Celebrate Maldives Independence Day in Style at Meeru Island Resort & Spa

MEERU - Maldives Independence Day 2021

Celebrating Maldives Independence Day in Style at Meeru Island 

26 July 2021 marks the 56th Independence Day of the Maldives, and Meeru Island Resort & Spa is dedicating the day to celebrating the unique beauty of Maldivian culture.

The day will see the colours of the Maldivian flag, traditional costumes, cultural performances and hear the beats of ‘Bodu Beru’ drums, providing guests with a glimpse of local culture.

As one of the long-established resorts in the Maldives, Meeru prides itself on offering truly local and authentic experiences to guests.

Find out what you can expect to do on your stay at our Maldives resort in North Malé Atoll.

Independence Day Activity – Meeru Museum Special Guided Tour

Located at the heart of the resort is the traditional Dhoni-shaped Meeru Museum that offers an insight into the Maldivian way of life. It exhibits various artefacts and collectables from centuries ago that portray the Maldivian culture.

On this cultural tour, guests will learn about how the early local Maldivians cooked, dressed, travelled, and schooled – an experience that is sure to intrigue culturally curious minds.

» The special tour starts at 09:30. The meeting point is at the Main Reception.

Independence Day Activity – Maldivian Heritage Presentation with a Local Cultural Show

Meeru Island Resort & Spa Bodu Beru Show

Guests at Meeru must not miss out to experience the opportunity of immersing themselves in fascinating local culture by discovering an evening filled with music, dances, and discovery.

The experience begins with a cultural presentation followed by Bodu Beru dance performances.

» The show starts at 21:00 at Kakuni Bar Beach.

More cultural experiences for guests at Meeru

There is plenty to keep the cultural traveller entertained at Meeru. The Meeru team recommends:

Locally-inspired Excursions

Casting and Big Game Fishing are two excursions guests can opt for that will offer them the chance to learn how to reel in the big fish like a local fisherman – Maldivian style! On these trips, they will be introduced to the environmentally sustainable fishing practices in the Maldives.

View our range of Maldives excursions at Meeru here »  

Make it a Summer to Remember in the Maldives at Meeru Island Resort & Spa

Meeru Island Resort & Spa - Maldives

We invite you to come to soak up some tropical sunshine this summer with us. Whether you are holding a wedding amidst our palm-fringed paradise, dining at one of our beachfront restaurants, or simply appreciating as many Maldivian sunsets as you can, we look forward to welcoming you.

Here at Meeru Island Resort & Spa, we are genuinely proud of our heritage, and we love sharing it with everyone who chooses to stay with us.

Find out how we can make your Maldives holiday one to remember by getting in touch with us today.

Traveling in the ‘New Normal’ – A Safe Holiday Experience at Meeru

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Here is how you already experience Maldivian Heritage at Meeru

Much of the beauty that is Meeru Island Resort & Spa originates from the authentic and proud practice of Maldivian heritage. By preserving the unspoiled natural resources of the Maldives Islands, Meeru continuously helps create an unforgettable holiday experience.

To honor World Heritage Day 2021, here are the ways that you already experience Maldivian Heritage at Meeru, from arrival to departure and everything in between:

Abundant Ocean

From arrival, you are transported by speedboat to the Island, which is only a 55-minute transfer away from Velana International Airport. The experience allows you to take in the first natural resource, the abundant ocean surrounding the Maldives.

A Maldivian Welcome

Your welcome to Meeru is with harmonious song and the sound of Bodu Beru drums. The Guest Services and Reception team adorns functional garments made from cotton, with traditional influences in design and threading.

Authentic Villas and Facilities

The design of each facility is influenced by traditional architecture that uses one of the most useful trees in the world, from the authentic, thatched Villas, to the high ceiling Restaurants. The popular Coconut Palm Tree is considered the Maldivian National Tree or “Tree of Life” for the many ways that it is used, to this day.

Maldivian Nights

Every Friday is Maldivian Night at Meeru Island, from the delicious themed cuisine at Farivalhu and Maalan Buffet Restaurants, to the informative Maldivian Cultural Presentation and Bodu Beru Dance Show.

Meeru Museum

Cultural Awareness

The Meeru Museum exhibits several artifacts from centuries ago that portray the Maldivian way of life. Particularly how the early local Maldivians cooked, dressed, traveled, and schooled.
An even rarer experience is the baby blue whale skeleton next to the museum where guests will learn how this animal came to Meeru.

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Additionally,  Meeru offers excursions such as Casting and Big Game Fishing, where you can learn how to reel in the big fish like a Maldivian fisherman – Local style!

Subtle Cultural Fusions

Scattered across the island are traditional swings. Suspended from coconut trees are the single sings and fixed on the beach, the family-style large swings which provide a window into how the locals spend their time relaxing and a glimpse to the views they saw of the sea.

The Kurumba or the young drinking coconut is a refreshing drink guest of all ages can experience at the bar.

Beach and destination weddings including renewals of vows ceremonies incorporate cultural elements including drumming, local decor, and Maldivian styled wedding pavilion.




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An Eggciting Easter Awaits This April In Meeru

The entire month of April will be full of delightful dining experiences offering delicious dishes and stunning views. To begin the month with a toast at the Sunset Lagoon Wine Tasting: an opportunity to sample fine wines in an idyllic setting. From Seafood Buffet at Asian Wok Beach to Easter Brunch at the buffet restaurants, its a treat not to be forgotten for all the guests who have planned their holiday during Easter on Meeru Island Resort & Spa.

It will be an even more exciting time for the kids as our Kid’s and Teen’s Club has prepared a full programme of fun and games. A kid’s day out at the sandbank sets the tone for a month of adventure. There is no room for boredom with an array of activities planned including an Easter Egg Hunt, Sand Castle Competition, Water Polo, Cookies Decoration, Egg and Coconut Painting, Kids Fitness Session and more.

At our guests’ disposal anytime during their stay will be the range of experiences that Meeru offers, from sunset cruises to indulgent treatments at Duniye Spa. Kids Stay for Free on offer gives you the perfect reason to book your April adventure and experience the #meerumagic.

View the full programme here.

A Few Things You Should Know About The Maldives

Many of you have made the Maldives, and Meeru Island Resort & Spa, your second home, returning year after year to enjoy this beautiful tropical paradise. You know and have experienced first-hand the beauty of the Maldives: the warm weather, powder-soft, white beaches and startlingly clear turquoise waters. Now, we wish to share a little more about the Maldivian culture and heritage.

Let’s start with the language! Maldivians speak Dhivehi, which has Sanskrit, Sinhalese and Arabic influences. Here are some common phrases that you can add to your vocabulary:

Hello: “assalaamu alaikum” is a more formal greeting while “maruhabaa” is informal.

Thank you: “shukuriyyaa.”

You’re welcome: “maruhabaa.”

The Meeru Museum

The Maldives islands are believed to have been inhabited for the last 3,000 years. The first settlers were from southern India and Sri Lanka as well as from Arab and African countries. Tourism began in 1970 and slowly started developing. Our Meeru Museum exhibits several Maldivian artefacts, from traditional wooden boxes which were used as travel storage (lakudi foshi) to wooden Maldivian sandals which were worn until the early 1980s (ujjehi maravalhhi). Drop by the Museum anytime for a glimpse into the fascinating history of the Maldives.

Maldivian food can best be described as spicy and from the sea. The food is heavily reliant on naturally available food sources such as coconuts, tuna and reef fish. The initial settlers passed on their usage of curries and spices, and to this day, Maldivian food is heavily influenced by that. Every Friday is Maldivian night in Meeru. In our buffet restaurants, you can enjoy various delicacies from Garudhiya (fish soup) and Huni Roshi (coconut-based flatbread).

Maldivian Cultural Show: Bodu Beru Performance.

Music and dance is an integral part of Maldivian Culture. Bodu Beru refers to the traditional drums and the cultural dance that is performed to the sound of these drums. The dance performance is a form of storytelling and entertainment and varies depending on the occasion. After a sumptuous Maldivian Night dinner on Fridays, we have a Maldivian Culture & History Presentation, followed by a Bodu Beru Performance at Kakuni Bar. Join us and be sure to bring your dancing shoes.

Maldivian Cultural Show: Bodu Beru Performance.

We look forward to welcoming you to experience the wonder of Meeru and the Maldives!


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