose wine.

❤ As Valentine’s day special package, guests can order a bottle of Rose Prestige Taittinger (375ml) with chocolate Pralines and a rose.
Price: USD 115
Meeru suggests surprising your loved one with the champagne delivered to your villa or at a restaurant

Love, Wine and Chocolate Tasting with free rose for the lady at Asian Work from 17:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs 
A- Price: USD 55 per person
Martín Códax, Albariño, Rias Baixas DO, Spain
Chateau Ste. Michelle, Chardonnay Washington State, USA
Musar Jeune Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier, Vermentino, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

B- Price: USD 105 per person
Faiveley Meursault 1er Cru, Chardonnay, The Hamlet of Blagny, France
Albert Pic Premier Grand Cru “Pic 1er” 250ème 2005, Chardonnay Chablis
Muscat de Saint Jean de Minervois NV, Muscat, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

C- Price: USD 90 per person
Portia, Tempranillo Ribera del Duero Castilla-Leon, Spain
Gaja Ca’Marcanda Magari Bolghieri DOP, Bordeaux Blend, Tuscany IGT, Italy
Sandeman Port Fine Tawny 75ml, Touriga Francesa, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca Douro Valley, Portugal

D – Price: USD 73 per person
Portia, Tempranillo Ribera del Duero Castilla-Leon, Spain
MUGA Reserva Tempranillo Rioja DOCa, Spain
Faustino I Gran Reserva, Tempranillo Mazuelo Graciano Rioja DOCa, Spain

❤ Express your heart with a bouquet of flowers this Valentine’s Day Whether it is a red rose, a combination of colors, 3 roses, a dozen or even 2 dozens our team will deliver your special flower of love.
Inquire from the Reception for your preferences one day in advance
Price: USD 25 – USD 65

❤ Cherish the night with a rose-petaled journey from your front porch to your bedroom. The warm glow from the flickering candles subtly lights the room where a sea of rose petals and sweet heart-shaped cookies awaits.
Bed decorations, red LED candles, heart-shaped cookies and Rose petals complete the Romantic set-up. Let Meeru create your unforgettable Valentine’s Day for a truly wonderful experience!
Pre-book a special touch of hearts day package for only USD 65

❤For couples keen on doing Discover Scuba Diving Program, Meeru’s dive partner Euro-Divers will facilitate camera rental 4 hours, free of charge to capture all those glorious underwater moments.
Micro SD cards are available for purchase at the dive centre.

Reservation is required.  Contact [email protected] or call 3160 for Reception & 3139 for Asian Wok Restaurant.

More Packages:

🌸 During the week of February 11 – February 18, 2021: Meeru Moments Photo Studio will offer a special package of 10 digital images on a USB. The perfect keepsake of the love you celebrated in Meeru.
Price US$99 per couple

🌸 Throughout the month of February 2021, Duniye Spa will offer a 15% savings on the curated Romantic Retreat For 2 couples massage. This 105 minutes ritual starts with Duniye Spa’s signature foot-bath followed by,
For her: A choice of Balinese or Oriental massage, Pinotage Body Polish, a deeply nourishing Indian head massage enriched with Rosemary infused warmed coconut oil.
For him: A deep tissue Back or Muscle Ease Massage, followed by an invigorating Ginger Lemongrass Body Polish, encapsulated by a relaxing foot massage.
So couples can do spa as an activity together, cherish your time submit to the relaxed island life that you much deserve.

Reservation is required. Visit Duniye Spa or call 3160 for Reception
Romance at Meeru Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Missed celebrating Valentines in the Maldives? Meeru has you covered.

🏝️ “Because I love you, I’m taking you to the Maldives.” Treat that lady or the gentleman who is the love of your life with a delightful holiday to Meeru. The island is fantastic and sunny year-round. Plan your travel with special offers up to 2022 »

🏝️ Experience the convenience of destination weddings and renewal of vows ceremony in the Maldives.

🏝️ Do a romantic photoshoot while at Meeru.

🏝️May we recommend a private, romantic candlelit dinner on the beach or a picnic on a sandbank? The resort can arrange destination a-la-carte dining or guest can join the frequent private dining events. Browse Meeru’s mobile APP or contact us for more info.

🏝️ Get a PADI dive certificate as a couple to explore the underwater world.

🏝️ Try a couples massage. Duniye Spa offers a choice of relaxing and invigorating massages for him and her.

🏝️ Watch the sunsets on the beach, lay under the palms holding hands. Go on a thrilling Jet Ski ride or a romantic cruise on Meeru’s yachts. The options are endless for you to romance in Meeru.

Going Solo? There’s no better time to love yourself

For guests who would like to have some well-deserved me-time, Meeru can present a choice of activities based on your lifestyle to pamper and treat yourself with things that you always wanted to do and experience.

🌴 Go on excursions, try casting fishing, go on guided snorkelling and dive trips or earn your dive certificates.

🌴Foodies can try the overwater Asian Wok and Hot Rock a la carte restaurants and the six bars or go on wine tasting.

🌴 Play a round of golf, rent a bicycle, do a nature trail, visit the organic garden and orchid house or do yoga with Duniye Spa

🌴 Learn windsurfing or go diving at the channels and Thalias with Euro-Divers

🤩 Get dressed up and have an Instagram photoshoot done professionally with the Meeru Moments Photo Studio.

🌴 Pamper yourself at Duniye Spa, selecting the treatments to rejuvenate your body and soul. Or try a session of sound healing.

🌴 Photography enthusiast can try to capture the perfect sunrise, sunset or shoot to your heart’s desire on land and water.

🌴 Or relax under a palm or at one of the freshwater pools, with your favourite cocktail or a Kurumba drink.

Book Direct. See all offers and travel flexibility Meeru offers »
Or request for Meeru from your travel agent and tour operators.

Wishing A Blessed And Prosperous Year Ahead From Your Meeru Family!

Meeru GM Message

Dear Guests,

The past year 2020 has been truly unique and like no other in recent history. Our core values of humanity, free movement and the opportunity to decide things of where, when and how we would like to create memories in our life’s had changed beyond anything imaginable. We see aspirations reflected in the faces of many with the start of a new year and a new decade on the 21st century towards a better future for every one of us.

Despite all the retrenchments your Meeru family would like to extend our deepest gratitude and best wishes to our repeaters, in-house guests and to our future holidaymakers. Being part of your holiday in Meeru is truly something to be thankful for. Let us all welcome 2021 with positive thoughts and fill each day with unforgettable memories to cherish.

Meeru has welcomed the New Year with a spectacular New Year’s party at our Dhoni bar beach and everybody truly enjoyed dancing barefoot on the white powdery sand of Meeru.

If you had to hold back to revisit us or planning to join us for the first time, our team is looking forward to creating long-lasting memories with our genuine Maldivian hospitality.

Enjoy the month of love and book your vacation in Meeru for February. Romantic dinner under the stars, renewal of your wedding vows, watching the sunset on a luxury yacht, a private cinema experience on the beach or celebrating with love and petals for passion in an exclusive ambience in your room are some romantic ideas for your holiday getaway. Your Meeru team is always available to create romantic vibes during your special time with us.

Plan a sweet escapade in Meeru for your lady and treat her with a truly relaxing holiday. The month of March is starting with the International Women’s Day, why not celebrate it with us. Take the chance and book in advance some activities like a day of pampering at our Duniye Spa or a special Candle Light Dinner by the beach. A simple gesture to say thank you in the most memorable way.

Reasons to spend a holiday in Meeru are boundless and everlasting. Stay connected and do not miss the happenings and offers here in Meeru. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our Meeru website.

Let us be part of your amazing holiday here in Meeru, we will be looking forward to welcoming you here, in your favorite paradise island in the Maldives.

We are happy to see you around in Meeru


Bert Goebel
General Manager


Living in the ‘new normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience In Meeru
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Your questions answered before you travel  |  Facilitating PCR Testing at Resort  |  Travel Flexibility & Cancellation Policy Update | See what our guests say about New Normal Holidaying at Meeru

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