Meet the Team: Nasheed, Meeru’s Housekeeping Supervisor

Meet the Team: Abdulla, Meeru's Housekeeping Supervisor

Meet the Meeru Team: Abdulla Nasheed

Meeru Island has created the ‘Meet the Meeru Team’ blog series to recognise the outstanding work of our team members and for our guests to have a chance to take a peek behind the scenes and get to know some of the faces who make us your favourite palm-fringed paradise in the Maldives. 

Originally from Kurinbi, one of the inhabited islands of Haa Dhaalu in Thiladhunmathi Atoll, Abdulla works as a Housekeeping Supervisor and has been with the resort since 2017.

Abdulla, Meeru's Housekeeping Supervisor

How do you describe yourself? 

I describe myself as a hardworking individual who always gives his best to accomplish all tasks. I can work under pressure well and handle multiple tasks simultaneously in a calm and organised manner.

Can you share with us your journey with Meeru Island?  

I started my hospitality career at Meeru as a Gift Shop Assistant in 2017, and then I got promoted to the Housekeeping Coordinator role in 2019.  Now, I am working as the resort’s Housekeeping Supervisor. 

I have decided to take these moves because I believe that when life opens up opportunities for you, you either take them or stay afraid of not taking them. 

What do you like most about your job? 

What I love most about my job is that I get to meet many people with different personalities. I also enjoy the interaction with both our resort team and guests.

What do you do in your free time? 

I like to play football and watch movies in my spare time – these activities help me relax my mind after a long day at work. 

Of all the room categories at Meeru, what is your most favourite? 

Water Front Villa is my favourite category at Meeru Island. These villas are located on the beach, at the water’s edge, featuring a private sundeck and a spectacular view of the aquamarine lagoon.

Please share with us some of your career advice. 

When you are happy at work and love what you do, you can become excellent at your role. People who enjoy their jobs are more likely to be motivated, optimistic, and perform stellar work.

Additionally, every experience is significant and worth having and should be dealt with passion and enthusiasm. 

Travelling in the ‘New Normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience at Meeru

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Blue and Silver Festive Season Planned for Meeru Island Resort & Spa

2021 Festive Season at Meeru Island

2021 Festive Season at Meeru Island 

The palm-fringed paradise of Meeru Island Resort & Spa has planned a dazzling festive fun programme for all. Imagine a tropical Christmas filled with sun, sea, sand, and lots of excitement and fun, offering beautiful holiday moments in one of the most wonderful times of the year.

‘Blue and Silver’ is set to be the theme for Meeru’s 2021 Festive Season, featuring a spectacular line-up of events and activities as we welcome Father Christmas to our idyllic shores and ring in the New Year in tropical island-style.

The festivities start on 15 December, with a plethora of fun holiday activities and ends on 7 January 2022. On 23 December, guests can enjoy ‘Festive Season Tea’ at Asian Wok Restaurant and Gingerbread Decorating for Kids at Kakuni Bar beach. On 24 December, guests can get into the festive spirit with ‘The Great Santa Search’ and Christmas Gala Dinner. 

On December 25, Santa will spread his festive cheer with guests of all ages, as he arrives in style on our shores and hands out sweet treats to the little ones. 

Everyone will also love the ‘Explore the Island’ nature walk adventure and the Chill-out Sunset Live Music at Dhoni Bar on December 27. Additionally, culture lovers will enjoy all the activities and events planned on December 28, which will provide them with a great insight into sights, sounds, and tastes of the Maldivian customs and traditions. 

Meeru Christmas Maldives

The resort will mark the last day of 2021 with a grand New Year’s Eve gala dinner with live entertainment and countdown to the 2022 with a New Year’s Eve Party on the beach on December 31. 

The festivities will continue through to January 7 with DJ night parties, Maldivian cultural shows, live music performances, and lots of fun-filled activities for children. 

Those seeking to escape to the tropics this holiday season will enjoy not only the sand beneath their toes at Meeru Island Resort & Spa in the Maldives, but are also in for a myriad of unique experiences and …simply MALDIVES moments.

View our full schedule to learn more about everything we have planned at Meeru Island this festive season: 2021 Festive Season at Meeru Island 

For updates, keep an eye out on our social media pages. #MeeruIsland

Have a Meeru Christmas! 

Travelling in the ‘New Normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience at Meeru Island 
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Your Questions Answered Before You Travel  |  Facilitating PCR Testing at the Resort  |  Travel Flexibility & Cancellation Policy Update | See What Our Guests Say About New Normal Holidaying at Meeru

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World Tourism Day 2021 at Meeru Island Resort & Spa

World Tourism Day 2021 - Meeru Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Kicking off the Festivities for World Tourism Day 2021

Happy World Tourism Day! Falling in line with this year’s theme for the day, ‘Tourism for Inclusive Growth’, Meeru Island Resort & Spa held a cultural event that displayed the diversity of the Maldives’ rich history and culture.

For the cultural display, the team presented the ‘Dhafi negun’. The dance goes back decades to when the Maldives was still a sultanate when the labourers would celebrate a hard day’s work by doing a celebratory dance. The men would walk in pairs of two, with wooden spatula-like instruments. First, the dancers would sing a traditional ‘Gaa Odi Lava’ which was sung in Arabic. The dancers would then form a circle around a special ‘present’ usually gifted by the Sultan, singing and dancing around it until the beats became stronger, the chanting, and dancing more trance-like. Eventually, one of the dancers would pick up the ‘dhafi’ or present, and the dancers would slowly disperse.

The team at Meeru Island hosted the culture-filled evening with a lot of support from our guests. The sunny beach overlooking our Dhoni Bar was packed with guests cheering on, and looking in awe as the drums beat faster and the dancing more energetic. The evening was further enriched by our guests joining in on the dancing.



World Tourism Day 2021 at Meeru Maldives



To have a look at other significant, historical information, drop by our Meeru Museum.

Travelling in the ‘New Normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience at Meeru Island 
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Your Questions Answered Before You Travel  |  Facilitating PCR Testing at the Resort  |  Travel Flexibility & Cancellation Policy Update | See What Our Guests Say About New Normal Holidaying at Meeru

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