Three Must-Try Experiences During Your First Visit To The Maldives

With all the experiences and activities that Meeru Island Resort & Spa offers, you are spoilt for choice during your holiday. If your first visit is coming up and you are wondering which excursions you should try out, our list below should help. These excursions will help you sample the best that the Maldives has to offer and help you make exceptional memories with the people you love.

Have A Private Island Picnic

Experience the beauty and tranquillity of a private island with our Robinson Crusoe excursion. For three hours, you can spend time on a soft, white, sandy beach with the azure lagoon all around, swimming and snorkelling. Enjoy your packed picnic as you soak in the beautiful scenery before we pick you up and bring you back to the island. This is the ultimate romantic adventure for the two of you!

Price: US $225 per couple.

Availability: Daily in the morning or afternoon, depending on the tide.

Experience The Underwater Wonderland

For those eager to experience the magical ocean, our Snorkelling Boat Trip, which is free of charge, comes highly recommended. We will transport you by Dhoni to a nearby coral reef where you can explore the underwater world to your heart’s content. Seek out the lively marine life that adds to the beauty of the Maldives and see how many creatures you can spot. Remember not to touch or step on the fragile coral! This trip is for swimmers only, and a parent must accompany children under 16.

Price: Free (Equipment Rental US $9 per person)

Availability: Daily 10:00-12:00, 14:30-16:30

Go On A Sunset Cruise

No words can do justice to the beauty of the Maldives’ sunset. You have to see it to believe it. Cruise the Indian Ocean and watch the magnificent display of the sunset aboard our yacht, as you sip on tea, a tropical cocktail or a mocktail. If you are lucky, you will spot playful dolphins also revelling in the sunset. This is one of the best ways to cap off your day and is truly an unforgettable experience. The minimum age for this trip is 18.

Price: US $38

Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday from 16:00 -18:30.

These are only a few examples of the myriad experiences Meeru offers. Have a look at the full list here.

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World Turtle Day, In Photos

Today is World Turtle Day! A day when turtles are #shellebrated, get it? May 23 is observed the world over to create awareness of and share knowledge about the protection of turtles. The sea turtles that abound in Meeru Island Resort & Spa waters are part of a species that has lived for more than 150 years! The way you travel to Meeru to seek sun, sea and sand, sea turtles often travel for thousands of miles, crossing oceans as they feed, before returning home. The common species spotted around here is the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle. Here are our favourite photos of sea turtles taken by you.



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Every Tuesday and Saturday, we have the Turtle Explorer on a Yacht Trip. Join us as we explore the best reefs in the North Male’ Atoll, including Turtle Reef. Read more details here.

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Enchanting Beach Dining In Meeru This May

This May, you can look forward to exceptional beach dining experiences that are sure to please. To add a special touch to your holiday, whether you are celebrating a special day or not, take advantage of these culinary affairs. Served on the beachfront, the alfresco ambience and stunning scenery makes these dinners occasions to remember.

Dine under the moonlight on Saturday, May 18, 2019, with our Full Moon Dinner. Popular for the romance it offers, the Full Moon Dinner is a bucket-list-worthy item during your stay in Meeru. Savour the delicious meal prepared for you by the beach, under the beaming moon. Make a reservation

On Sunday, May 26, 2019, join us for the Beach BBQ Dinner. The finest meats and the freshest seafood are on offer and are grilled to your liking. Our team will be right on hand to attend to your needs. Make a reservation

Throughout the month, request a Candle Light Dinner or a 0.8 Athiri Dinner for a more intimate and private experience. Hosted for just you and your loved one on a secluded area of the beach, these dinners are the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion. Make a reservation

Planning your visit to Meeru? Read about the romantic experiences we would recommend and check out the special offers you can take advantage of.


3 Dazzling Romantic Experiences We Recommend

Love is meant to be felt and celebrated. This is the thinking behind our romantic options in Meeru Island Resort & Spa. These experiences are intimate and idyllic, allowing you to lose yourself in the moment, celebrating your magical love. Try them out to add to your unforgettable Meeru holiday experience.


Robinson Crusoe ‘Sandbank’ Excursion

Have a slice of paradise all to yourself. With our Robinson Crusoe Sandbank Excursion, we’ll drop you off at our sandbank in the morning and pick you up after lunch. Here, you can swim or snorkel in the lagoon or take in the stunning views of the expansive sea. Later, relax on the beach and enjoy the sumptuous lunch and drinks packed for you as the waves lap around you.


Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Savour delicious meals, specially prepared for you and served on the beach. The swaying palm trees, the pristine beach and the sea create a beautiful setting for you to enjoy a delightful meal with your loved one. Dig your feet in the sand and enjoy the multi-course dinner in the company of the most important person in your life.


Champagne Breakfast Room Service

Celebrating a special day? Start it off on the right note with a Champagne Room Breakfast. Served in the privacy of your room, this idyllic breakfast features a full American Breakfast and a half bottle of champagne. Toast to your love as you enjoy the comforts of your room and a breakfast spread like no other.


These beautiful experiences are bound to make that special day more memorable. Check out our latest special offers as you plan your visit to Meeru.


An Exciting Easter Ahead In Meeru

Our Easter basket is full to the brim with activities this month. We have put together various fun activities for the little ones to enjoy as you celebrate Easter in Meeru Island Resort & Spa. From Friday, April 19, 2019, to Wednesday, April 24, 2019, kids will be in for many, many treats as we engage in fun and joyous activities.

We start on Friday with kids’ day out at the sand bank, for fun in the sun and sand. The eggciting programme also includes an Easter egg hunt, sand castle building competition, water polo, egg & coconut painting and so much more. Download the full program here.

We look forward to an eggcellent Easter!

Read about the family experience in Meeru.

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3 Experiences To Try In Meeru Island Resort & Spa

A holiday in Meeru Island Resort & Spa offers the quintessential elements of a Maldives holiday, i.e., sun, sea, sand and so much more. There is much to do on the shores and beyond, on the ocean or under it. Here are our top 3 picks.

Snorkelling Boat Trip

Image Credit: @sashapritchard

Snorkelling in the Meeru lagoon is a wonderful experience that is elevated by the Snorkelling Boat Trip. With this guided trip, a Dhoni transports you to a nearby reef where you can dive in and explore the vibrant and diverse marine life that the Maldives is known for. The Snorkelling Boat Trip is open for swimmers over the age of 12 and is a great group activity that you can be a part of with family and friends.

Sunset ‘Punch’ Cruise

Sunset Cruise Meeru Maldives

Sail into the sunset aboard a local Dhoni with our Sunset ‘Punch’ Cruise, a pleasant afternoon trip that affords you the luxury of watching the stunning Maldivian sunsets. Aboard the Sunset Cruise, you may sip on a glass of special punch as you take in the panoramic, one of a kind view. If you are lucky, you may spot dolphins frolicking in the glow of dusk.

Turtle Explorer on a Yacht

For a chance to hopefully see the sea turtles that have made the Maldivian waters their home, join our Turtle Explorer on a Yacht excursion. A yacht will transport you to the best reefs in the North Male’ Atoll where if lucky, you can swim with and photograph sea turtles. Included and served on board are lunch, drinks, pastries and afternoon tea or coffee. This life-changing experience is open to swimmers over the age of 18.

Try one or all of these experiences for a magical holiday in Meeru and let us know which one you love most!

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A Fun Family Experience in Meeru

With ample space and facilities specifically tailored for kids, Meeru Island Resort & Spa is the perfect destination for a wonderful family holiday. On our beautiful island, your family can bond over island adventures as you create magical memories. Need inspiration for planning your next family vacation to Meeru? We have compiled a few ideas on how you can spend your time while on this tropical paradise.

Get In The Water

The turquoise Indian Ocean is not only famous for its beauty but also for the incredible marine life, which it houses. In Meeru, you can spend the day discovering the beautiful lagoon as a family, seeking out the beautiful fish, learning how to dive with EuroDivers in the Bubble Makers Diving Class for children from the ages of 8, or exploring a nearby reef through our Snorkelling Boat Trip. All of these experiences allow you to have fun and with the Diving Class, pick up a new skill. As you make merry in the water, parents are reminded to always keep a watchful eye on their kids.


Sunset Cruise Meeru Maldives

Excursions in Meeru provide the entire family unique and varied adventures. Tour the underwater world inside a submarine on our Submarine Sightseeing Trip or discover the charm of Male’, the capital city of the Maldives on the Male’ Sightseeing Trip. Take out to the sea aboard our Sunset ‘Punch’ Cruise and hopefully spot and photograph some dolphins. Visit a nearby local island on our Island Hopping excursion and get a first-hand glance at the culture. These are just some of the exciting things you can do together as a family in Meeru.


Meeru Museum

Exclusive to Meeru, the Meeru Museum offers a once in a lifetime chance to travel down history and learn a great deal about the Maldivian way of life. The Museum houses artefacts that show how the Maldivians used to cook, clean, travel, dress and learn. It provides a great history lesson for the entire family. A popular attraction at the Museum is the real-life skeleton of a whale shark that visitors love to take pictures with.


Beach Volleyball at Meeru

There is much room for play in Meeru. With a colourful and equipped Komas Kids and Teens Club, the younger ones have much to do and occupy their time. Join them for a fun game of darts or pool. Alternatively, you can take to the water in our fun tube rides and enjoy the thrill of bouncing on waves. On the beach, a fun game of volleyball is excellent to bring out your competitive spirit. Table tennis, tennis and golf are other sports that you can enjoy in Meeru. For families that love nature, rent bicycles and cycle around this tranquil paradise and try and see how many tree species you can identify.

Get Entertained

The fun doesn’t end during the day. In Meeru, we have various nightly entertainment programs that are as enlightening as they are fun. From Karaoke Night to Bodu Beru Cultural Dance performances, the entertainment program in Meeru has something for everyone. Your family can learn more about the Maldives in the Maldives Culture & History Presentation or show your dance moves during the DJ Beach Party.


Planning a family vacation to Meeru, take advantage of our Early Bird Offer and get a 15% discount off your summer holiday. Book now.


Your Favourite Spots on Meeru Island Resort

Welcome to Meeru Island Resort & Spa, a picturesque paradise that is stunning from every angle. We have selected a few of your favourite places, as photographed by you.

The Water

Whether you are simply going for a swim, a dive or hopping on a jet ski, there is much to love about the sea. The clear, warm, turquoise water is part of what makes Meeru magical. Step in and luxuriate in this wondrous ocean.

Image Credit: @sashapritchard.


Image by @oanaalina.voevodschi.


Image credit: @vuuvi.


The Beach

Here, you will find an endless, pristine and powdery-soft beach. Leave your shoes behind and let your feet sink into the sand. This is the perfect place to relax.

Image by @minabondevik.


Meeru Museum

A treasure trove of history and culture, the Meeru Museum is a must-visit for anyone looking to learn more about the Maldives. Drop in and take a walk through the rich history of our beloved country.

Images by @mamduhmw.


The Island

This tropical paradise is a wonder of nature. Take a stroll around the island and marvel at all the greenery, as far as the eye can see.

Image by @_me_nina_.


The Rooms

Artfully decorated and comfortably designed, the rooms offer a wonderful place to relax after exploring all the island has to offer.

Image credit: @jennmacedo.


The Jacuzzi

There is nothing better than soaking in the Jacuzzi after a long day of exploration.  The Jacuzzis that come in the Jacuzzi Water Villa or Jacuzzi Beach Villa rooms are a wonderful place to unwind, drink in hand and dream about all that’s left to see.

Image by @belgin_gulsah.


The Pool

Catch stunning views of the sunset or sunrise from our infinity pools, which also offer you quick access to the ocean.

Image by @denisa011194.


The Poolside Bars

Sit by the pool and enjoy a refreshing drink or tasty treats from The Poolside Bars at Pavillion Pool and Dhoni Bar Pool. Relish these with the stunning views of the ocean.

Image credit: inna_agay.


To view more wonderful photos of our lovely island, be sure to follow us on Instagram. Start planning your next vacation to Meeru by checking out our special offers.



Planning your first trip to the Maldives

Looking for the perfect honeymoon escape or seeking out some winter sun? The Maldives is the ideal destination and with good reason. Tourists, throughout the years, have made this tropical paradise with mesmerising blue waters and the liveliest marine life their go-to holiday destination. If you are thinking of visiting Meeru Island Resort & Spa, we have picked out a few considerations for you.



The perfect vacation doesn’t magically happen. It takes a little planning. When planning your ideal getaway to the Maldives, before making your booking, think about the holiday and what you would like to do. Having done research, you probably have an idea what course you would want your vacation to take, be that sitting pool-side in your sarong, reading a novel and casting some glances at the setting sun or diving deep into the warm turquoise waters and exploring the kingdoms under the sea. Having a general idea (you don’t have to plan the entire holiday out) will help you know how many days you should set aside for your trip. To get the most of the island and the numerous experiences available on offer, set aside as many days as you can. At Meeru, guests staying for more than four days get a welcome massage at our famous Duniye Spa.


Book Early

The early bird does catch the worm. On the special offers tab of our website, we regularly update new offers, discounts and packages. Taking advantage of these offers is a sure way to save some money and brings you a step closer to the perfect holiday. We would also highly recommend taking a look at the All-Inclusive packages as they not only give you the best value for money but also come with a host of benefits. Booking your trip well in advance enables you to leave off enough time for planning. Remember, a fantastic vacation is a well-planned one.



Pack an Adventurous Spirit

Along with the floral, light summer clothes and sunscreen, bring with you an adventurous spirit. The island is a feast for the senses. There is much to see, much to eat and much to do. Our carefully crafted excursions afford you the opportunity to go scuba diving or snorkelling, charter a Dhoni for a fishing trip,  sail off into the sunset with the Sunset Trip on a Yatch, visit a local island and interact with the locals as you shop, and so much more. Our buffet and a la carte restaurants serve up a mix of regional and international cuisine that will whet and satisfy your appetite. Lastly, with ample entertainment and sports facilities and frequently organised events, there is no room for boredom in paradise. All you need to do is come and try.



We cannot wait to welcome you to Meeru.


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Vacation Bucket List Ideas: 10 Things to Do in 2019

1. Fun in the tropical sun

Days spent soaking up the sun, relaxing on the soft, white sandy beach, lounging poolside with a tropical cocktail in hand are the highlights of any island getaway. At Meeru, enjoy these and more around the relatively large island, from fun land sports such as golf, tennis and football to nature walks and even bicycle rentals to better explore the lush paradise. With two freshwater infinity pools, choose between a scenic sunrise and sunset swim for captivating views.


2. Venture out into the lagoon

If you would rather swim in the boundless ocean, warm and crystal clear waters surround Meeru in an idyllic personification of the Maldives and all its beauty. The turquoise lagoon is ideal for a swim or thrilling water sports adventures such as kayaking, windsurfing, catamaran sailing and Jet Ski rides. Don’t forget to pack your snorkelling gear or rent a set from our Euro-Divers Dive Centre to explore the colourful marine life that lies beneath the waters. Guests on our All Inclusive Plus package enjoy one 1/2 hour Group Snorkelling Lesson.


Euro-Divers Meeru Maldives


3. Go diving with friends

Discover the beauty of the underwater world with our Euro-Divers Dive Centre. The centre offers an exciting variety of courses from novice to expert with a professional and friendly team of dive instructors who aim to fulfil your dreams of aquatic adventures. Get to know more about Manta Trust and Meeru’s conservation efforts that include research and raising awareness through workshops and informative trips run by a resident marine biologist.


4. Tour the North Male’ Atoll

Explore the Maldives beyond the island, where magical sunsets, stunning ocean views and great company are the norm. Meeru offers a wide variety of excursions to fill your days with insightful, entertaining and memorable moments from your vacation. Customise your experience to suit your travel needs, whether short, half-day or full-day excursions, Meeru has it all. The Turtle Explorer and Sunset Trips aboard the famous Hagern yacht are sure to exceed your expectations.


Fine Jewels Meeru Maldives


5. Shop for gifts and souvenirs

While in the Maldives, remember to shop for a few gifts to remind you of paradise and souvenirs for your loved ones. Fine Jewels (Sifani Jewellers) features precious and semi-precious coloured gemstones and gold jewellery that embodies the vibrant colours of the islands while the Gift Shop, located at both receptions at Meeru, offers unique and homemade trinkets such as the popular ‘Do Not Disturb’ coconut custom painted to personify the Maldives.


6. Try a new destination dining experience

Meeru’s 0.8 Athiri Dinner is a unique way to experience the best of Maldives’ destination dining, under the glistening sky with the flickering candlelight, swaying palm trees and romantic set-up at the beach. The perfect dinner for an engagement proposal, in celebration of your special anniversary or simply to luxuriate in each other’s company. Other unforgettable dining experiences include fine dining at Asian Wok, Hot Rock restaurants and Meeru Café, each with their signature cuisine and unique treats to enjoy.


Duniye Spa Meeru Island Maldives


7. Unwind at Duniye Spa

No vacation is complete without a pamper session and a day dedicated to spa indulgence. Duniye Spa at Meeru offers two scenic locations to luxuriate in award-winning treatments: the over-water spa on stilts and with stunning views of the lagoon, as well as the land spa, nestled in the lush greenery of the island and featuring a tranquil maze path and garden. Let the qualified therapists guide you to the ultimate state of relaxation.


8. Dance the night away

Every fortnight, you can look forward to the exciting Beach Party with special DJ right on the Kakuni Bar beach. The party combines the heavenly atmosphere of paradise with the entertainment of a light-hearted disco for you to dance the night away on Meeru’s soft sandy beach. The Bodu Beru Cultural Dance Show at Kakuni Bar on Fridays is another fantastic opportunity to learn about the history and heritage of the Maldives, perhaps even join in the fun and dance for the evening.


Travel Photography Meeru Island Maldives


9. Snap your Meeru Moments

Meeru’s in-house team of friendly and professional photographers is ready and waiting to take your beautiful holiday pictures, whether on a romantic honeymoon escape, hosting a symbolic beach wedding ceremony or simply looking to capture your travel moments in the Maldives. Meeru Moments offers affordable photography packages, specially tailored to your requirements.


10. Post on Social Media

Follow Meeru on Social Media as you countdown the days leading up to your vacation, engage with previous guests and stay tuned to news from the island. While at the resort and even after you depart, share your moments by tagging @meeruisland on Instagram, @MeeruIslandResortSpa on Facebook and @Meeru_MV on Twitter.


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