Exotic Dining Experiences

A romantic table under the stars with your toes in the sand and a gentle lapping of waves in the background, or intimate villa dinners enveloped in candlelight,– whatever the event, we’ll make it exquisite.

Candle Light By the beach

Sip a glass of champagne while falling in love all over again. Treat your loved one with this iconic Maldives experience under the stars on the beach. With personal service assigned to your needs, this is bound to be the most magical moment in the Maldives.

Lagoon dining Experience

Indulge in a unique dining affair by booking a private Lagoon Dining Experience for your cherished ones. Whether it’s a special breakfast or lunch, relish this unparalleled culinary delight in the Meeru lagoon and express your affection. This experience is unmatched and proves that you hold them dear. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable moment by the shoreline, feeling the gentle Maldivian sand beneath your feet.

Sunken sand dinner

When it comes to indulgence, there are few experiences more enchanting than enjoying a sumptuous meal with your loved one while your toes sink into the warm sand. If you’re seeking an unforgettable romantic evening, look no further than the Sunken Sand Dinner at Meeru Island, Maldives.


Want the ultimate privacy and comfort in the space of your own villa, book an in villa breakfast or dinner experience with our team and we will prepare our level best quality and set up to your desire.


Planning a feast together with your friends and family? Let us create our Magic with a vibrant group setting wherever you desire. Have a look into our Group Offerings.