Top 5 Highlights: Best of 2018 at Meeru Island

Number 5: Even more awards added to our wall

Yet again, the year has been riddled with many esteemed awards, including the Award of Excellence in the 2018 Communicator Awards for our newly designed website. Other accolades include:

  • com Loved by Guests Award
  • Agoda Gold Circle Award
  • HolidayCheck Recommended and HolidayCheck Gold Awards
  • TUI Top Quality, TUI Holly and TUI Environmental Champions Awards


The awards are a fitting testament of the stellar hospitality and guest experience offered on our island. These are received with thanks to the exceptional guest reviews and recommendations across the platforms. So, thank YOU for adding more awards to our wall this year.


Meeru 0.8 Athiri Dinner


Number 4: We added new things to do at Meeru

In keeping your holidays at Meeru magical, we have added new things to do in and around the island. For romance, the 0.8 Athiri Dinner is a unique way to experience the best of Maldives’ destination dining. For excursions, the Sunset Trip on our yacht offers a scenic cruise around the Indian Ocean with the chance to spot a pod of dazzling dolphins at play. For evening entertainment, our DJ Beach Parties are where you can let your hair down and dance the night away on our soft, white sandy beach.


Number 3: We introduced eco-friendly paper straws

In June, Meeru said “No” to plastic straws, which harmfully impact our environment and the ocean. New eco-friendly paper straws were introduced as one of the numerous steps the island takes towards sustainability and eco-tourism. You can enjoy your favourite tropical cocktails knowing that Meeru truly cares about the global environment and the Maldives.


Meeru Eco-Friendly Straws


Number 2: We made new additions to our All Inclusive Plus package

Meeru maintains an outstanding reputation as one of the best all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives, more so with the new additions to our All Inclusive Plus package, which ensure more value for money throughout your holiday. The additions include assorted snacks in the minibar, a local island excursion to Dhiffushi and two snorkelling trips to the house reef daily.


Read more about the additions to our All Inclusive Plus package »


Number 1: We welcomed the 1 millionth visitor to the Maldives

Meeru had the honour of welcoming the 1 millionth visitor to the Maldives in a unique, traditional ceremony that began from their arrival at Velana International Airport to our shores. Mr. Koralp Guner and Mrs. Ezgi Gelirli Guner arrived on September 9, 2018, from the USA and enjoyed a magical honeymoon at our resort.


Stay tuned for more highlights in the New Year and we cannot wait to welcome you to enjoy our paradise!


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Your Full Guide to a Magical Festive Season at Meeru

The festive spirit is alive at Meeru Island Resort & Spa and we’re ready to welcome you over one of the most magical times of the year in the Maldives. You can look forward to a host of fun activities, events and entertainment as we welcome Santa to our shores and usher in the New Year in style.


Families, couples, solo travellers and best friends can all enjoy the festive season at Meeru, including children’s activities, sports tournaments, beach parties and the much-anticipated Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve Gala buffet dinner.


Here’s your full guide to a magical festive season at Meeru:


Saturday, December 22, 2018

1600    Festive table tennis tournament at Kakuni Bar

2100    “Let’s Glow Party” DJ Night at Kakuni Bar


Sunday, December 23, 2018

0930    Nature walk around the island 

1630    Guests vs. Staff football match at Meeru Football Pitch

1800    Chill-out sunset live music at Dhoni Bar

2100    Live band performance at Dhoni Bar

2100    Festive Games Night at Kakuni Bar


Monday, December 24, 2018

1000    Children’s activities, meeting point at Komas Kid’s Club

1730    Arrival of Santa Claus by boat at Dhoni Bar beach

1745    Distribution of Christmas presents for the kids by Santa Claus at Dhoni Bar beach

1900    Christmas cocktails at Dhoni Bar beach, hosted by the management for all guests

1945    Maalan & Farivalhu Restaurants open for Christmas buffet photo taking

2000    Christmas Eve Gala buffet dinner at Farivalhu and Maalan restaurants

2130    Christmas Eve party with “DJ Umar” at Kakuni Bar


Tuesday, December 25, 2018

1000    Festive golf tournament at Meeru Golf Course

1500    Tennis tournament at Sports Centre

1700    “Let’s make bubbles”, bubble show at Dhoni Bar beach

1900    Christmas Day buffet dinner at Farivalhu and Maalan restaurants

2100    Pitch & Pool at Dhoni Bar

2100    Karaoke Night at Kakuni Bar


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

1030    Canoe race at the Watersports Centre

1600    Guests vs. Staff beach volleyball tournament at the Watersports Centre

2100    Disco beach party at Kakuni Bar beach


Thursday, December 27, 2018

1000    Treasure hunt for all kids, meeting point at Komas Kid’s Club

1630    Beach football tournament at Dhoni Bar beach

2130    Great magic show at the Kakuni Bar


Friday, December 28, 2018 

1500    “Kid’s fun time”, kids activities at Asian Wok beach

1830    Repeat guest cocktail party at Dhoni Bar beach

1900    Maldivian buffet dinner at Farivalhu and Maalan restaurants

2100    Maldives history and cultural presentation at Kakuni bar

2130    Traditional Maldivian cultural show at Kakuni Bar


Saturday, December 29, 2018

1000    Guests vs. Staff water polo tournament at Dhoni Bar pool

1600    Festive badminton tournament at Meeru Badminton Court

1800    Chill-out sunset live music at Dhoni Bar

1900    Oriental buffet dinner at Farivalhu and Maalan restaurants

2100    Diver’s Night at Kakuni Bar

2130    Live band performance at Dhoni Bar


Sunday, December 30, 2018

1030    Family sand castle competition at Dhoni Bar beach

1630    Guests vs. Staff football match at Meeru Football Pitch

1800    Chill-out sunset live music at Dhoni Bar

2100    Live band performance at Dhoni Bar


Monday, December 31, 2018

1000    Meeru Olympic beach games at Dhoni Bar beach

1700    “Last Sunset of 2018”, with chill-out music from our DJ at Dhoni Bar beach

1945    Maalan & Farivalhu restaurants open for New Year’s Eve buffet photo taking

2000    New Year’s Eve Gala buffet dinner at Farivalhu and Maalan restaurants

2130    New Year’s Eve party with DJ Kina at Dhoni Bar beach

2359    Countdown & welcome 2019


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

1900    New Year’s Day buffet dinner at Farivalhu and Maalan restaurants

2130    New Year’s Day Disco Night at Dhoni Bar beach


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

1800    Chill-out sunset live music at Dhoni Bar

2100    Live band performance at Dhoni Bar

2100    Marine presentation slideshow at Kakuni Bar

2130    Movie Night at Kakuni Bar


Thank you for choosing Meeru for your stay during this festive season. We all look forward to you joining us for our fun and exciting events.


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New Additions to the All Inclusive Plus at Meeru Island

Meeru Island Resort & Spa maintains an outstanding reputation as one of the best all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives, where guests are afforded the luxuries of a carefree holiday experience. From November 1, you can enjoy new additions to our All Inclusive Plus package with more value for money.


The package offers delicious meals at Farivalhu and Maalan Buffet Restaurants, as well as a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy throughout your stay. Exciting activities such as the Sunset Cruise, group snorkelling, windsurfing and golf driving range lessons provide ways for you to make the most of your stay on our shores.


What are the new additions to the All Inclusive Plus package?

  • Unlimited “all you can eat” special Snack Menu including pizzas, burgers and ice-cream from 1000 – 1900, served in Dhoni Bar, Hot Rock Bar and Uthuru Bar
  • Blended drinks: milk shakes & smoothies
  • Juice and assorted snacks from the mini bar
  • One Dhiffushi excursion, regularly scheduled
  • Daily (twice free) snorkelling trip to the house reef, regularly scheduled
  • Free use of the 9 Hole Pitch ’n Putt Golf Course (equipment included)


What is not included in the All Inclusive Plus package?

  • Food from other resort restaurants, room service, the gift shops, excursions items not listed above
  • Beverages from other resort restaurants, room service, the gift shops, the sports centre and excursions items not listed above
  • Beverage not listed above, such as: other liquors, liqueurs, selections from the wine list and fresh fruit juice
  • Blended drinks and cocktails (premium brand spirits)


With the new additions, the All Inclusive Plus package provides a range of food, beverages, snacks and activities to make your stay in the Maldives as carefree and unforgettable as possible.


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Green Pastures at Meeru Island

Meeru Island is 1200 meters long by 350 meters wide, about 32 hectares (80 acres). A large Island by local standards, much of this Maldivian sanctuary remains untouched with its abundant vegetation, soft white sand and lush greenery, most notably seen with the quality of the fauna and flora all around the island.


Those familiar with the island also know about the organic fruit, vegetable and herb greenhouse – Meeru Garden. While in plain sight and often overlooked, numerous significant trees, flowers and their descriptions make up the green pastures and landscaping of Meeru. Here are some of the most common:


Banyan trees

The Banyan tree, also known as Nika in Dhivehi, features a smooth grey bark and aerial roots that extend down from it’s branches, which can make this quite a large tree. The aerial roots are used for making yard that supports the sail of the local Dhoni boat and the wood is used for boat construction. The Banyan Tree can be seen in prominent areas of Meeru Island.


Meeru Island Maldives


Palm trees

Locally known as Dhivehi Ruh or “Tree of Life”, Palm (Coconut) Trees are of much importance to the local Maldivian community. Considered one of the 10 most useful trees in the world, every part of the tree can be used, be it for delicious coconut flavoured cuisine, weaving fibres into mats, carving Palm wood into decorative ornaments or medical use. The coconut palm is the national tree of the Maldives and can be spotted all around Meeru Island.


Tree Heliotrope

Known in Dhivehi as the Boashi Tree, the Tree Heliotrope is a spreading tree that grows to between 6 and 12 meters in height and is rooted in the ground, regardless of coastal conditions. The tree provides a nesting site for seabirds, hosts bee forage and attracts butterflies, all of which is important for a thriving Ecosystem.



The Ironwood or Kuredhi is an evergreen shrub with succulent leaves, as well as small flowers with white/pink-tinged petals. The plant easily retains water, which helps the shrub adapt to climate and soil conditions. The wood is strong and is commonly used in boat and housing construction.


Sign up for a Nature Walk and Garden Tour to personally experience the greenery of Meeru or email us at for more information.


Visit to start planning holiday on our shores.


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Vacation Goals: 5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Meeru Island

As a destination, the soft sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and turquoise waters of the Maldives are alluring for any holidaymaker. Meeru Island Resort & Spa is the authentic expression of the Maldives, which allows travellers to experience a combination that exceeds expectations while simultaneously creating unforgettable memories.


Meeru, as proudly called by various guests who have spent their holidays on the Island, retains the natural charm of a tropical paradise, while affording guests the opportunity to customize their experiences according to their tastes. Here is why Meeru runs among the top vacation goals for travellers and the 5 reasons to fall in love with its magic.


Meeru Island Maldives


Reason #5: Location

As the only Resort on Meerufenfushi island in the North Male’ Atoll, Meeru is 1200 meters long by 350 meters wide, about 32 hectares. The Island is only a 55-minute scenic speedboat transfer from Velana International Airport, making it conveniently located too!


Read more about our Speedboat Transfer Policy.


Reason #4: Long Stretches of White Sandy Beach

Few Islands in the Maldives feature such long stretches of uninterrupted beach. Meeru Island is one of those and the soft, white sand is perfect for long walks, light jogs or even relaxing while reading your favourite novel and sipping on refreshing Kurumba. Remember, the motto is “no shoes, no news”.


Meeru Island Maldives


Reason #3: Something for Everyone

Whether you travel solo, with friends and family or as a couple, Meeru offers a variety of sports, activities, entertainment and more fun things to do while on holiday. The Island features an “adults-only” area with Maalan Buffet Restaurant and Uthuru Bar catering to guests over the age of 18 and staying in the Water Front Villas, Jacuzzi Beach Villas and Jacuzzi Water Villas. The younger guests and family travelers staying in the Garden Rooms and Beach Villas enjoy meals at Farivalhu Buffet Restaurant, Kakuni Bar and even a Kid’s and Teen’s Club.


View the different room categories at Meeru.


Adventure seekers can enjoy the list of exciting excursions scheduled daily or explore the vast Indian Ocean out on a dive with the exceptional Euro-Divers team at Meeru.


Reason #2: Nature, Vegetation and Greenery

Guests who visit Meeru fall in love with the beauty of the Island itself. Much of the Maldivian sanctuary remains untouched with its abundant vegetation and the various types of beautiful trees. This includes the leaning Palm Tree, a popular place to take Instagram pictures, as well as large Banyan Trees in prominent areas of the Island.


Meeru also features a lively greenhouse known as Meeru’s Organic Garden that produces high quality garden greens, lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, Asian green vegetable, lemongrass, many varieties of chilies, Thai basil, watermelon, papaya, banana and many more items.


Meeru Island Maldives


Reason #1: Team Work

The most predominant reason to fall in love with Meeru, is the team. Together, across departments, cultures and backgrounds, the Meeru team consistently aims to provide the most unforgettable experience for each guest. This ranges from the speedy and efficient interactions on our Social Media, Website Chat and email to the daily services and behind-the-scenes work to keep the Island beautiful and enjoyable.


Watch the International Day of Happiness video for more insights into the team.


There are much more reasons to fall in love with the magic of Meeru that you can experience for yourself this winter. Book Meeru today!

TOP 5 Honeymoon Experiences at Meeru Island

A honeymoon in the Maldives is a dream come true and Meeru Island Resort & Spa welcomes newlyweds to celebrate their love on the idyllic island, surrounded by picturesque views and tropical ambiance. Make your honeymoon experience all the more special with these TOP 5 experiences:


#5: Champagne Breakfast

Enhance your romantic honeymoon getaway with a luxurious Champagne Breakfast from the comfort of your own Villa. Sleep in and treat yourself to a full American breakfast delivered to your doorstep.


#4: “Love Boat” Cruise

Enjoy a scenic and romantic day sail aboard a classic 23-meter motor sailor yacht – our very own “Love Boat”. Cruise along the North Ari Atoll, with the opportunity to sunbathe, snorkel, and if you’re lucky… photograph dolphins or swim with manta rays. The cruise includes a buffet lunch, drinks, and a sunset cocktail.


#3: Private Dinner on the Beach

Dine under the stars and feel the soft, white sand underneath your feet during a Private Dinner for you and your loved one. Our chefs will prepare an exquisite menu for you to enjoy along with the breathtaking views.


#2: Couples Massages

Try the Honeymoon Indulgence from our award-winning Duniye Spa. This romantic ritual starts with the signature footbath, followed by a choice between two popular massages, nourishing Body Polish, a deeply nourishing Indian head massage for her and a relaxing foot massage for him.


#1: Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

Recreate your ideal wedding ceremony on the shores of Meeru or have a traditional, symbolic Maldivian ceremony officiated by our “headman”. Repeat your vows to one another in paradise and have Meeru Moments capture the memories.


Whisk your darling away to the most romantic destination… the Maldives! Start this new chapter of love with precious moments at Meeru for your special honeymoon.


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5 Best Locations to Capture a Sunset at Meeru Island

At 1200 meters long and 350 meters wide, every angle of Meeru Island Resort & Spa is as idyllic in person as in pictures – if not more, from the swaying palm trees and soft, white sandy beach to the turquoise lagoon teeming with fantastic marine life.


The Western side of the Island, specifically, is known for the magical sunsets that guests enjoy at the various outlets. Here are 5 of the best locations to capture a sunset at Meeru on your next trip to paradise:


Meeru Sunset Cruise


Location #5: On a Sunset ‘Punch’ Cruise

Bringing the phrase “sailing off into the sunset” to reality, Meeru’s Sunset ‘Punch’ Cruise is the ideal trip for you and a loved one to capture beautiful moments as the sky turns golden, enjoying the refreshing breeze of the Indian Ocean and a glass of special punch along the way.


If you’re lucky, some dolphins may join in the fun!


The Sunset ‘Punch’ Cruise is US$ 34 and complimentary for guests on our All Inclusive Plus package. Scheduled every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 1700 to 1830.


Please note: a parent must accompany a child under 16.


Maalan Buffet Restaurant, Meeru Maldives


Location #4: Maalan Buffet Restaurant and Uhuru Bar

Enjoy additional tranquility at Meeru in the adults-only area towards the Northern end of the Island, which features our Maalan Buffet Restaurant and Uthuru Bar. Several guests start the evening with their beverage of choice at the Bar, where the unique views of the sunset are inescapable, combined with the soothing sounds of Jazz Music every Monday from 1800.


Right next to the Bar is the open-plan Buffet Restaurant with 3 separate dining areas that provide spacious seating in the traditional, open-air style with sand floor and thatched roofing.


Jacuzzi Water Villa Meeru Maldives


Location #3: Selected Jacuzzi Water Villas

Also at the Northern end of Meeru is a select few Jacuzzi Water Villas facing the Western horizon that provide exceptional sights of the sunset. The spacious deck with tropical décor and comfortable sun loungers offer the ideal environment to sit back and enjoy the view.


Guests also prefer to wake up to the glorious sunrise from our Eastern facing Water Front Villas and Jacuzzi Water Villas.


Please note: specific room requests are subject to availability.


Asian Wok Restaurant Meeru Maldives


Location #2: Asian Wok Restaurant and Beach

From the over-the-water Asian Wok Restaurant, guests enjoy a combination of colorful skies and the lagoon beneath. Don’t miss the Sunset Cocktail promotion that you can enjoy together with the idyllic views and the company of your partner, surrounded by surreal views.


Asian Wok specializes in Japanese cuisine with the popular theatrical treat, Teppanyaki that is available daily. Reservations must be made before 1200 (noon).


Dhoni Bar Pool Meeru Maldives


Location #1: Dhoni Bar Pool and Beach

One of the most popular locations on the Island, the 24-hour Dhoni Bar is considered the top and most ideal location to capture stunning sunsets and share on your social media. Whether poolside to beachside, enjoy a delicious tropical cocktail and snacks of your choice as you unwind to the ambient sounds of the Indian Ocean.


The Bar hosts relaxing Live Music every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at from 1800 to set the perfect atmosphere for your downtime in paradise.


Follow our Instagram page on @meeruisland for more breathtaking images at Meeru. Share some of yours from your holiday with us.


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Make the Most of Your Summer with Meeru Island

Dear Friends of Meeru,


Summer holiday greetings from Meeru Island Resort & Spa!


The brilliant weather carries on and it’s time for you to continue to get plenty of that ‘Vitamin Sea’, only available on Meeru. There is still time to make the most of your summer and book your vacation with us. Please check our website and we will gladly assist you with arranging your dream holiday. We would be pleased to welcome you all.


Our Dhoni Bar seems to be the major attraction these days. No wonder, since the place has been transformed to our World Cup Bar, still underway until July 16, 2018. Large crowds of guests gather for every live match and enjoy the football broadcast right in front of the powdery, white sandy beach. Games are won and lost – but after all, new friendships are formed whilst enjoying tropical cocktails, chilled beers and sumptuous snacks in a relaxed environment.


Over the next couple of weeks we will keep you informed of some of the actions carried out by our Meeru Green Club. As you all are aware, reduction of plastic items and generally increased protection to our environment is vital for the sustainable future of the Maldives. Meeru has engaged in a couple of campaigns involving our team members, and as well, involving our guests. All the guests I have spoken to are very willing to contribute their fair share in order to maintain and improve the nature of our tropical little Island paradise. You all will receive regular updates and your suggestions are most welcome.


Thank you so much to all of you for keeping the various social media channels ‘buzzing’. Our Instagram followers are increasing by the day. Follow our Facebook Page to get the latest updates on Meeru. Thank you for all your valuable feedback and comments on TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck and various other channels. Your trip reports feature so much information and form a great platform for future guests wanting to visit Meeru.


Whenever you have that desire to view a glimpse of Meeru in real time, be it because you want to refresh your memory of a past holiday or wanting to see how a future holiday will look like, then just visit our homepage and click on our two Live Cams, one viewing over the Kakuni and Dhoni Bar beach, and the other one providing a view from the Uthuru Bar towards the south-western part of the Island, catching the part where the sun sets in the lagoon.


Have a great time ahead, whether it is on Meeru or at home. I thank you for your continuous support. Think of us from time to time and enjoy life at its best.


Thank you to all our guests and I hope to see you soon.


Kind regards from the entire Meeru Team.

Yoga for Beginners: 3 Quick Tips from Award-Winning Duniye Spa Maldives

Looking to incorporate Yoga into your health and wellness routine but don’t know where to start? Here are 3 quick yoga poses or Asanas for beginners and tips to practice at home, at the gym or even on the soft, white sandy beach at Meeru Island Resort & Spa with qualified practitioners from our award-winning Duniye Spa.


Each session begins with prayer, Pranayama or breathing exercises, and Salutations to the Sun.

1. Adho Mukha Śvānāsana – Downward-Facing Dog (5 Minutes)

One of the most popular Yoga poses for beginners around the world, the Downward-Facing Dog serves to calm the brain, help relieve stress and stretch the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches, and hands.

The pose starts off on your hands and knees with palms and shoulders aligned. Lift up your hips by pressing down through your hands and toes while you exhale. Find and maintain the length of your spine before stretching your knees and thighs. Once you’ve found your balance, you can begin refining the pose with deep breathes.


Tip: Don’t worry if the soles of your feet are not flat on the mat after you’ve lifted your hips. With enough practice, this becomes natural.


2. Bhujangasana – The Cobra Pose (5 Minutes)

Another easy pose for beginners – the Cobra helps open the chest and strengthen the core body while aligning the spine and invigorating the kidneys and nervous system.

Return from the Downward-Facing Dog pose and lay flat on your belly with your palms flat on your mat and legs placed together. Squeeze the thighs, press your pelvic onto the mat and lift your head and chest while you inhale. Keeping the neck aligned with the spine, use your palms to boost you further up as you drop your shoulders and push your chest forward.


Tip: To reduce strain in the low back you can either increase the bend in the elbows or walk your hands further forward.

3. Padmasana – The Lotus Pose (5 Minutes)

The classic pose is known to prepare beginners for deep meditation, allowing the mind and body drift into a state of relaxation and mindfulness.

While seated upright on your mat with your legs stretched apart, pull your right ankle towards your left hip and rest the top of your foot onto your hip crease. Repeat the same for your left ankle and foot onto your right hip. In the full position, your legs become like the petals of a lotus flower, gently dropping open.


Tip: Be sure to incorporate plenty of hip-opening stretches into your regular practice before trying the Lotus Pose.


End your session with 5 minutes of meditation as a part of mindfulness and enhancing your day-to-day awareness. Read more about Mindfulness and holistic wellness while on holiday and at home from the Crown & Champa Resorts Blog.




Enjoy additional peace of mind, consciousness and wellbeing. Sign up for our group yoga sessions on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at our Main Reception or by dialing Land Spa’s extension on 3030 or our Over-the-Water Spa’s telephone extension on 3040. The group yoga sessions are complimentary for guests on our All Inclusive Plan.


June 21 is celebrated annually as International Yoga Day. The 5000-year-old body of knowledge harmonizes individual and universal consciousness for a holistic approach to wellbeing. Yoga brings together a number of physical twists, turns and stretches to exercise the body, while the breathing and meditation offers mindfulness in mind, body and soul.


Frequent Yoga and Meditation improves muscle strength, flexibility, and increases bone health and blood flow. Other benefits include releasing tension from limbs and reducing high blood pressure, as well as regulating digestion and easing chronic pain.


Explore more ways to relax and enjoy time away from the busy world in tropical paradise.

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3 different ways to celebrate your loved ones at Meeru

Award winning, family-friendly Meeru Island Resort & Spa is considered one of the best All Inclusive Resorts in the Maldives that caters to guests of all ages. The Island itself is 1200 meters long by 350 meters wide, about 32 acres with long stretches of soft, white sandy beach and surrounded by warm, turquoise waters.


The natural environment, the incredible Family Plan and the host of activities and facilities on the Island make Meeru the ideal choice when considering a family holiday, a couple’s retreat and even a vacation with friends. Here are 3 different ways to celebrate your loved ones for these 3 significant days:


National Children’s Day – May 10, 2018

The Maldives celebrates Children’s Day annually on May 10, while the occasion is globally observed on November 20. For the country, it is important to celebrate children and their right to enjoy their childhood, to play and to learn.


Parents can treat their children to a day trip to Meeru for them to enjoy the wide variety of fun and exciting activities for kids. The Island features a Kid’s and Teen’s Club with fun games, play areas, activities and toys for kids aged 3 -12 and teens aged 13 – 17. Other facilities include a Children’s Wading Pool near the Dhoni Bar Pool, snorkeling opportunities and Big Bike rentals.


To book your day trip from Male’ City, send an email to our sister property, Champa Central Hotel on or call +960 331 7766.


Mother’s Day – May 13, 2018

Mother’s Day in the UK is celebrated three weeks before Easter Sunday and the second Sunday of May in the United States. On both occasions, Mothers and Mother figures are celebrated for all their contributions to families and society as a whole.


To make your Mom feel truly special, spoil her with the trip of a lifetime to the tranquil Maldives. Book Meeru’s Jacuzzi Water Villas or Water Front Villas for her to enjoy a peaceful retreat, and include special amenities such as a revitalizing treatment from award-winning Duniye Spa, a dinner on the beach and more.


Book online »


International Day of Families – May 15, 2018

A day dedicated to celebrating the various forms of family, be it parents and kids, extended family, a group of childhood friends or colleagues who have become your family. International Day of Families on May 15 highlights the importance of a communal bond.


Highlight your summer holiday with a family trip to tropical paradise. Book Meeru’s Beach Villa or Garden Room sharing with children and enjoy a 50% reduced room and meal plan rate for children less than 15 years of age. Infants (less than 2 years of age) are not charged for their room, meal plan or transfers.


Families can also enjoy a variety of group excursions, land sports, activities and evening entertainment throughout the vacation.


Book online »


Remember to speak to our in-house photography studio, Meeru Moments to capture your summer holiday memories.


Choose Meeru Island Resort & Spa as the ultimate destination for all your holiday needs, especially in celebration of friends, family and loved ones.


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