The Island

Meeru, a 4-Star Resort in the Maldives, offers more than just sun, sand and sea.

A tropical paradise that offers a wide range of facilities, or you can just relax and do nothing at all.

Go on a cruise, a dive or just totally relax on the beach in the sun. It’s all here for you to enjoy, including warm, friendly Meeru hospitality at it’s best.

We are here for you.

Meeru Management

Meeru Management believes in success that comes from team players. Employees, talented individuals who aspire to succeed


Meeru Island Resort & Spa is one of the larger resorts in the Maldives, offering its visitors a variety of facilities

Crown & Champa Resorts

Crown & Champa Resorts “CCR” is a trade name for a group of resort hotels in the Republic of Maldives