A World Of Adventure Awaits You In Meeru

MEERU_GM_Message July 2021

Dear Guests,

Warm greetings from Meeru, your paradise in the Maldives!

Thank you for your continuous support and the heartfelt reviews and feedback posted on Meeru social media including various review platforms. You are important to us and we will be looking forward to your visit here in Meeru.

Special shout out and cheers to all the women divers around the world. In July, we will have a fun afternoon with our Euro-Divers and Meeru team as we celebrate the PADI Women’s dive day. Euro-Divers Meeru is an experienced team of qualified and multilingual PADI Instructors, with the aim to provide safe, exciting and professional scuba diving, snorkeling and water sports activities.

It is better to experience it once, than to hear about it a thousand times! A world of adventure awaits you. We offer a perfect hideaway for divers, water sports enthusiasts and marine life explorers. The experiences offered in our well-equipped dive and water sports center will inspire your mind and your soul. Book your holiday and discover the underwater scenery as we take you to the astonishing dive site in the Maldives.

Before entering the tropical month of August, join us in celebrating Maldives Independence Day on the 26th of July. Colourful parades, flag hoisting ceremonies, schoolchildren’s performances, festive processions and plenty of other events usually hit the Maldives during this day. Maldives attained its independence from the United Kingdom back in 1965 ending their authority on the defense and external affairs of the Maldives. In order to display and celebrate the rich culture and customs of the Maldives, Meeru team are not only offering arts and craft made locally from team members and products in the Maldives at our Meeru Gift Shop, but in addition, we are showcasing the rich culture of the Maldives through various artifacts that are displayed at the Meeru Museum which is accessible to our guests during their stay. On top of this, you have the chance to meet our team members performing traditional drum and dance performance called Bodu Beru and get a peek into the authentic Maldivian lifestyle every Friday night.

Eager for your holiday in paradise with us? Book various activities, special dinners, spa, a renewal of your Wedding Vows or extra amenities and we will have all arranged before you are arriving to the island. Plan ahead and take the chance to receive special discounts through our pre-arrival and make your magical moment start right now!

Join us and let us celebrate August in style with all the events and promotions exclusively for you. Follow us on our social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Meeru website. Stay up to date on what is happening here in your paradise in the Maldives and let us stay in touch.

Holidays are truly an amazing experience to enjoy with your loved ones. Thank you for creating your memories with us here in Meeru, simply MALDIVES.



Bert Goebel
General Manager

Living in the ‘new normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience In Meeru
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Celebrate Maldives Independence Day in Style at Meeru Island Resort & Spa

MEERU - Maldives Independence Day 2021

Celebrating Maldives Independence Day in Style at Meeru Island 

26 July 2021 marks the 56th Independence Day of the Maldives, and Meeru Island Resort & Spa is dedicating the day to celebrating the unique beauty of Maldivian culture.

The day will see the colours of the Maldivian flag, traditional costumes, cultural performances and hear the beats of ‘Bodu Beru’ drums, providing guests with a glimpse of local culture.

As one of the long-established resorts in the Maldives, Meeru prides itself on offering truly local and authentic experiences to guests.

Find out what you can expect to do on your stay at our Maldives resort in North Malé Atoll.

Independence Day Activity – Meeru Museum Special Guided Tour

Located at the heart of the resort is the traditional Dhoni-shaped Meeru Museum that offers an insight into the Maldivian way of life. It exhibits various artefacts and collectables from centuries ago that portray the Maldivian culture.

On this cultural tour, guests will learn about how the early local Maldivians cooked, dressed, travelled, and schooled – an experience that is sure to intrigue culturally curious minds.

» The special tour starts at 09:30. The meeting point is at the Main Reception.

Independence Day Activity – Maldivian Heritage Presentation with a Local Cultural Show

Meeru Island Resort & Spa Bodu Beru Show

Guests at Meeru must not miss out to experience the opportunity of immersing themselves in fascinating local culture by discovering an evening filled with music, dances, and discovery.

The experience begins with a cultural presentation followed by Bodu Beru dance performances.

» The show starts at 21:00 at Kakuni Bar Beach.

More cultural experiences for guests at Meeru

There is plenty to keep the cultural traveller entertained at Meeru. The Meeru team recommends:

Locally-inspired Excursions

Casting and Big Game Fishing are two excursions guests can opt for that will offer them the chance to learn how to reel in the big fish like a local fisherman – Maldivian style! On these trips, they will be introduced to the environmentally sustainable fishing practices in the Maldives.

View our range of Maldives excursions at Meeru here »  

Make it a Summer to Remember in the Maldives at Meeru Island Resort & Spa

Meeru Island Resort & Spa - Maldives

We invite you to come to soak up some tropical sunshine this summer with us. Whether you are holding a wedding amidst our palm-fringed paradise, dining at one of our beachfront restaurants, or simply appreciating as many Maldivian sunsets as you can, we look forward to welcoming you.

Here at Meeru Island Resort & Spa, we are genuinely proud of our heritage, and we love sharing it with everyone who chooses to stay with us.

Find out how we can make your Maldives holiday one to remember by getting in touch with us today.

Traveling in the ‘New Normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience at Meeru

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Meet the Team: Meeru’s Commis Chef Parvisha

Meeru Team - Parvisha

Meet the Meeru Team: Parvisha 

For this ‘Meet the Meeru Team’ blog series, we ventured down into the kitchen and waited for a moment so that we could catch up with Parvisha. 

Originally from India, Parvisha works as a Commis Chef at Meeru Island Resort & Spa and has been with the property for three years. 

She holds a Diploma in Hotel Management and enjoys working in the kitchen and learning new and exciting things about her profession.

In her current role, she assists in the food preparation process, helps with deliveries and restocking, and contributes to maintaining kitchen and food safety standards. 

Like all of the team members at Meeru Island, Parvisha’s contributions to guest satisfaction do not go unnoticed.

Meeru Maldives Team - Parvisha
Image: Parvisha at the live pasta station at the family-friendly Farivalhu Restaurant 

Why did you decide to become a chef? 

I found my calling to cuisine at a young age. It was a childhood hobby that has turned into a fulfilling career, and I am truly passionate about it. 

What was the journey that led you to work at Meeru?

After completing my college course, I applied for the internship programme here at Meeru Island. I trained for six months in 2017, and I was selected as a permanent staff and given the opportunity to work as a Commis III Chef. 

What do you love most about your work?

It is a privilege to work in the Maldives for several reasons, including the culture, beaches, and tropical beauty – it’s like heaven on Earth! 

At Meeru, I enjoy doing various tasks, especially when catering to guests’ needs and requirements, working with people with a positive mindset, and working for a company that cares for its employees.

What hobbies do you enjoy when you are not at work?

I love listening to music, dancing, and painting. I also enjoy gardening. In fact, I have a mini garden just right in front of my room! 

What is your favourite among the wide selection of food in the buffet? 

I do have a lot of favourites. I love omelettes, pasta, and hot dishes that are prepared and cooked fresh. 

When I am at the live cooking station, I love interacting with guests and serving them these food items according to their tastes and liking. It gives me joy, especially when they come back and share their feedback on how they enjoy the food. 

What food on the menu do you recommend guests to try? 

That’s easy – fresh seafood that we have in the buffets daily. At Meeru, we serve freshly caught, locally sourced fish from fishers from the nearby islands. 

Additionally, the meat selections at the live cooking station which are grilled as per guests’ requests and preferences.

We hope you get a chance to see Parvisha in action soon and taste her dishes. Furthermore, we look forward to introducing you to even more members of our team here at Meeru Island Resort & Spa over the coming months.

To learn more about our dining experiences, you may visit Dining at Meeru Island Resort & Spa » 

Travelling in the ‘New Normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience at Meeru

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Meeru Is A Year-Round Tropical Destination, Perfect for An Unforgettable Beach Getaway

Dear Guests,

Sunny greetings from your Meeru family!

As you would be expecting from Meeru, we have ahead another fantastic month with many of you enjoying your much-deserved and long-awaited holidays here with us. Thank you to our guests who visited us last month and we are looking forward to welcoming our future holidaymakers soon.

How your experience in Meeru would likely to be, you can read from a well-travelled journalist who had recently visited us and wrote an article for an Austrian media outlet.

Many activities happened in May such as the Meeru Fun Run with our Meeru General Manager, Mother’s day and World Turtle day. It feels like it was just yesterday that we started the year, but we are now already entering the second half of 2021. All is set for the month of July Events and with exciting happenings in Meeru.

For the coming weeks, we will be featuring exclusive offers. Some special deals may include up to 25% discounts on our room rates, free round trip transfers, complimentary stay for children and many more (Please keep it a secret … 😃). Conditions may apply. For more details, please refer to your tour operator or contact our Reservation team at [email protected]

One highlight in the next few weeks will be the “ UEFA EURO 2020 ” championship that is held from11th of June onwards and will be celebrated in Meeru with the grand final match on 11th of July.  All games will be broadcasted live at the comfort of your villa or you may like to join other guests for public viewing on our big screen at Dhoni Bar. Special promotional snacks and drinks are prepared exclusively for you, as you enjoying the matches.

Capture your special holiday memories with our new Meeru Family Bliss photography package and reminisce your time during your holiday here in Meeru. A 60 minutes photo session with our professional photographers as you explore the famous spots of Meeru while each snap becomes part of your adventure that you will be able to cherish forever.

As we live in a digital world where technology and sustainability build an important synapsis, our MeeruMobile Application offers various information’s and booking options. The application has been recently upgraded and the weather forecast plus the Velana International Airport flight details have now been included for your convenience with just a click.

As we continue to develop our Entertainment concept in Meeru, featuring our In House DJ’s on Monday and Thursday pre and post dinner times, we created “Tunes at Pavilion”. Our team will invite you for special Buddha bar style chill out times. Enjoy some of our exclusive Rum and Cognac collections with some traditional cigars or shishas while listening to the sensational sounds right at the beachfront.

Know more about Meeru and get updates on the latest endeavors, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the Meeru website.

Your holiday destination and your home away from home here in the Maldives will be looking forward to welcoming you.  Let us share memories together and create a great bond as we will be of service during your stay here in Meeru.


Bert Goebel
General Manager

Living in the ‘new normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience In Meeru
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Meet the Team: Aroofa, Meeru’s Front of House Supervisor 

Meet the Meeru Team - Aroofa

Meet the Meeru Team: Fathimath Aroofa

In our palm-fringed paradise here at Meeru Island Resort & Spa, we are so grateful to have many amazing colleagues working with us day after day to ensure that we are able to provide guests with a safe and beautiful holiday experience in the Maldives.

We want to take a moment this month to shine a spotlight on one of those amazing team members that has shown what it means to be a great Meeru team member. 

Meet Aroofa, Meeru’s Front of House Supervisor 

Born and raised in the Maldives, Fathimath Aroofa works as a Front of House Supervisor at Meeru Island and has been with the resort since 2017.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management and enjoys meeting new people and helping them craft a wonderful holiday experience.

Always motivated and up for new challenges, Aroofa is passionate about hospitality and eager to learn new things to grow and advance her career within the industry.

In her current role, she supervises and coordinates the entire Front of House team, ensures guests receive the warmest possible welcome, and that service runs smoothly.

We sat down with Aroofa for a chat to learn more about her experience and received some insightful tips that, especially those of you who are coming to Meeru Island for the first time, will appreciate.

Aroofa Meeru Island Resort & Spa Maldives

What is it like to be a Front of House Supervisor and how long have you been working at the resort?

As a Front of House Supervisor, I enjoy working with my colleagues from different nationalities and learning their cultures. Leading the team, providing excellent customer service, and overseeing day-to-day activities are my primary responsibilities.

I have been with Meeru Island Resort & Spa for already three years and eight months.

Why did you decide to become a Front of House Supervisor?

To become a Front of House Supervisor is a part of my journey to grow forward with my career in the hospitality industry.

What do you love most about your work?

What I love most about my work are my colleagues and the work environment. Additionally, I enjoy working with people and assisting them with their concerns to make their holiday experience feel like ‘a home away from home’.

What hobbies do you enjoy when you are not at work?

In my free time, I enjoy diving, hanging out with friends, and watching movies.

What extraordinary experiences should guests embark on when holidaying at Meeru Island Resort & Spa? 

There is a wide range of spectacular experiences to be had at Meeru Island. I recommend diving with mantas and turtles and going on full-day snorkelling trips and sandbank excursions.

On the one hand, candle-lit beach dinners are perfect for couples seeking intimate time together alongside delightful cuisine. 

What advice or motivational words can you give to those who want to work in Front of House?

“Quality is never an accident. It is always a result of an intelligent effort.” – John Ruski

Travelling in the ‘New Normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience at Meeru

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Every Day Is World Oceans Day at Meeru Island Resort & Spa

World Oceans Day 2021 at Meeru Island Resort & Spa

In celebration of World Oceans Day on 8 June, the palm-fringed paradise of Meeru Island Resort & Spa will celebrate the day with various activities designed to educate, entertain, and encourage both guests and team members to be more mindful of one of the world’s most precious natural resources – the ocean.

With this year’s theme ‘The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods’, Meeru presents a programme of ecologically considerate marine life exploration and awareness-raising activities to support the United Nations’ global environmental initiative.

Join Us For World Oceans Day Activities

Ocean Explorer On A Yacht* 

Guests are invited to join this excursion that will transport them to some of the most spectacular reefs in the North Malé Atoll for a chance to spot and swim alongside sea turtles and other marine creatures.

This remarkable, full-day experience is open to swimmers over 18, with lunch, snacks, and refreshing drinks included and served on board.

Special Full Day Snorkelling* 

Led by the experienced team of Euro-Divers Maldives, this activity offers guests the opportunity to enjoy a snorkelling experience unlike any other, where they can set their sights on sea life species such as fish, turtles, morays, sharks, rays, and crustaceans.

Marine Life Awareness Session (Special Marine Trivia)

This insightful activity will educate guests on environmental issues, such as climate change and ocean pollution, alongside fascinating facts about the pelagic creatures thriving in the Maldives. 

Ocean Discovery Night

This session will provide ocean lovers and marine life enthusiasts with further knowledge of the ocean’s inhabitants – home to a diverse range of marine life species.

* Maximum participation is limited and will be on a first-come basis. Reservations are required and may occur incremental charges. Guests can sign up for the activity at the Reception.

Every Day is World Oceans Day at Meeru Island Resort & Spa

World Oceans Day 2021 at Meeru Island Maldives

At Meeru, we strive to be the top sustainable resort in the Maldives with our long-term sustainability efforts which aim to positively impact the environment and the community in which we operate.

Through our energy-efficient practices, waste management programme, and planet-conscious operations, we help to ensure a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. Find out more: Meeru Island Resort & Spa | Sustainability Report 

Located in North Malé Atoll, Meeru Island Resort & Spa is one of the largest resorts in the Maldives (1,200 meters long and about 350 meters wide).

The island resort is surrounded by a beautiful turquoise lagoon and long stretches of white sandy beaches lined with swaying palm trees. With a wide variety of facilities available, guests enjoy luxurious accommodation options – including plenty of recreational facilities for families, couples, and groups of friends. 

Travelling in the ‘New Normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience at Meeru

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June 2021 is Ocean Awareness Month at Meeru Island Resort & Spa

Ocean Awareness Month Celebration at Meeru Island Resort & Spa, Maldives

We started celebrating the month of the ocean with an awareness session about coral reefs and our property’s Coral Restoration Project on World Reef Awareness Day on 1 June 2021. 

The day began with collecting broken pieces of corals, which were carefully attached to coral frames, and then placed in Meeru’s Coral Garden for the fragments to flourish. Meeru team members, guests, and staff from Euro-Divers Maldives joined hands to realise this eco-project.

The Coral Garden Project at Meeru Island Resort & Spa

Coral Garden Meeru Island Maldives

Meeru Island Resort & Spa’s coral garden is one of the most successful coral restoration projects in the Maldives. This reef care project started in 2016 in association with Save the Beach, a Maldivian non-profit organisation, after a coral bleaching event that affected most of the coral reefs in the country.

This project allows us to foster interest and awareness of coral reefs and the global threats facing them to inspire actions to conserve our resources when people visit the ocean.

Our aim has always been to help regenerate reef segments, promote coral growth, and provide guests with an enchanting underwater experience in Meeru’s lagoon whilst simultaneously creating respect and an understanding of the benefits of corals and their contribution to the ecosystem.

Today, more than 3,000 coral fragments of about 14 different species have been planted, with an average growth rate of 7 centimetres per year.

Many marine species have made Meeru’s Coral Garden their habitat, with the biodiversity of more than 22 fish types in the lagoon, including some rare species like ghost pipefish and tetralia crab, which is an excellent coral crab.

Other species such as turtles, rays, and small reef sharks can be spotted cruising in this area, an awe-inspiring sight for all marine life enthusiasts.

Coral Garden Monitoring


Coral Garden at Meeru Island Resort & Spa Maldives

The Coral Garden Project is looked after by our well-trained Meeru team members, who frequently monitor the area to clean the algae and check the temperature changes that affect the coral growth rate.

So far, five different ways of coral plantation have been researched and implemented in the coral garden itself.

See Meeru’s Coral Garden LIVE

Coral Garden Meeru Maldives

Our resort team has also installed a web camera that sits underwater in the coral garden situated on the island’s eastern part.  The webcam feed can be seen live directly from the Meeru website – an enthralling aquarium as described by visitors to the nursery and viewers of the live webcam.

Guests staying in the comfort of their homes may have a glimpse of our coral garden here: Meeru’s Coral Garden Live Webcam Feed

On 8 June, in celebration of World Oceans Day 2021, our resort team has prepared various activities for guests to participate. Discover more: Every Day Is World Oceans Day at Meeru Island Resort & Spa 

Meeru Team Recommends: Night Scuba Diving In The Maldives

A Night Dive To A Shipwreck

“It’s a whole new perspective of the underwater world.”

– Hassan Nazeeh (10/05/2021) –

Night scuba diving is a wonderful experience and a relatively hidden gem of activity at Meeru Island, which most divers can enjoy. The dive team selects different locations around Meeru for night dives, and I had the opportunity to explore a shallow shipwreck.

The dive spot for the day was the shipwreck, conveniently located 15 minutes boat ride from the island. 10 May 2021 was a beautiful evening when we set sail from the Meeru jetty into the direction of the sunset while the sun was still blazing down the ocean and illuminating the water. Our dive instructor Marc Vermaas from Euro-Divers Meeru Island gave us a briefing on the dive during the boat ride.

The sun was about to set when the dive was planned out, and mandatory dive briefs complied. With much excitement, all the divers put on their dive gear with the help of the boat crew. We then jumped into the ocean with our torches switched on.


We jumped into the ocean, and our dive instructor Marc gave the signal to go down and guided the team to swim down towards the shipwreck. The shipwreck at night was even more awe-inspiring. I felt like being in a museum at night with all the history that is sunken with it.

Marc started to swim around and showed small yet magnificent marine life and mollusc, including the colourful nudibranchs, pufferfish, and parrotfish laying comfortably in the ship’s compartments, ready to dose off to sleep. Starting from the ship’s propellers to the cargo compartment, we explored the ship’s depths. Laying underneath the hull, we found parrotfish, lionfish, and eels.

Swiping the ship to the top of the mast took around 45 minutes of the total dive time, and the air on the tank was more than enough to do the safety stops of 3 minutes. The boat crew lit up additional lights from the boat into the sea, making it easy to find the spot to ascend to the surface.


While we were still undersea at a depth of the 5-meter safety stop, there was another underwater show that left us more in awe. All the divers had to turn off the torch lights and wave their hands in the water to stir it in the pitch-dark of the ocean. The hand movement caused the bio-luminous planktons to light up like stars and spiral around like the night sky lit up by a galaxy.

After the underwater starry-night show courtesy of plankton, we ascended to the surface to be greeted by the warm fresh, salty breeze and a star-studded night sky. The boat crew assisted us as we climbed up the boat’s ladder with the equipment. To warm up from the dive, we had hot tea, coffee, and fruit.

As the divers shared their experience of the night, Marc, our dive instructor, logged down our experiences, time, depth, and air left from the night dive while the boat started sailing back towards Meeru. To me, it was bliss lying on the ship, in the breeze, on a starry night. We watched the well-lit marina of Meeru and the warm lights from the Kakuni Bar – a welcoming sight as we drew near the island. The excursion team reached the island right in time for dinner.


[Related: Dive Calendar For Scuba And Snorkeling Around Meeru Island, Maldives » ]

Night Dive Tips:

🤿 The first step to prepare for the night dive is to check and assemble all the dive equipment on the boat before leaving for the dive spot. A ‘buddy’ check is also important at the start of the journey to ensure a safe and fun dive.

🤿 An essential part of diving is to always know the location and what to expect from the night dive. Before the dive commences, it is important to receive general information about the dive site. Night dives differ from day dives, where a torch is needed and where the underwater sign language is different.

Parrotfish Fun Facts:
Every night, the Bicolor Parrotfish have often been seen envelope themselves in a transparent cocoon made of mucous secreted from an organ on their head. This secret bag masks their scent, making them harder for nocturnal predators, like moray eels, to find.

Night dive at Meeru is a guided dive by Euro-Divers Meeru.
The dive is USD 135* per person & is a 2-hour excursion.
Includes Single Dive, Full Diving Equipment, Underwater Torch, Single Boat Fee, Tea/Coffee, Fruits & Water on board.
Suitable for certified Open Water Diver and above with no previous night dive experience required.
Maximum: 8 persons. The minimum age is 12, and children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
Optional: Fluorescent night dive, Underwater Camera rental, Night snorkeling

*Prices are correct at the time of publication and subject to change.

The Author:
Hassan Nazeeh is the Assistant Sales & Marketing Manager of Meeru Island Resort & Spa. A Maldivian, he has great respect and is awe-inspired by the ocean and the marine life of the Maldives. He is an avid diver and enjoys his time off at the resort diving, participating in reef cleaning, and monitoring the health of Meeru’s coral garden.

Photo Credit: Marc Vermaas, Euro-Divers and Euro-Divers Meeru Island

Traveling in the ‘new normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience at Meeru
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The New Wedding Pavilion at Meeru Island Resort & Spa

Maldives Weddings - Meeru Island

Introducing the New Wedding Pavilion at Meeru Island

There is a reason why Meeru Island Resort & Spa is one of the best Maldives resorts for weddings. It is because the resort features so many beautiful wedding venues set amongst stunning surroundings of the private island, alongside intimate experiences for couples beginning their life-long journey together.

Be inspired by our new traditional Maldivian-style wedding pavilion situated at the Northern tip of the island, in our Maalan Beach area.

The New Maldivian-style Wedding Pavilion - Meeru Maldives

Meeru Maldives Weddings - The New Wedding Pavilion

The captivating backdrop of the Indian Ocean, the traditional music performed by Bodu Beru drummers, and the flower petals scattered around complement the ambience as you walk down the aisle and exchange ‘I dos’ in paradise.

Ready to tie the knot? Say’I do’ at Meeru Island

Weddings at Meeru are a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. We specialize in romantic island weddings in the Maldivesbe it causal or elaborate. Our dedicated team of Wedding Coordinators will be on hand to take care of all the details, customising your experiences to provide you with a truly unique ceremony.

Meeru Maldives Weddings - The New Wedding Pavilion

Why Choose Meeru for your Wedding in the Maldives?

  • There is a range of wedding and accommodation packages to suit all preferences, budgets, and family sizes.
  • Convenient access from Male International Airport.
  • Exceptional value for money.
  • Unbeatable wedding venues: a wedding pavilion on the beach, on a picturesque sandbank, or a romantic wooden sailing yacht to celebrate special moments with your significant other.
  • Photographers, make-up artists and hairdressers are all available on-site. See more: Meeru Moments Photography Studio
  • There is a myriad of romantic options to add to your ceremony such as a candlelight dinner, couples’ spa indulgence, or a private dinner cruise. 

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If you would like to find out more about our Maldives Wedding packages, head over to Meeru Weddings page. 

Come, Experience Mask-free Beaches in Balmy Meeru

Dear Guests,

A wonderful day from your Maldivian island paradise!

As you are planning your next holiday or you may have booked with us already your staycation in Meeru, we are encouraging you to join us for other activities and events scheduled for the month of June.

Either for “Home office” or “Home couch”, take the opportunity and watch your favorite football team during 2021 UEFA European Football Championship in Meeru on our public viewing areas while grabbing a refreshing drink and putting your feet’s on our soft sandy beaches.

While times still continue to be ambiguous, we make sure that Meeru is a safe haven for your much anticipated holiday experience. As a measure of our continuous process we are proud to inform that majority of our team members has now already completed the 2nd dose of vaccination and the remaining ones are likely to be completed in due time. The safety of our guests and team members is always our top priority!

Our Meeru Mobile Application has recently been updated with a new design and is now solely related to Meeru. Once your booking is confirmed, you are ready to explore and get yourself familiar with important information that you may need for your relaxing holiday here with us in Meeru. With this application, your vacation will already start long before you are arriving to our island and allows you to plan and enhance your stay in paradise by pre-organizing all important activities and confirming reservations that will create the most special holiday experience. Download the Mobile application

Be inspired by our new traditional Maldivian styled wedding pavilion and make Meeru the start of walking together in life with your partner or take this opportunity to renew your wedding vows here with us. Just select a date and let our team create everything around your preferences.

Be part of our social media community and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the Meeru website. Get to know more about what is happening on the island and be updated with the latest events and activities.

An amazing holiday in Meeru is truly a “simply Maldives” escapade. Let us give you a warm welcome on you arrival and be part of your unforgettable holiday experience.


Bert Goebel
General Manager


Living in the ‘new normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience In Meeru
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